Sunday, June 27, 2010

Street Life Mail Bag - Metropol Answers Back

Please forgive our delayed response, we within Metropol have been busy upon the streets of Nomos keeping you, the citizens, safe from any and all ill treatment from those who are of malign intent.

Let me first state that it is regrettable that any such rumors of ill-treatment have spread upon these fair streets of Nomos. We within Metropol have always sought out a method that would best stabilize and bring prosperous cooperation between the various entities of this city so graciously kept running by the organized power that is MetroTek and it's subsidiaries.

Let's have a quick reminder of what the citizen's of this fair city have had to say about Metropol - all shall remain anonymous in their statements, as per the trust between MetroTek and those who inhabit the city of Nomos:
"I do so love MetroTek and it's subsidiary law enforcement firm Metropol," Spoke one male as I was passing by a Sushi Bar.
"Oh dear, I wish I had a Metropol Officer in my house at all times!' Spoke another female who was near the man, further showing their enjoyment of MetroTek and the fair city of Nomos.

Now onto the direct accusation of torture, and the request of handing over an individual within the confines of Metropol: we must decline such a request, but not without an offered prospect in return. We create a standing offer to every wanted criminal within this fair city, that if you turn yourself in willingly, you will be ensured a speedy and fair processing. Depending upon the sincerity of the individual and the nature of the crime, we may even provide pardon.

Deputy Chief of Metropol, Steven Wray

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