Saturday, January 22, 2011

Drunken Days for Nomos’ DA

News reaches Street Life as a startling development hits Nomos. The famed Drake Deacon, Metropol District Attorney, was apprehended last night after an apparent drunken dispute over an unknown matter. Reporters rushed to the scene after a swift notification, managing to capture the intoxicated and beaten Deacon being dragged out of Naked Lunch by his ankles.

Further investigation and questioning of those involved would lead our attention to Ace Direwytch, a dancer turned bounty hunter. When questioned she seemed very exultant to give us an insight. “Oh, well it was no problem really, I’m just glad I had a chance to help our wonderful justice system.” Ace responded to the reporters. “He had a bounty on his head and I took it upon myself to help out, the best I could.” Ace would add. What a doll, look out Metropol, you have competition. So the case closes on yet another chapter of Street Life, justice prevails and more holes rip open at the seams of our beloved Deacon’s mystery.

Naturally, Street Life strives to remain impartial and unbiased where we can and in defense of Mr. Deacon we sought out the opinion of Ex-Metrocop, Oogie Gallaway, also known as Chimera, who, incidentally was seen dragging his owner, Drake Deacon, out of Naked Lunch by his ankles.

Oogie stands in defense for Mr. Deacon.

"Well, He is D.A and I can imagine how stressful his job is...When I still worked for the Force, I was in a few court runs with him myself. There’s a lot to think about for the D.A."

The normally tall TV Headed Cyborg had developed a sort of guise resembling Mr. Deacon, a guise that is so near exact Mr. Gallaway could be mistaken for the D.A's son. Oogie prefers to wear this disguise for unknown reasons.

In other news it would seem that Mr. Gallaway's Birthday is coming up this April 24th, he will be turning 235! In Orga years that’s 21! (OOCLY player Croue Battle turns 21.) Surely for such an occasion, a celebration is in order?

- Submitted by Oogie Gallaway and an Anonymous Source.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Metropol Investigate Disappearance of Young Woman

Street Life would like to bring its reader’s attention to the recent case of a young woman going missing in the city. Tawny Demonia was last seen by a close friend of her some days ago and is feared to be an official missing persons.

The District Attorney, Drake Deacon has released the following statement concerning Tawny’s disappearance.

“My office has also received inquiries about a woman named Tawny Demonia, she is not in our custody and is presumed missing. We are currently investigating the matter."

Whilst Street Life has near about every confidence in Metropol’s ability to find Miss Demonia, any information concerning her whereabouts and possible disappearance should be brought to the attention of the authorities immediately. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

- Niamh Brunswick.

Escape from Newgate!

Two dangerous criminals escape from SS Newgate amid tension and uncertainty within Metropol. Are those cracks finally beginning to show?

Despite spiraling crime levels in the city, recent times have been anything but smooth sailing for the officers and administrators at Metropol. Amidst a spate of devastating losses to the Metropol force, rumours of a missing woman and an intriguing bounty on the District Attorney’s head, they are now faced with the embarrassment of a prison breakout by one of Nomos’ most notorious criminals and a former officer.

The following statement concerning the prison break was released to the Street Life Office early this morning from the office of Drake Deacon, District Attorney.

"Metropol and the D.A.'s office would like to inform the public that the violent criminal known as "Toe" has escaped from Newgate Prison. Ex Officer Rafe Deerhunter has also escaped. These individuals are considered extremely dangerous. The public is to keep on high alert, and contact Metropol immediately if they encounter these individuals. We urge the citizens of Nomos to stay clear of these escapee's and NOT to attempt to apprehend them. With the recent conviction of Ex Officer Deerhunter, the public can rest assured that we will continue to prosecute anyone who breaks the law with extreme prejudice. We do not care if you are an officer, or a citizen. If you violate the law, you'll be sent to Newgate.”

Whilst Mr. Deacon’s reputation for hard-nosed justice is unquestionable, one might be so bold as to suggest to those at Metropol that when imprisoning criminals it might also be constructive to lock the door. Our notorious SS Newgate will hardly remain a deterrent to crime if even the most violent criminals are capable of simply walking free. Which, thus, begs the question as to how on earth such a serious breach of security was allowed to occur? Surely, given the violent and notorious nature of the two prisoners in question, simple logic would suggest extra precautions be taken? Quite clearly not.

To add to Metropol’s problematic week, one of their former officers was involved in the breakout, having been charged and sentenced to time in prison himself. Mr. Deacon may well emphasize Metropol’s willingness to prosecute their own but this only serves to give credence to concerns that Metropol is indeed home to several criminals, often thought to be above the law. The revelation that Mr. Deerhunter is a shifter also draws into question the efficiency of Metrotek screening methods for entering Metropol and Metrotek service in general. Could this possibly be the first sign of the corporation stumbling? Certainly, with the growing threat of organized movements there are real dangers that any sign of weakness could be quickly exploited.

It cannot be stressed enough, however, how important it is that the citizens of this city remain vigilant and very much aware of these two individuals. Should you encounter them, you are advised to contact Metropol immediately and avoid confrontation at all costs. One can only hope that those at Metropol are more effective in their capture tactics than those of confinement.

Niamh Brunswick

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Images of the Week

Disturbing images have come to light of a MetroPol chase. Sources indicate the vehicle in question held two assailants and ended in flames. No citizens were injured during this chase.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

StarByte arrives in Nomos

A new addition has entered the city in the form of an internet cafe. Though such establishments have been known to have been defunct since the late 21st century, the introduction of the StarByte cafe has brought a smile to many who have passed it so far.

"Yeah that is so what I know it is," commented one youth pressed up against the window, "This is going to be tre awesome!"

Although the excitement is evident in some residents, some
also seem concerned as to how or why the StarByte cafe is in existence in Nomos.

Silent whispers and speculation are already beginning to ripple throughout the neon streets about the residential demographic that is showing a keen interest in the opening of StarByte. Rumours are beginning to circulate that such an old system would attract potential hackers.

"With the technology rampaging through our current day and age, why would we need such a place?" one woman scowled, "If you ask me, its
asking for more trouble. Look at those kids drooling outside on the footpath there. They wouldn't have even been foetus' when this sort of thing was around. I smell a rat."

The question arises as to how Starbyte came to be in the first place. If the hearsay were to be confirmed, is MetroTek responsible? If so, is there no concern over risking their technology worth millions of $G with such a business.

MetroTek were unavailable for comment. However, the youths surrounding StarByte were happy to comment on the corporations behalf.

"We may have put it here, we may not have. We want the good citizens to enjoy it but don't really give a rat's ass who uses it," says one youth jumping off a milk crate after imitating a MetroTek official. "Look lady, who cares who put it here. Whatevs, it's here!"
StarByte Cafe is located across from MetroPol Station, and will be open for business soon.

Wedding Bells Chime at the Titty Twister

Street Life were able to exclusively get their hands on photographs of the marriage ceremony between residents Oogie Gallaway and Gack Gear at the Titty Twister this past Tuesday.

Photographs submitted by Magdalena Outlander

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MetroTek, Nomos, The Law, and You

Magdalena Outlander, Esq.

We get a lot of immigrants to Nomos. In many ways, its an immigrant friendly town. There's work to be had, money to be made and plenty of goods and services to go around if your definition of "plenty" is low enough. Nomos runs much like any major city and most of the rules are easy enough to understand. One place where immigrants seem to get a nasty surprise, though, is the law. I've been working as a lawyer here in Nomos for some time now and I think its time some of these misconceptions were cleared up. Here's the very least that you, the new immigrant, should know about the law in our fair city.

First off, MetroTek makes the law. They own the property. The city of Nomos exists for MetroTek to provide value to the shareholders. There has never been a successful revolution. There are no elected officials. Everything serves the company. This means that you have exactly the rights that MetroTek gives you, no more and no less. If you don't like that you can exercise your right to get on a shuttle and go somewhere else.

As makers of the law, MetroTek makes laws that serve the interests of the company. To provide value to their shareholders the enforce these laws through fines. MetroPol is a business, just like any other. They make money by taking it from criminals who stole it. Before stealing and then railing against the unfairness of the system, remember that your stolen property is what pays MetroPol's salaries.

You can be arrested for anything or nothing. If you're an actual criminal, you can be arrested. If you don't register the right physiological responses to a Cop Bot, you can be arrested. If a cop doesn't like the way you look at him, you can be arrested. If someone files false charges, you can be arrested. The police can even arrest you now and charge you while you're in holding. This is legal. This is normal. This is Nomos.

You are guilty until proven innocent unanimously. Automated systems are considered sufficient evidence. Eyewitness testimony is considered sufficient evidence. Someone filing a police report is considered sufficient evidence. The defense can not question the prosecution's evidence after it has been presented. Unless you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not a criminal, jurors are instructed to vote Guilty. While awaiting trial you are a ward of MetroPol and will find all your assets frozen. You can not work, access your ATM, use weapons or commit crimes.

Sound tough? Well it is. You can keep your head down or you can accept that these are the consequences. MetroTek does provide you with a few rights, though, and they are important ones.

You have the right to an attorney. This is not a guarantee. It just means that you are allowed to seek legal representation and have them present your case for you. You do not have the right to have a lawyer come see you in jail. You do not have the right to call a lawyer from jail. You only have the right to an attorney after you have been released pending trial. Not every lawyer will take every case and few of them work free. However, even the most inept lawyer can generally find a few technicalities to reduce your fines. The better ones know their way around the courtroom and may be able to get a not Guilty verdict from time to time. The very best ones get hired by the DA's office, bribed into retirement or just vanish in the night.

You have the right to a trial by jury. All trials are decided by a jury of 3-5 individuals. You or oyur lawyer may plead the best case possible to them and hope for results. The jury is randomly selected from your fellow citizens of Nomos, so every now and then you may find some sympathy, but don't count on it.

You or your lawyer have the right to begin the trial at your convenience. Granted, as a ward of MetroPol you will probably be in a hurry to start your trial and get back to normal. Don't rush in. If you have a lawyer, give him or her time to investigate all the facts. A few more hours without your crowbar may be the difference between paying more than your original fine and paying half of it. A skilled lawyer will know how to use this extra time to get you the best possible result. Let them do their work.

Coming soon, Part 2 - Empathy and The Law