Monday, November 8, 2010

Police raid on Miners Mission, Cops BEAT a Defenseless Woman half to Death!!!

After weeks of getting robbed by bandits, Sister Judy called for help from the community and the police force to help get the crime rate reduced in our fair city, the only one to step up to help was Miss Gayle Sommers. Gayle told Sister Judy that she would stand by her and help where she could. Ms Sommers started spending time in the Miners Mission helping distressed miners and the homeless get a little peace and quiet time at the mission to help them recover from their extreemly hard work and lives, one would think she was doing her community, the Metrogen miners and Metropol a favor, up until just the other day anyway.......

It seems that the police were chasing some criminal through the streets and decided to conduct a raid on the Minors Mission, the police chief KR, walked in the Mission door and confronted Ms Sommers as she was manning the desk in the mission. as Miss Sommers was helping two Miners get bedded down and checking them for health problems at the time, the police officer insinuated himself between preventing further health care for the miners. stating that he was looking for a criminal.

Miss Sommers did not get in the way of the police but continued to help her charges get their rest, attempting to calm them and the policeman, as the following conversations show.

KR: "Ehem... i was going to conduct a search if thats alright with you." Miss Sommer: "well i believe you will only find weak miners here, they come here for their rest you know", "but go ahead if you must", smiles. "please try not to disturb their rest", smiles. KR: "Matters not, we want to secure of this establishment." he giggled, "Lets begin...." he looks left and right at each door. "Lets start with you". (indicating a room where one minor was laying recovering from an illness). Miss Sommer: "shes sick KR, leave her alone unless you want to arrest her". KR nods as officer TZ entered, "We are just looking for bad guys. You'll be thanking us for keeping this area safe..." he coughed, "Ms Sommers, when will you ever learn to trust Metropol? Dont you know its our job to protect the city?". Miss Sommer: "That is why i sit here, helping Sister Judy keep this place safe". KR: "Really?.. " he squinted his eyes, "And how do we know youre not working for these would be robbers?". Miss Sommers: "is this one of your men sir?" KR: "Yes indeed, our dazzling new recruit... he'd be happy to show you how we handle suspects." he sneered, "Are you one, Ms Sommers?". Miss Sommer looks back to KR and asks, "dont you get the videos from all the cctvs in the city?", if you checked them youll find i do not commit crimes". TZ: Good question Chief. Maybe a strip search is in order in case she's carrying any hidden... contraband. *looks Gayle up and down slowly with a grin*. Miss Sommer ignores the indecent remark of the junior officer. KR: "Oh we're not dumb enough to believe that easily.... perhaps we do need to conduct a search. Would you comply, Madame? It will only take a short while.....we promise.". Gayle Sommer looks at the officer and states calmy, "of course, in the presence of my attorny", "any time officer".

KR: "What would you say Ms Gayle Sommer. If I shoot this girl now and arrest you for it?". Miss Sommer sighs, "another slight on your record officer KR?". "officer KR, you are going to do as you will regardless of what i say". KR: "TZ, take Gayle into the shower room and search her for any drugs, weapons, or gadgets.... I think we're done asking nicely.". KR: "You gonna let her mock you like that?" he shouts at TZ. TZ: No Sir! *grabs gayle by the arm and drags her to the next room* Move it you!. TZ: That's right sister, against the wall there and spread em!!. Miss Sommer complies with the officers request. TZ: Yea, that's right, well you do seem to have some illegal curves here Ms Sommers. *chuckles dryly*. Miss Sommer ignores the officers lewed remarks. TZ: And what's this eh? This feels like some interesting contraband. *laughs with a rather wicked attitude*. Miss Sommer cries out in pain, "oh someone help me from this brute". Erin Novi barges through the door looking to KR "Where is Ms Sommers?". TZ: Shut it sister, youre dealing with Metropol now. TZ: Bah, nothing here. Miss Sommer faints and falls on the floor.

KR quickly ran to block the shower room door, grinning at Cassandra as he did. "She'll be out in a minute!". Erin Novi: and what is going on here? TZ: *grabs gayle by the arm to steady her and drags her back through the doors*. Miss Sommer whimpers as the officer kicks her again. KR: "Ah! There she is" he exclaimed, "Nicely done Officer...". TZ: Seems Ms Sommers slipped in the other room. TZ: *helps her up*. KR: "How terrible.." he muttered, "She must be fazed, the poor thing.." Erin Novi: WHAT is the meaning of all this, KR? KR: "Nothing Ms. Novi... absoloutely nothing! We were merely instructing her about authority. No harm done, aint that right Ms Sommers?" Miss Sommer: "is that you Erin?", through pain clenched teeth. Erin Novi: Yes, Gayle, it is. Are you alright? What did they do to you? Miss Sommer: "thank you for comming...." , cries out in pain as her brused and broken ribs start throbbing. Erin Novi: Gayle what happened? Lie still... Miss Sommer rolls over in pain, partially recovering her senses, :"they came in here all nice until they wanted to strip search me". Miss Sommer: "they gave no real reasons, just suspicions", then that brute dragged me in here and started beating me". KR: "Lies...all lies..." he yelled towards the door, "Officer TZ would never.." Miss Sommer faints from the pain. KR shouts: WHEWwwwww!. KR laughs, "Then they will die if you dont do something quick, Ms Novi. Its human nature to help those in need isnt it? " he raised an eyebrow, "Ms Sommers doesnt look too badly hurt, we should really keep this flooring dry next time." Erin Novi glances at the floor "odd how it doesn't appear to be even wet..."

(sounds as if officer KR was having fun)

20 minutes later the nurse arrives and tends to Miss Sommers injuries

Nurse Setsuko: okay that any better? we're going to need to get you to the hospital
Miss Summers was taken to Bedlam Hospital where the doctor looked her over with an xray machine
Miss Sommer in her unconsions state moans with pain. Nurse Setsuko looks over the scan "Hmm couple fractures, a lot of bruising to the rib area". Nurse Setsuko: It stings like a bitch I've no doubt but it's not so bad.. it'll heal up okay in a couple weeks.

Later Ms Sommers stated to this reporter. "Im sure ill have to lay up at my clans abode until i can get out and about again, the doctor has advised i take it easy for a couple weeks. i do hope the mission can do without me for a time, it is sure to be robbed again in my absense. and even worse i dont even know if i can make it to work daily from now till then, oh what will become of me?, will i become homeless and destitute at the pleasure of the police?"

The above information was collected from various sources and pieced together for your reading pleasure. Seems the police force wishes to keep the cctv footage out of the communitys hands and will not release any of it. With no arrests being made in the Minors Mission, this reporter wonders, just what were those two police officers doing there anyway.....

Miss Sommers was not armed, and did not posses any illegal drugs or gadgets, as stated by the police officer that beat her to find out this information. Ms Sommers did not resist or provide the police any reason for the rough treatment she had recieved. She attempted to comply with all demands of the police just to get beaten for complying. Is this what our community has come down to? Miss Sommers seems to be an active, willing to help, law abiding city resident, unlike some of our police officers she hasnt even a police record!

Miss Sommers still seems to be dazzed by the inappropriate police response and wonders if the evil rumours arent true about the police force of our fair city being above the law, and able to do anything they wish. Dont they have enough real criminals to chase?, they need to confront and assult law abiding citizens?, she asks. She does not believe she will be thanking Metropol for keeping her work area safe, as officer KR stated early in the conversation. "Ms Sommers, when will you ever learn to trust Metropol? Dont you know its our job to protect the city?", this statement by officer KR seems inappropate due to his, and his henchmans, resulting actions.

To date only the one junior officer has been charged with the crime of assulting Miss Sommer, Seems the other officer involved will get away scott free after browbeating his junior officer to "not be nice" to Miss Sommer.

This reporter wonders if metropol is not full of criminals, seems it definately is, at the very least these two. This reporter also hopes Miss Sommers heals soon and can get back to work as the productive honorable citizen of our fair city she has shown herself to be, we in this reporting office wish her well. We also have an office bet this "police crime" will be swept under a rug very soon........

Anomymous Citizen/Reporter
RPi Reporting Services

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  1. Slash Morgath - Nomos Business AllianceNovember 13, 2010 at 12:27 PM

    If this is true, it is an outrage! The Nomos Business Alliance stands by the good people of Nomos in opposition to all forms of abuse and corruption. Our sole intent is to make this city a better place.

    In support of this I will be instructing Coyote, my Chief of Security to keep a close eye on the Hostel. Hopefully this will help prevent further issues.