Sunday, June 27, 2010

Street Life Mail Bag - Metropol Answers Back

Please forgive our delayed response, we within Metropol have been busy upon the streets of Nomos keeping you, the citizens, safe from any and all ill treatment from those who are of malign intent.

Let me first state that it is regrettable that any such rumors of ill-treatment have spread upon these fair streets of Nomos. We within Metropol have always sought out a method that would best stabilize and bring prosperous cooperation between the various entities of this city so graciously kept running by the organized power that is MetroTek and it's subsidiaries.

Let's have a quick reminder of what the citizen's of this fair city have had to say about Metropol - all shall remain anonymous in their statements, as per the trust between MetroTek and those who inhabit the city of Nomos:
"I do so love MetroTek and it's subsidiary law enforcement firm Metropol," Spoke one male as I was passing by a Sushi Bar.
"Oh dear, I wish I had a Metropol Officer in my house at all times!' Spoke another female who was near the man, further showing their enjoyment of MetroTek and the fair city of Nomos.

Now onto the direct accusation of torture, and the request of handing over an individual within the confines of Metropol: we must decline such a request, but not without an offered prospect in return. We create a standing offer to every wanted criminal within this fair city, that if you turn yourself in willingly, you will be ensured a speedy and fair processing. Depending upon the sincerity of the individual and the nature of the crime, we may even provide pardon.

Deputy Chief of Metropol, Steven Wray

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Street Life Mail Bag

Recently Street Life recieved a letter from one of the citizens of Nomos. Normally as a rule we do not publish these types of letters but this one was just too good to let slip by. Now being that Street Life is neutral in this debate we would like to offer Metropol a chance to respond since they are the targeted group to which this note is directed.

So on with the letter ...

Dear Sherif Aizen and Deputy Chief Steven,

I am totally upset about the inhuman methods handling with Prisoners.
Two of my lovly Cats were tortured brutally and bloody. Star and Finn got bad Wounds and the Pain they have got was more then they deserved in your Oppinion of Police Judgement.

I watched this Garbage long enough and start to react now. I will hunt every MetroPol Member and bring them in my Slaughtery, you can imnagine what I will do there.
I give you 2 Options to stop my attacks:
1. You find the Person who made this inhuman Methods and punish him like he deserves it.
Or 2. You must kill me.

it is up to you and you could be happy bout this Offering I do, because I dont deal with Terrorists.

Signed by Loona Azazil (Gatha Loon), Queen of the Cats.

OUCH! Even i can feel the claw marks. Metropol please shead some light on this matter for us.

Skyway Arena ~ Clash of the Titans

Okay so we have a double whammy for you this weekend. The gauntlet has been dropped for two of the city powerhouses. The call out this weekend goes out to Rep-Detek and Metropol. Entry fee $100SG's. Winner gains $500SG's in this tournament style match up*. So come on over and see which one of the two really keeps the streets of Nomos clean.
That isnt the end of it though. For the rest of you we bring our speciality Battle Royale, entry fee of $100SG's and yes winner gains $500SG's.
So be there, whether you're in it to win it or simply enjoy watching the blood splatter from the sidelines.


Security is normally defined in olden text as 'procedures followed to ensure safety.' The context in this day and age still hasn't changed.
In a city such as Nomos more and more examples of such a concept take place daily. Whether it be as simple as ensuring the right measures are in place to evade your cash till being robbed, to avoiding certain members of one club disrupting the lifestyle of the next.
Mr Pawel Karsnicki is one citizen of Nomos who has managed to turn the everyday grind of protection into a professional living with his firm Karsnicki&Co; a direct faction of licensed security agency SSS.
Known to many of the locals informally as Mr K and assumed to many to be within his early to mid thirties, Mr Karsnicki shows no sign of his line of work tarnishing his sense of humour.
"Naturally, we are a bachelor's agency connecting the lonely souls of Nomos... matchmaking... " he says when posed the question of the purpose of K&Co "We also have a bakery downstairs, for birthday cakes... isn't that obvious?"
On further inquiry, Mr Karsnicki was able to differentiate what it is exactly they do.
"Karsnicki&Co is a firm, SSS is more of a generic license to perform as a detective or indeed a bodyguard... this office is a gathering point for all those who are in posession of one, really... and we are not responsible for actions of any individual with a license who is not a part of K&Co"
The walls of his office adorn photos of those K&Co are hired to search for.
"Those on the board here, are merely to be delivered to a good customer who had any of those" he says "Orders put up, once the individual had been delivered in here and equipped with an electronic restraint, there is no further involvement from an agent, as we are not authorized to take any additional action"
Since the arrival of K&Co and similar businesses specailising in such tasks, the term 'bounty' has been thrown around many of the folk around the city. Mr Karsnicki clearly states on behalf of his business that this is not the case.
"That expression is deeply abusive to the detective work" he claims "We operate legally only, and I stress that word indeed - legally"
Mr Karsnicki also stresses that once the missing are found, they are to be returned to the concerned client and not to the individual responisble for finding them.
"Our system ensures that the missing ones go directly to those looking to care for them"
The simple formula of the olden game of hide and seek seem to be doing the staff of K&Co wanders with more interest being generated within the public wanting to connect with those they seek. The general overview, according to Mr K being a successful one so far.
"The last few days saw the happy return of a number of missing persons being returned happily and in some very good atmosphere" he says "Also we do accept all other kinds of enquiries as K&Co, that can be discussed directly with myself... including our paramedical service, and other private assignments.... I would say that the business is keeping us extremely busy at times - which is good news for us and our clients I guess."
The question than come forth as to whether they are at all linked to the law enforcement that is Metropol.
"From our perspective Metropol is a client as any other, hence the links with it are exactly the same as with other customers" he says without hesitation "Unless the matters dealt with involve breaking the law.... then of course, we are obliged to report any crime to the nearest policeman, as every... law abiding citizen does, right?"
Mr Karsnicki ends on the note that any client should be confident in the services they deliver.
"I would only add, that our service is unique in being non-discriminative to our customers, no matter of a background the come from, which makes us rather unique in Nomos - neutrality is a great asset in the current situation we are having here"

SSS offices which hold K&Co is located next door to Naked Lunch and appointments are normally made with a knock on the door.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

***Ancient Books Writing Challenge*** (deadline 26 June)

UPDATE: Deadline is now extended to 26 June!

You walk the littered streets listening to the sound of your feet scraping and scuffing against the pavement. It's dark but with the glow of the neon you find that you can see well enough. Steam billows out of a nearby duct and you feel the damp heat touch upon your skin. A bottle clinks down the dark alley you passed as you are suddenly reminded you are not as alone as once you thought. Quick, what was that? Did you just hear something chitter? Rats, or something else? Something older and darker, more aware? A cold sweat breaks out along the brow as you feel your neck begin to prickle as....

Just a reminder that Ancient Books has a writing challenge going on!
Challenge: Our challenge to you is to compose a modern, very short, tale of terror set in Nomos with a Lovecraftian twist

1. The most important thing is the story, but we do care about good writing. Break rules for effect, not because you didn't use a spellchecker.
2. Stories should be no longer than 600 words.
We'll be looking at your ability to suggest a world, rather than to fill it in and dot every i.

Submission Deadline June 15th Midnight SLT.
Please send a note card with your short story to Joah Menjou or Niobe Flux

Prize: Winning story offered as a note card book in the shop.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Skyway Arena ~ Where Champions are made

Congratulations to last week's winners Aizen Wind for Wednesday's Battle Royale and Quiet Thunders for Saturday's Kitty Warfare. Huge thanks to the rest of the combatants and spectators in attendance for being there. Stay tuned for details on the next tournaments we have coming for you.

You wont be disappointed.

Slaughter Zone Nightclub

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Now Hiring! The Royal Bar and Hotel

The Royal Hotel (Bar and Lounge) is currently hiring!

Come talk to sunceray Jacques for any job you wish to take on she hires all positions.

Positions: Bartender/Server, Black Jack Dealer, Body Guard/Security, Drug Dealer, Entertainment/Escort's (dancer/server)

All job's do pay 70G a day. [OOC - All jobs must be roleplayed]

If Sunceray is not up at the time you try and contact her she would love it if you left her a note on her desk with you phone number and she will contact you.

Thank you, The Royal Hotel Management

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PINUP Contest! Hosted by sunceray and Club Primal in conjunction with The Royal Hotel

Active workers for Club Primal or The Royal will be able to take part in a pinup contest. The winner gets a poster of them put up around town with flavor of the month on it, 200G and the best room in The Royal for a month! It's worth potentially 100's or 1000's of G$! (depending on how often you use the room, normally its 50g a use) So don't be shy ... take part and you could be the next "Face" of Nomos!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A PARTY TO REMEMBER- A Public Toilet Announcement

The locals pass by the underground subway with looks of concern as the hard hitting trance tunes echoe through it's corridors. They all blink simultaneously as the heavy bass is suddenly distrurbed by the sound of a toilet flush.

Dj Beast Theas made Nomos history by holding the first ever dance party in the subway local toilets, claiming ariwaves that rippled throughout the city.

The decision to hold the party in the underground public toilets according to the veteran DJ, was to make the city of Nomos aware of his arrival.

"Well being new to Nomos city I saw it as my big break to make a name for myself in city," says DJ Beast, "...and what better way to do it by telling people I will be the one making them party where no man has partied before"

The smell of the odd location of the event was still not enough to deter the most keen of party goers, with a variety of different citizens arriving to check out what the DJ had to offer.

"Well you know even though it does stink, with the cash I made over my time here, the smell of money event prizes always over comes the fear of a nasty smelling dump like that" he says before grinning at his memory of the crowd that turned up.

"Well I know how to throw a party , even though the first thought is coming for the prize cash, soon they all melted themselves into the fact they can have fun with the right setting," he claims. "When one person likes it then there are followers, when people follow you have the key to enjoyment, didnt matter if there were drug dealers next to Metro cops all they cared about is how dam good of a party I put out"
DJ Beast also took advantage of the city wide soundwaves by offeing the local businesses advertisement time in a bid to support the work put into them.

"Well being able to take over the radio waves in Nomos, its easy to bring the attention of owners, They see me as there gate way to there success"
The DJ now has his sights set on a bigger club now after such a successful turnout.
"My next move is club Alien, I want to see if I am able to manage my own crew, my own club and my own followers"

DJ Beast Theas ends on a note to his observations on the city of Nomos, hoping to encourage any citizen with any ideas on making a life for themselves upon arrival.
"Nomos is a city that never rests .... ever," he says.

"Doesn't matter if your old blood here or young blood like me, The fact of the matter is this city is always growing, you got dreams, Live them out, Become a leader insted of a follower and one day even those just steping into the city will become known as one of residents that made a difference"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Street Wisez in the Streetz

Who would have thought... the leader of the notious gang Dark Embrace Motorcycle Club, Toecutter Slingshot was seen late at night outside of Club Pecos handing over a paper bag to Sister Judy ... the owner of the Hostel. The contents of the bag are unknown but this intrepid reporter did mange to catch a little of the conversation... it went like this:

Sister Judy: "Who may I say made this large donation?"

Toecutter: "Ahh its not just me Miss thats from all of us at the DEMC I can't take credit for it all by myself."

Toecutter : "Just say the DEMC and well I'm Toecutter if you need to put a name to large amount of tax free cash. He grins.

It would seem that there was a large wad of cash lets say 1000G. One has to ask ... are the DEMC funding housing for the homeless so they can sell more drugs to the destitute?

Or is this a money laundering scheme?

Perhaps its a real and genuine act of generosity... I'll leave you to decide.

Oh sorry about the photo quality... it was late, I was drunk... I had to use my mobile and I left the lens cap on.

[As you can see there is no picture]

Reporting for Street Life, glitch Scatter

Monday, June 7, 2010

Skyway Arena is BACK and better than ever!



Beast Theas hosts the launch of the first of many fight events to be held in the Skyway Arena bringing you all a Battle Royale. This one is on us, so no entry fee for any wannabe fighters. So shine up those knuckle dusters and get your fine selves up there. Win or lose we're still going to party the night away afterwards. IM or NC Beast Theas or Skarlet Winterwolf to register or register on the day.


Calling all hybrids. Yes thats right this first weekend event is just for you. We're going for an all in kitty brawl which will leave one standing. Does it end there? Oh no no no... winner gets a special mystery bout. This one is on the house to celebrate our first weekend main game for any of the purring combatants and also for any spectators. Donations however are always welcome. IM or NC Beast Theas or Skarlet Winterwolf to register or register on the day.

CLUB PECOS! This Saturday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Spotlight: Naked Lunch


The old jazz begins to play seductively over the airwaves, distracting patrons of any further disturbance from the almost canabalistic artwork adorning the walls. The bar still smells of the fresh mahogany it had been created from, though the scent of fine wine produced during the same era of the music playing was beginning to evade it.

The patrons of The Naked Lunch carry on about their business within the bar casually, as the place exudes such an environment.
"Its an excellent eastablishment." says one customer "Quite relaxing"

Current owners of The Naked Lunch, Miss Nova Caerndow and Mr Steven Wray have taken care of the business for some time now enjoying the traffic brought in from the Nomos Arena built on top.
"Yes, both participants and observers of the Arena enjoy a bit of contrast to the action" says Mr Wray "They come in here for a drink before they make their way for the night."

As for the name of the place, Mr Wray claims that it was derived from a book that the previous owner of the bar was appealed with.
"Naked Lunch, it was originally owned by an interesting man named Eric Zane, eccentric artist at the very least. He named this place after a book a man wrote, that he claimed to have met," he says "William Burroughs was the name, I believe."

Despite an interesting history, Naked Lunch also boasts an intriguing dining menu accustomed for any Nomos citizen.
"We've a personal supplier that provides the most exotic tastes that every meat-eater would enjoy thoroughly; and we very much encourage such indulgence."

Sunday specials will now be available to appease the appetites of any Nomosian, be it fresh from a Fight Club tournament or resting their arms after an exhausting Industry arm wrestle.
"Every Sunday we will present a special dish, a surprise you can say. It shall always be varied, but exquisite will always be the taste." says Mr Wray, "In fact, if it all possible, these days will be considered charity. We hope to provide these dishes to any and all who wish to taste of it."

The generosity of the Mr Wray and Miss Caerndow come with good timing as an influx of new citizens arrive within the city. Some of which may be in need of finding a place of comfort to express themselves artistically.
"One must keep in mind that this place is first and foremost a place to express the exotic arts of any form. Any and all forms of expression will find themselves acceptable here, and the starving artist will always be fed."

The entertainment of Naked Lunch also helps epitomise the bar's artistic flair, mostly through that of owner Miss Caerndow.
"Our entertainment will not be of a typical manner - it will vary from the simple enjoyment of conversation to the more carnal indulgence of the exposed form of the owner of this establishment. Her body and mind is more than profound enough to provide such needs of entertainment," claims Mr Wray "And we are also quite open to the possibility of employment of entertainers; be it in body, word, music or mind."

Naked Lunch is located next door to Street Life (147,50,50) . Allow your taste buds to indulge in fine wine and dining, try them today.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Street Life Squealer

Hello out there my little Nomosians.
Nomosian ... kinda sounds like a bar drink doesn't it? "I'll have the Nomosian on the rocks." Well hold on to your hats because as rumors would have it drinking a "Nomosian" isn't too far fetched at all. Matter of fact in the back allies of Nomos you can get most anything you like for a price according to one source. And what is it with fur in Nomos? Is this the latest fashion trend or an experiment gone wrong? I have seen people walking around with tails! Now I don't care how trendy it is you won't catch this writer wearing a tail! To each his own but keep the fleas to yourself please.

Well, well my pretties people come and people go but it seems that recently we've lost a staple in the Nomos seam of everyday life. Yes folks former Fight Club owner Zachary Trent just up and vanished it seems. No one has any idea where Trent has gone but what makes it even more odd is Trent's right hand man Mr. Ling has also taken leave of his position at the Nomosian favorite, "Fight Club." Hmmm could it be Trent and Ling these back ally bars are serving up or is that all just a bunch spook stories? That one folks you'll have to find out on your own.

Robocop ain't got nothing on Aizen Wind, chief and director of Metropol's finest. Mess with him and you may find yourself in the newly opened prison that will house those who need just a little extra attention. Yes that's right it's state of the art technology assures the good people of Nomos that they will be safe on the streets ... that is unless you run across that renegade motorcycle club going by the initials DEMC. Some say it stands for "Dirty, Evil, Mindless, Chaos." I can neither confirm or deny that and the leader of this gang of rebels, Mr. Toecutter has been unreachable. But I can tell you this. Mr. Toecutter was of the first to soil the sheets at the new prison ... I don't think orange is his color.

If it's entertainment you want Nomos has got it! Club Primal offers hot chicks while Industry offers wrestling. Club Pecos, under the new management of Joy Warblood is a favorite watering hole and The Pit with it's hot pink flames is as the tag line goes, "The hottest club in Nomos." And we aren't stopping there we have Alien which still remains on the lower key side of town and in Nomos 2 the bikers have their own club called, "The Titty Twister." There is plenty to do in Nomos it doesn't matter what direction you walk you will find some action.

Fight Club is under new ownership and the dates and hours are changing. The big day seems to be Sunday @ 4PM SLT. But new owner Kurt Flanx has promised Nomosians more fights! And who doesn't love a good fight?! If you ask Flanx maybe you better have your favorite weapon of choice at you side and then again there are those that say hes as gentle as a lamb. I think I'll let you find out for yourself and when you do you let me know.

Express yourself! Nomos has tattoos! And a shop where you can get all inked up mmm sounds hot to me, oh wait ... that's oil not ink! Anyway it's all about the fashion just ask all those tail wearing trend setters.

Ever thought of packing heat and being all legal while doing it? Ever wanted to shout out the phrase "STOP or I'll shoot?!" If you answered yes it may be your lucky day! Metropol is hiring. Inquires contact Aizen Wind. Street Life is hiring as well, looking for writers interested in earning extra gold. If interested please contact Vanity Leviathan.

Well that's it Nomos for this edition of, Street Life Squealer. If you have any news or tidbits on happenings in and around Nomos please contact Vanity Leviathan. (Eden Starfall) and until next time watch out for fleas!

FIGHT CLUB Sunday, June 6th

Join us at Fight Club on June 6th @ 4PM to see if the good Doctor is still a cut above.