Monday, July 26, 2010

Full Moon/ShapeShifter Event today 3pm-6pm SLT

Looking up at he sky of Nomos city, past the smog and smoke of the city is a full moon, grimly shining down apond the city streets, Howling calls are herd from far and wide as the ones with tanted blood begin to call out to one another, the start of survival has dawn today. Shape Shifters begin scaving the streets in large groups or alone looking for there prey, vishious huge wolf like creatures roaming with only one thought in there mind, the thrill of the hunt. As the clock on Nomos city strikes three the view of the full moon is exposed to anyone gazing up at the sky.  The Shape Shifters are at there full strengh with the glow of the moon charging there rage

This is your moment in time, are you the hunter or the prey. Will you hide from these legendary creatures or take a stand, You decide
Shape Shifters Event
Time: 3pm SLT-6pm SLT
Location: All of Nomos City , Nomos2
Weapons: Knuckle Duster (Custom Scripted for the Event) Contact Beast Theas to get a copy of it.
Rules NOMOS apply see attachment below,  Read Shapeshifters

Please Note: Those that do want to engage in this event to please "hide" or "run away" and let others know in IMs. Lets keep OOC issues to a low.

(source: Beast Theas)

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