Friday, July 30, 2010

Full Throttle Combat Motor Race I - July 30 @ 4pm SLT

Now is the time where race legends are born, Nomos City (Nomos 2) is the place to put your name in racing glory ....FOREVER!

Nomos City very first Full Throttle motor race is coming July 30, 2010 4PMSLT, This street race is like non other, time to test your skills on the street track while all along combating your companion. Do you have what it takes to be crown Nomos very first Full Throttle Champion?

Rules are as follow:

1. You Must have a race partner that is able to combat other racers on the back seat while you drive. They must be able to trash the other racer bike.
2. You Must stay on the race track mark on the road, NO SHORT CUTS, racers seen doing this will be removed from the race.
3. Anyone is allowed to enter

This will be a monthly race with a huge cash prize and a trophy to show all your skills. Do you have what it takes to survive.... GAME ON NOMOS.

Sponsers By

Skyway Arena
Skarlet Winterwolf
Beast Theas

Bike Suppliers
Kora Zenovka

Road workers:
Baal Zobel

Total of 2,500G
1st place:1600 split between both racers
2nd place:600 split between both racers
3rd place:300 split between both racers

July 30th 2010
SLT 4pmslt
East Cost time US:7PM
AUStime 10AM

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