Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fight Club Championship


3 month Championship based on a total point system.
3 Classes, Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight.
Classes are determined by social status stars.

Lightweight will be fighters with 1 and 2 stars.
Middleweight will be fighters with 3, 4, and 5 stars.
Heavyweight will be fighters with 6 and 7 stars.

First place wins 12 points, second place wins 6 points, third
place wins 3 points toward their total scores.
After 3 months, the 2 fighters with the highest point totals from each weight class will face off for their
respective titles.

These fights will be In Character, and fighters will be allowed to use items.  ((No training mode, full on combat ICly))

Prizes will consist of a custom made championship belt,
bragging rights, G$ determined on number of entrants, and other things to be announced.
The entry fee for each week will be 100G$. 50% of these funds will be paid to each weeks winners, with the other 50% going towards the total prize for the champions at the end of the season. There will also be a cover charge at the door of 20G$ for spectators. ((The owners gotta make some money too ya know! lol))

Good Luck Nomos!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Soldier of Fortune Mercenaries

Doesn't that feel good speaking the title of the elites. Don't you want to be absolute, number one, the best of the best?

Loyal to None!

We wave our banner, We take care of our contracts, We are second to none.

You are about to embark in a new age of bounty hunting, and Soldier of Fortune Mercenaries want you!

Apply in the SF Merc office to see if you have what it takes to be a modern day soldier.

Beast Theas

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Business Spotlight- Skyway Aims Sky High

On first impressions of The Skyway Arena, one would immediately be reminded of the ancient gladiator style venues which entertained a multitude of fight enthusiasts. The Skyway itself has earned a reputation within Nomos for the same bloodthirsty fervor that spurred on the combatants of old.

The venue has seen many champions in many forms. Whether it be fighting it out until the bitter end in an all in brawl, or simply taking the right tip and earning a good amount of $G on the betting board. It's most recent change has been a new take over by a Nomosian resident simply known as Scatter.

Scatter's excitement towards running the Skyway is a good start to the development of an entertaining run of events.
"I'm excited beyond words", he says. "The prospect of tournaments and blood sport is thrilling to all is it not?"

Indeed, for many it is. Scatter's recent effort with an all female fight event hit the right note with many who attended, however his expectation could still be seen to be potentially higher.

"I was disheartened that some of the competitors were no shows, but the end result was still amazing so yes i was pleased as punch".
Punch, as they say, would be the perfect term to use to describe the winner of the Femme Fatale event, Tawny Demonia. Her consistent hits had her see her way to a very close final against alleged city hacker Kora Zenovka.

The next event for Skyway will be the Nomos Open on Sunday the 17th of April at 6pm. Scatter thinks it is a good opportunity for any resident to show off their trigger swing happy skills.

"It's a tournament for every fighter a chance to strut the proverbial stuff."

An interesting spin on the future of Skyway from the man who occasionally announces that he has slain seventeen scientists, is the future prospect of what he expects to introduce.

"I was thinking of adding traps or monsters of some sort." says Scatter.

The Skyway Arena is located across from the Metrotek building. Take a cab outside of The Naked Lunch to be transported up there.