Sunday, June 13, 2010

A PARTY TO REMEMBER- A Public Toilet Announcement

The locals pass by the underground subway with looks of concern as the hard hitting trance tunes echoe through it's corridors. They all blink simultaneously as the heavy bass is suddenly distrurbed by the sound of a toilet flush.

Dj Beast Theas made Nomos history by holding the first ever dance party in the subway local toilets, claiming ariwaves that rippled throughout the city.

The decision to hold the party in the underground public toilets according to the veteran DJ, was to make the city of Nomos aware of his arrival.

"Well being new to Nomos city I saw it as my big break to make a name for myself in city," says DJ Beast, "...and what better way to do it by telling people I will be the one making them party where no man has partied before"

The smell of the odd location of the event was still not enough to deter the most keen of party goers, with a variety of different citizens arriving to check out what the DJ had to offer.

"Well you know even though it does stink, with the cash I made over my time here, the smell of money event prizes always over comes the fear of a nasty smelling dump like that" he says before grinning at his memory of the crowd that turned up.

"Well I know how to throw a party , even though the first thought is coming for the prize cash, soon they all melted themselves into the fact they can have fun with the right setting," he claims. "When one person likes it then there are followers, when people follow you have the key to enjoyment, didnt matter if there were drug dealers next to Metro cops all they cared about is how dam good of a party I put out"
DJ Beast also took advantage of the city wide soundwaves by offeing the local businesses advertisement time in a bid to support the work put into them.

"Well being able to take over the radio waves in Nomos, its easy to bring the attention of owners, They see me as there gate way to there success"
The DJ now has his sights set on a bigger club now after such a successful turnout.
"My next move is club Alien, I want to see if I am able to manage my own crew, my own club and my own followers"

DJ Beast Theas ends on a note to his observations on the city of Nomos, hoping to encourage any citizen with any ideas on making a life for themselves upon arrival.
"Nomos is a city that never rests .... ever," he says.

"Doesn't matter if your old blood here or young blood like me, The fact of the matter is this city is always growing, you got dreams, Live them out, Become a leader insted of a follower and one day even those just steping into the city will become known as one of residents that made a difference"

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