Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Bigger They are, the Harder They Fall

After jaw-dropping revelations at the trial of Cassandra Nymphea, does this mark the beginning of the end for Metropol and Chief Kurt Flanx’s iron grip on the good city of Nomos?
The infamous Winston Churchill once said that “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” This reporter is here to testify, however, that this time, the truth has triumphed and most certainly caught up with the twisted lies of Metropol, and Chief Flanx has well and truly, been caught with his pants down.

It was not so long ago that this fine publication brought you the distressing story of the disappearance of the Club Primal dancer and hybrid, Cass. It is with a heavy heart that this reporter must confirm our worst fears. Cass was found to be murdered only recently and we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to her family and friends, who are no doubt grieving over such a tragic loss.

To say that the circumstances surrounding Cass’ death are suspicious would be a grave understatement. Sensationally, MetroPol arrested Cass’ twin sister; Cassandra Nymphea for the murder of her own sibling, on what we were led to believe was damning, physical evidence. When the prosecution, defense and jury gathered, however, the story was altogether something different. The scientific evidence provided by Dr. Cabalot Serenity underpinned the case of the prosecution. The good doctor claimed, amidst several disturbances, that the defendant Cassandra Nymphea had been psychologically tampered with by Psychotek and as a result, had been tagged with a “unique genetic marker” which made identification of even identical twins possible. The doctor went on to explain that after careful examination of the bullet found in the victims skull, it had been determined that the genetic markers belonged to that of her sister, proving, as Metropol claimed, that she was the murderer.

Throughout the entirety of the doctor’s statement there were several disturbances to the court, one of which would prove most interesting and damning to Metropol’s case and calls into question the very integrity of the whole organisation and its leadership. Officer Valeryie Larix would provide the bombshell of the night, in her dramatic outburst half-way through the case. Officer Larix revealed to the court that the entire prosecution was based on lies, designed to protect their own necks. Much to the notable distress of Chief Flanx, Miss Larix went on to describe how Cass really died. Quoting Officer Larix, herself and Lt. Derek Miles were questioning Miss Nymphea when, predictably with Metropol, things got out of hand. In defense of Officer Larix, Mr. Miles “shot for her [Cassandra’s] ear” but missed, killing her.

The official line from Metropol, as dictated by Chief Enforcer, Kurt Flanx is that “the defendant, Captain Derek Miles has admitted to the crime... despite our best intention to press on the trial and prove his innocence. He's gone home to his wife to bid his farewell before being sent to serve time in prison.” Has Justice been served? Hardly.

When questioned on the recent case, and the rampant accusations that he and his organisation had full knowledge of the facts revealed to us by Officer Larix and knowingly constructed a prosecution of lies and false evidence, Chief Flanx had this to say: “Those are in itself major accusations, ones that will not be tolerated by Metropol. We are the law enforcement agency in the city, our business is enforcing Metrotek law, and we do not serve the public's interest.” Perhaps then, ladies and gentlemen, it is time we began to serve our own interests.

The true question that lays before us citizens of Nomos goes beyond the brutal murder of one of our own. It is embedded in the dark and dirty underbelly of a corrupt Metropol and will eat away at our city if we do nothing to stop it. Why is it that we allow Metropol to figuratively and literally, get away with bloody murder? Why is it that we stand by and allow them to rule us with an iron fist, when they are clearly not even capable of a decent cover-up? These people are not only incompetent, they are dangerous and on a rampage and we, as citizens, should not stand for it.

Perhaps it is time that Metropol is reminded that serve Metrotek as they might, it is you and I who are the citizens of this city and we will demand fair and just treatment from our law enforcement. Justice may be blind but she is a punishing mistress and you cannot repress her forever. Retribution will be swift and fatal for those who thwart truth and justice, no matter how mighty they may be.

Niamh Brunswick


  1. *sits on his coutch reading the interesting article on the paper* Seems like the reporters decided to enter a war against metropol.
    How interesting *laughs*

  2. If an honest man is presented with lies, and is duped into believing those lies to be the truth, is that man now a liar? Or is he rather a gullible pawn of a greater evil?

  3. "Ms. Brunswick, expect a visit from me very soon"

    -Chief Enforcer Flanx

  4. "I look forward to it Chief. Do be sure to inform me well in advance though, I'll need to put the kettle on."

    - Niamh Brunswick

  5. As the defense attorney of the victims sister I have to say this trial brought me no pleasure. It sheds light on a terrible tragedy for the family as one sibling was accused of the murder of her sister. It is hard for me to conceive of a more vial frame then what was attempted in this case.

    We as citizens must be able to trust in our systems of government and justice. I filed murder charges against Officer Miles at the conclusion of the first trial. It had to be done in the interest of justice. I have spoken to the Chief on this matter and he agrees it is in the interest of the department to clear this blot from it's reputation. I take the Chief at his word when he says that Officer Miles will be prosecuted for this crime.

    In the end, it is up to all of us to see that justice is served in this case.

    Slash Morgath, Esq. - Attorney at Law