Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Bigger They are, the Harder They Fall

After jaw-dropping revelations at the trial of Cassandra Nymphea, does this mark the beginning of the end for Metropol and Chief Kurt Flanx’s iron grip on the good city of Nomos?
The infamous Winston Churchill once said that “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” This reporter is here to testify, however, that this time, the truth has triumphed and most certainly caught up with the twisted lies of Metropol, and Chief Flanx has well and truly, been caught with his pants down.

It was not so long ago that this fine publication brought you the distressing story of the disappearance of the Club Primal dancer and hybrid, Cass. It is with a heavy heart that this reporter must confirm our worst fears. Cass was found to be murdered only recently and we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to her family and friends, who are no doubt grieving over such a tragic loss.

To say that the circumstances surrounding Cass’ death are suspicious would be a grave understatement. Sensationally, MetroPol arrested Cass’ twin sister; Cassandra Nymphea for the murder of her own sibling, on what we were led to believe was damning, physical evidence. When the prosecution, defense and jury gathered, however, the story was altogether something different. The scientific evidence provided by Dr. Cabalot Serenity underpinned the case of the prosecution. The good doctor claimed, amidst several disturbances, that the defendant Cassandra Nymphea had been psychologically tampered with by Psychotek and as a result, had been tagged with a “unique genetic marker” which made identification of even identical twins possible. The doctor went on to explain that after careful examination of the bullet found in the victims skull, it had been determined that the genetic markers belonged to that of her sister, proving, as Metropol claimed, that she was the murderer.

Throughout the entirety of the doctor’s statement there were several disturbances to the court, one of which would prove most interesting and damning to Metropol’s case and calls into question the very integrity of the whole organisation and its leadership. Officer Valeryie Larix would provide the bombshell of the night, in her dramatic outburst half-way through the case. Officer Larix revealed to the court that the entire prosecution was based on lies, designed to protect their own necks. Much to the notable distress of Chief Flanx, Miss Larix went on to describe how Cass really died. Quoting Officer Larix, herself and Lt. Derek Miles were questioning Miss Nymphea when, predictably with Metropol, things got out of hand. In defense of Officer Larix, Mr. Miles “shot for her [Cassandra’s] ear” but missed, killing her.

The official line from Metropol, as dictated by Chief Enforcer, Kurt Flanx is that “the defendant, Captain Derek Miles has admitted to the crime... despite our best intention to press on the trial and prove his innocence. He's gone home to his wife to bid his farewell before being sent to serve time in prison.” Has Justice been served? Hardly.

When questioned on the recent case, and the rampant accusations that he and his organisation had full knowledge of the facts revealed to us by Officer Larix and knowingly constructed a prosecution of lies and false evidence, Chief Flanx had this to say: “Those are in itself major accusations, ones that will not be tolerated by Metropol. We are the law enforcement agency in the city, our business is enforcing Metrotek law, and we do not serve the public's interest.” Perhaps then, ladies and gentlemen, it is time we began to serve our own interests.

The true question that lays before us citizens of Nomos goes beyond the brutal murder of one of our own. It is embedded in the dark and dirty underbelly of a corrupt Metropol and will eat away at our city if we do nothing to stop it. Why is it that we allow Metropol to figuratively and literally, get away with bloody murder? Why is it that we stand by and allow them to rule us with an iron fist, when they are clearly not even capable of a decent cover-up? These people are not only incompetent, they are dangerous and on a rampage and we, as citizens, should not stand for it.

Perhaps it is time that Metropol is reminded that serve Metrotek as they might, it is you and I who are the citizens of this city and we will demand fair and just treatment from our law enforcement. Justice may be blind but she is a punishing mistress and you cannot repress her forever. Retribution will be swift and fatal for those who thwart truth and justice, no matter how mighty they may be.

Niamh Brunswick

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dr. Cabalot Serenity's Science Report- New Virus Research

As it's become common knowledge, Nomos has a new strain of the Virus. Once only a minor nuisance, the virus has mutated, making the infected delirious and much more aggressive.

Because of the recent Nomos invasion by a swarm of virus infected zombies, which have also had the unfortunate side effect of infecting our rat population. I felt compelled to investigate and learn more about the nature of this new affliction. After retrieving archives and scientific journals from the deceased scientist who have besieged us with this plague, I'm saddened to report that once again, pencil pushing bureaucrats, concerned only with themselves and the "bottom line" are behind this abomination.

The infected miners were people once, with lives and families, trying to eek out a living by working the Numasol mines. Life in the Mines can be relentless, as they work long hours past the point of collapse because of productivity enhancement drugs they are forced to take as a part of their contract. But as the miners became increasingly more disenfranchised with their compensation, and the time away from their families, there was talk of forming a union.

MetroTek's response to this threat was to create a new "productivity enhancement" drug which would suppress their will, and cause them to forget both the amount of time they've spent in the mines, and their families.

The scientists extracted a toxin from a breed of Algae in the earth's oceans called "Pseudo-nitzschia."

The population of this algae explodes in rich concentrations of Iron. The iron and algae produce a red color which has been named the "Red Tide."

The toxin itself is called Domoic Acid ("Demon" on the streets). Domoic acid was originally isolated from the red alga in Japan back in 1958.

In humans, or any species with significant humanoid physiology, the toxin attacks the brain, producing confusion, memory loss and hallucinations. By modifying this toxin, the goal was to make the Miners work harder, and feel better about it. Instead, the toxin erased their brains and increased feelings of fear and aggression. The infected Miners see everyone except each other as a threat, feel no pain, and will relentlessly target and pursue anyone who gets in their way. Infected rats, who share many common physiological traits with humans, are affected the same way.

I have been working on a permanent cure, but the research is slow, and the outlook is not promising. Meditek has managed to create a new vaccine, modified from the vaccine against our original virus, but the effects are short lived. Every species afflicted with a harmful pathogen always seems to have a handful with a natural immunity. But I have not found any such subjects amongst the Nomos population, and so I'm stuck working with weakened strains of a live virus for a vaccine which wears off, creating no permanent antibodies. I remain both fascinated and frustrated by this new pathogen.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Souped Up Saints

The local church of Nomos has a new addition in the form of a soup kitchen alongside it's property, guaranteed to latch onto the taste buds of many citizens.

The church has recently undergone new ownership with siblings Amelie [Minor Arcana] and Andre Arcana [Major Arcana]. The duo, who have only recently arrived in the city, have the confidence to run the church in the most positive light.

Amelie Arcana who was available for comment claims that the soup kitchen is a callaborative effort between themselves and the Miners Light Hostel.

"It's a project we are starting in co-operation with the Hostel, understanding that many who seek shelter there also are want for food." she says, "We found ourselves in a position to offer it to them. We will not turn away those who are not in poverty, though. Some people just like soup. These people should help defray the costs of the operation, too... but our main concern is to feed those who otherwise would not be fed."

"Anything that feeds people is good," says Sister Judy. "We try to help all we can"

In terms of prices, the Arcana's seem savvy with their balance of good value to their customers and fairness to their surrounding businesses.

"The prices will change regularly. Those we are aimed at mostly will have it for what they can afford. Today, those who are not starving will have it for 10G, but the prices will be modified as we consult local businesses about their pricing," she claims. "We'll do this regularly, so as not to have too great an effect on the local economy. I don't want our soup to become a popular alternative to sushi, or burgers, that it is harmful to the business of others."

Even with the history risen and inflated prices in some of the businesses in Nomos, the concern does not seem to phase the Arcana's who still hold a healthy outlook for running their business.

"Should they wish to sell their food for less than our soup, then those we are trying to help would only benefit from that and I would still consider this a success," she says. "I cannot think of any area we require their consideration, so long as we do not seriously offend anyone to risk attempts at direct rivalry."

The Arcana's prior to their arrival to Nomos were performers.
"We are not what many would expect when they hear our titles here," says Miss Arcana. "André and I have travelled together since we were very young. We've had an exciting life. We did a lot of theatre, singing, performing. Both of us are big fans of cabaret, and we've toured with a number of small groups."

Though their past, on first impressions may be a slight contrast the church lifestyle, Miss Arcana maintains that it does not necessarily differ to that of running the church.

"It's not so surprising a move, we're in the same business we always have been. It's making people smile, sharing the wisdom which I think, all modesty aside, we've obtained in our time. It's knowing how to talk to people," she says. "Not everyone has the same buttons and something you learn as a performer is how to work with that. We saw the church as a better platform for sharing our ideas and helping folk that the clubs had been previously. "

Miss Arcana sums up her ideas with the church with this final message.

"We should like to make it known that all are welcome in here. To speak, to listen. We have all this space to be used and we'd like to see people in here sharing their thoughts with each other. Anyone," she says. "There's this assumption that factional or racial affiliations can make you persona non grata, but it's no longer the case, if it ever was."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kidnappings in Nomos?

Whispered reports of women being targeted by a dangerous criminal. Are you next?

Not only are the good citizens of Nomos faced with rat-infested streets, criminal injustice, corruption and brutality, now the women of Nomos must also be on full alert after this reporter heard rumors of a serial kidnapper roaming the streets and clubs of our beloved, smog-ridden city.

That’s right ladies. Not only must you concern yourself with leering men on every street corner and Metropol officers with wondering hands, but also the frightening possibility of being targeted by Nomos’ latest infamous criminal. Very recently, two young girls have gone missing, right from under everyone’s noses. One young woman, Cass, a good friend of many and an employee at the Club Primal, was followed home by this man after leaving the club and has not been seen since. How is it that no one was there to help her? Why have the security tapes not been examined yet?

Surely, after a string of disappearances, it is good cause for Metropol to step up to the plate and protect the good citizens of Nomos? Although a reliable sources has reported that Metropol have finally been informed of the situation and have promised to “look into it” surely this is simply too late? While Metropol have been standing around countless more women could have been taken and yet to be reported missing, we simply do not know. But this reporter goes as far to suggest that we could all have felt a good deal safer if Metropol had already done this job and arrested this criminal.

This reporter seeks to ask several questions of this incident. Firstly, why where Metropol not informed of this incident sooner so that the general public could be warned and put on alert? Or perhaps, the better question; is it true that people no longer view Metropol as an honest or respectful organization, no longer capable pouring water out of a boot if there were instructions on the heel, let alone a search party? To be sure, they have yet to prove themselves in this matter. But, let this be a warning to the women of Nomos, especially those working in clubs and escort services, be aware and be safe. This time, danger truly might, lurk around every corner.

Submitted by an Anonymous Source

Monday, November 8, 2010

Police raid on Miners Mission, Cops BEAT a Defenseless Woman half to Death!!!

After weeks of getting robbed by bandits, Sister Judy called for help from the community and the police force to help get the crime rate reduced in our fair city, the only one to step up to help was Miss Gayle Sommers. Gayle told Sister Judy that she would stand by her and help where she could. Ms Sommers started spending time in the Miners Mission helping distressed miners and the homeless get a little peace and quiet time at the mission to help them recover from their extreemly hard work and lives, one would think she was doing her community, the Metrogen miners and Metropol a favor, up until just the other day anyway.......

It seems that the police were chasing some criminal through the streets and decided to conduct a raid on the Minors Mission, the police chief KR, walked in the Mission door and confronted Ms Sommers as she was manning the desk in the mission. as Miss Sommers was helping two Miners get bedded down and checking them for health problems at the time, the police officer insinuated himself between preventing further health care for the miners. stating that he was looking for a criminal.

Miss Sommers did not get in the way of the police but continued to help her charges get their rest, attempting to calm them and the policeman, as the following conversations show.

KR: "Ehem... i was going to conduct a search if thats alright with you." Miss Sommer: "well i believe you will only find weak miners here, they come here for their rest you know", "but go ahead if you must", smiles. "please try not to disturb their rest", smiles. KR: "Matters not, we want to secure of this establishment." he giggled, "Lets begin...." he looks left and right at each door. "Lets start with you". (indicating a room where one minor was laying recovering from an illness). Miss Sommer: "shes sick KR, leave her alone unless you want to arrest her". KR nods as officer TZ entered, "We are just looking for bad guys. You'll be thanking us for keeping this area safe..." he coughed, "Ms Sommers, when will you ever learn to trust Metropol? Dont you know its our job to protect the city?". Miss Sommer: "That is why i sit here, helping Sister Judy keep this place safe". KR: "Really?.. " he squinted his eyes, "And how do we know youre not working for these would be robbers?". Miss Sommers: "is this one of your men sir?" KR: "Yes indeed, our dazzling new recruit... he'd be happy to show you how we handle suspects." he sneered, "Are you one, Ms Sommers?". Miss Sommer looks back to KR and asks, "dont you get the videos from all the cctvs in the city?", if you checked them youll find i do not commit crimes". TZ: Good question Chief. Maybe a strip search is in order in case she's carrying any hidden... contraband. *looks Gayle up and down slowly with a grin*. Miss Sommer ignores the indecent remark of the junior officer. KR: "Oh we're not dumb enough to believe that easily.... perhaps we do need to conduct a search. Would you comply, Madame? It will only take a short while.....we promise.". Gayle Sommer looks at the officer and states calmy, "of course, in the presence of my attorny", "any time officer".

KR: "What would you say Ms Gayle Sommer. If I shoot this girl now and arrest you for it?". Miss Sommer sighs, "another slight on your record officer KR?". "officer KR, you are going to do as you will regardless of what i say". KR: "TZ, take Gayle into the shower room and search her for any drugs, weapons, or gadgets.... I think we're done asking nicely.". KR: "You gonna let her mock you like that?" he shouts at TZ. TZ: No Sir! *grabs gayle by the arm and drags her to the next room* Move it you!. TZ: That's right sister, against the wall there and spread em!!. Miss Sommer complies with the officers request. TZ: Yea, that's right, well you do seem to have some illegal curves here Ms Sommers. *chuckles dryly*. Miss Sommer ignores the officers lewed remarks. TZ: And what's this eh? This feels like some interesting contraband. *laughs with a rather wicked attitude*. Miss Sommer cries out in pain, "oh someone help me from this brute". Erin Novi barges through the door looking to KR "Where is Ms Sommers?". TZ: Shut it sister, youre dealing with Metropol now. TZ: Bah, nothing here. Miss Sommer faints and falls on the floor.

KR quickly ran to block the shower room door, grinning at Cassandra as he did. "She'll be out in a minute!". Erin Novi: and what is going on here? TZ: *grabs gayle by the arm to steady her and drags her back through the doors*. Miss Sommer whimpers as the officer kicks her again. KR: "Ah! There she is" he exclaimed, "Nicely done Officer...". TZ: Seems Ms Sommers slipped in the other room. TZ: *helps her up*. KR: "How terrible.." he muttered, "She must be fazed, the poor thing.." Erin Novi: WHAT is the meaning of all this, KR? KR: "Nothing Ms. Novi... absoloutely nothing! We were merely instructing her about authority. No harm done, aint that right Ms Sommers?" Miss Sommer: "is that you Erin?", through pain clenched teeth. Erin Novi: Yes, Gayle, it is. Are you alright? What did they do to you? Miss Sommer: "thank you for comming...." , cries out in pain as her brused and broken ribs start throbbing. Erin Novi: Gayle what happened? Lie still... Miss Sommer rolls over in pain, partially recovering her senses, :"they came in here all nice until they wanted to strip search me". Miss Sommer: "they gave no real reasons, just suspicions", then that brute dragged me in here and started beating me". KR: "Lies...all lies..." he yelled towards the door, "Officer TZ would never.." Miss Sommer faints from the pain. KR shouts: WHEWwwwww!. KR laughs, "Then they will die if you dont do something quick, Ms Novi. Its human nature to help those in need isnt it? " he raised an eyebrow, "Ms Sommers doesnt look too badly hurt, we should really keep this flooring dry next time." Erin Novi glances at the floor "odd how it doesn't appear to be even wet..."

(sounds as if officer KR was having fun)

20 minutes later the nurse arrives and tends to Miss Sommers injuries

Nurse Setsuko: okay that any better? we're going to need to get you to the hospital
Miss Summers was taken to Bedlam Hospital where the doctor looked her over with an xray machine
Miss Sommer in her unconsions state moans with pain. Nurse Setsuko looks over the scan "Hmm couple fractures, a lot of bruising to the rib area". Nurse Setsuko: It stings like a bitch I've no doubt but it's not so bad.. it'll heal up okay in a couple weeks.

Later Ms Sommers stated to this reporter. "Im sure ill have to lay up at my clans abode until i can get out and about again, the doctor has advised i take it easy for a couple weeks. i do hope the mission can do without me for a time, it is sure to be robbed again in my absense. and even worse i dont even know if i can make it to work daily from now till then, oh what will become of me?, will i become homeless and destitute at the pleasure of the police?"

The above information was collected from various sources and pieced together for your reading pleasure. Seems the police force wishes to keep the cctv footage out of the communitys hands and will not release any of it. With no arrests being made in the Minors Mission, this reporter wonders, just what were those two police officers doing there anyway.....

Miss Sommers was not armed, and did not posses any illegal drugs or gadgets, as stated by the police officer that beat her to find out this information. Ms Sommers did not resist or provide the police any reason for the rough treatment she had recieved. She attempted to comply with all demands of the police just to get beaten for complying. Is this what our community has come down to? Miss Sommers seems to be an active, willing to help, law abiding city resident, unlike some of our police officers she hasnt even a police record!

Miss Sommers still seems to be dazzed by the inappropriate police response and wonders if the evil rumours arent true about the police force of our fair city being above the law, and able to do anything they wish. Dont they have enough real criminals to chase?, they need to confront and assult law abiding citizens?, she asks. She does not believe she will be thanking Metropol for keeping her work area safe, as officer KR stated early in the conversation. "Ms Sommers, when will you ever learn to trust Metropol? Dont you know its our job to protect the city?", this statement by officer KR seems inappropate due to his, and his henchmans, resulting actions.

To date only the one junior officer has been charged with the crime of assulting Miss Sommer, Seems the other officer involved will get away scott free after browbeating his junior officer to "not be nice" to Miss Sommer.

This reporter wonders if metropol is not full of criminals, seems it definately is, at the very least these two. This reporter also hopes Miss Sommers heals soon and can get back to work as the productive honorable citizen of our fair city she has shown herself to be, we in this reporting office wish her well. We also have an office bet this "police crime" will be swept under a rug very soon........

Anomymous Citizen/Reporter
RPi Reporting Services

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monster Mash

This Halloween came with it a multitude of crimes not listed or enforced by Metropol. We were robbed the sheer terror from finding something unexpected and unexplained trespassing in our rationalized front lawns. That necessary breach of our arrogance, that we were as omniscient of our surroundings as our maker. Forcing us to reel in our minds, updating reality by filling in the blanks and divining forms in the shadows. That bitter metallic taste of fear-synthesized saliva dripping in our mouths.

The zombies came in with a whimper of a ghost story we already knew. Newspapers in their due-diligence and civic duty broke a story not intended for the public. Who, what, where, when, why, and even how was documented in easy to read black and white, preparing the citizens for the future. Except that humans have evolved never knowing the future, built only to respond to the ever present dangers of the now.

We read, distributed, commented, wondered, and fiercely debated what was to unfold days prior to the event, and then we were done. Like the hangover after a night of binge drinking we didn’t want to be bothered by another sip. The news had robbed the new from the story, making it old before its time, with people casually cautioning their friends, “look out for zombies,” in-lieu of the primal screams that had succeeded in passing along critical information to societies long before fire. We were omniscient once again with no mysteries to solve, or forms lurking in the shadows.

As zombies walked, people went about their day. Crime never took a holiday and Metropol continued making arrests, while jurors sneered at the indecency of a zombie attempting to enter the courthouse. Nomos carried on, with the help of a few gung-ho crazies,giving the rest of us a reprieve while they held back the tide, happy to murder something and not only be absent of consequence, but be rewarded for their semi-latent homicidal tendencies.

By the next day, annoyance not fear, had driven most citizens indoors or off-world. The barren streets of Nomos looked exactly as the Metropol Chief announced the event, the Apocalypse. Undoubtedly furthering Metropol’s delusions of their self-righteous crusade, now complete with an army of darkness. With no more crime to enforce, they tried first to barricade themselves inside the church, with their occasional excursions into the chaos meeting limited success.

Huddled inside a compact space, like child’s instinct to pull the cozy covers over their head, to zombies they had to appear like delicious sardines. By the time I thought to scope the place out, I had to quickly back track as a zombie breached the doors infecting anyone in reach, which is to say, everybody in the church.

This immersion of despair was what I needed to eschew my final reservations. Breathing in some sort of burnt smelling dust that saturated the air, I struck out on my own to sample the sweet syrup of discord and take on the horns of the beast in my adrenaline induced high. Learning from the mistakes of the church, I chose a more mobile route, slipping through the tunnels. For all the talk that these zombies were abducted miners, they had difficulty navigating the subterranean paths.

Jumping out like some rabid gopher, I began popping off zombies one or two at a time, at times providing cover to thankless stranglers who happen to find themselves alone on a silver platter. After the first dozen kills, my predatory zeal kicked into full gear. A special glee grew across my face, like driving in an open cabin through a sandstorm. BANG, there went another zombie, a miner named Larry who sent his pay back home to his wife and three kids. BANG, there went Curly, who gave a fuck about him anyhow.

BANG, good bye Earl. Earl’s dead.

With each kill, Metrotek rewarded me for cleaning up their shit, but I’m not going to throw myself into Metrotek hate group. I’m sure Metrotek will give good cause in short time, but not now. Their only mistake was to pay us rather than charge us. These zombies weren't the sewage flowing out into the streets, but rather drug enriched blood that we’ve hungered for. Give us more brainless miners to slaughter. Give us a building to set a flame. Let us dance around with impish delight and we’ll ignore all the rest of crap shoveled on top of us. Add a few so-called zombie women for us to rape, and we may even tolerate Metropol.

I stumbled through my zombie hangover in a burger joint with one of the badly scrapped up Metropol officers, who reflected that this entire event was a test of our humanity. I would agree but for opposite reasons, though my proof needed more time and zombies to materialize. We’re all just three meals from complete anarchy. Seeing how Metropol handled mindless mobs, it would have been interesting to see them handle mobs with slightly higher intelligence, including some from their own ranks turning against them.

The zombies gone, barely touching our hunger, people bemoan without asking the right questions. Further supporting my prior characterizations. No one cared about the miners or Metrotek’s involvement. Only crying about why they were here at all, or those like myself who tasted the salt lick of frenzy, whether they were going to be more in the future.

By the time this article reaches publication, more miners will go missing. How many of them will wake up in some Metrotek biohazard lab? What other experiments will does Metrotek have in it’s program? What will go wrong next, and will we read about it first, or wake up to it chewing on our wife? At what point will miners become to valuable, and citizens or so-called criminals be tossed into the labyrinth?

I do ask those questions.

Metropol has no comment.
Meditek has no comment.
Psychotek has no comment.

No comment.

Scarbaci Pizzaro

An Industrial Arcade Party Merge Paints the Town Neon

Officials of Nomos Game Arcade and Club Industry joined forces last night to show Nomos how to party neon style. The city which is already notorious for it's neon lights and loud atmosphere had this event bring that environment indoors. The Cyberdelia event was themed with club goers being challenged to dress in their best neon inspired outfits. The event was hosted by the lovely trio of Annabella Shieldmaiden, Game Arcade owner Amilia Lisa and Industry Club owner Dimitra Nightfire. The patrons in attendance submersed themselves within the bright lights and heavy beats of Dj Esso while they burnt the floor.

Club Patron Tashette Turbo

Game Arcade Owner Amilia Lisa

Club Industry Owner Dimitra Nightfire

DJ Esso

Friday, November 5, 2010


Yes you heard correctly GRAVES latex and leather is in NOMOS!, located just caddicorner from the STREETLIFE  location, Graves makes just about the best leather/latex Sexey as hell outfits for females, many have a male counterpart so you guys arent forgotten, due to available space and prims not many male outfits are shown. be sure to grab a lm to the main store where all can be viewed, purchased and admired, yes thats Jacky Graves in the photo!

Gayle Sommer
sometimes roving reporter

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ami's Arcade Presents CyberDelia @ Industry

Come party with us this Saturday, November 6th from 1-3PM SLT@ Industry Club where DJ Esso will be rawkin' the club and the contest board will have $1,000G's up for grabs in the Best In Neon Contest...Get your Glow On!

This event sponsored by Ami's Arcade....Give It a Spin To Win!