Saturday, January 22, 2011

Drunken Days for Nomos’ DA

News reaches Street Life as a startling development hits Nomos. The famed Drake Deacon, Metropol District Attorney, was apprehended last night after an apparent drunken dispute over an unknown matter. Reporters rushed to the scene after a swift notification, managing to capture the intoxicated and beaten Deacon being dragged out of Naked Lunch by his ankles.

Further investigation and questioning of those involved would lead our attention to Ace Direwytch, a dancer turned bounty hunter. When questioned she seemed very exultant to give us an insight. “Oh, well it was no problem really, I’m just glad I had a chance to help our wonderful justice system.” Ace responded to the reporters. “He had a bounty on his head and I took it upon myself to help out, the best I could.” Ace would add. What a doll, look out Metropol, you have competition. So the case closes on yet another chapter of Street Life, justice prevails and more holes rip open at the seams of our beloved Deacon’s mystery.

Naturally, Street Life strives to remain impartial and unbiased where we can and in defense of Mr. Deacon we sought out the opinion of Ex-Metrocop, Oogie Gallaway, also known as Chimera, who, incidentally was seen dragging his owner, Drake Deacon, out of Naked Lunch by his ankles.

Oogie stands in defense for Mr. Deacon.

"Well, He is D.A and I can imagine how stressful his job is...When I still worked for the Force, I was in a few court runs with him myself. There’s a lot to think about for the D.A."

The normally tall TV Headed Cyborg had developed a sort of guise resembling Mr. Deacon, a guise that is so near exact Mr. Gallaway could be mistaken for the D.A's son. Oogie prefers to wear this disguise for unknown reasons.

In other news it would seem that Mr. Gallaway's Birthday is coming up this April 24th, he will be turning 235! In Orga years that’s 21! (OOCLY player Croue Battle turns 21.) Surely for such an occasion, a celebration is in order?

- Submitted by Oogie Gallaway and an Anonymous Source.

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