Saturday, July 3, 2010

Death from Above

They stalk the higher areas and pounce on any who stand still to long. Be wary of two crazed individuals in the rafters if you see them take cover or be prepared for violence. They seem set on havoc and destruction and have no purpose but self enjoyment. There strange laughter is an eairy counterpoint to the distress they cause. The names of the alleged culprits are Trey and Sky, no last names were found.

They attacked 4 people in a road way last night and left 2 of them almost dead on the pavement. No robbery was attempted but much havoc was caused. The other 2 victims would have been more brutally injured and fatalities may have occured if not for a brave bystander who captured one of the culprits and layed the other unconscience. The actions of one saved lives and property.

If you are out on the streets late at night be wary of these two until they are apprehended and given appropriate treatment.


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