Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dr. Maxine Van Lyke (propossed head of Genotec)

Dr Maxine Van Lyke ~(propossed head of genotec..)

I was told of the technogical marvels created recently by a "mad scientist " working quietly away in genotec , so armed with nothing but a few cupcakes I headed up to genotec to see if i could get an interveiw from this illusive person.

I met with Dr max in her lab.. my first impression was that she was used to getting her way, she spoke of her work , saying all she was interested in was making better robots"

I found it hard to get her to talk about certain aspects of her work..when questioned about the hybred "ritic" who recently under went a long painfull sugical procedure she stated "Ritic has become such a pain in my ass that I'm begining to think he was a mistake...Now, Prototype Nine - Al...he is the pride of my diamond in the rough."

She pionted to a small round purple ball , an AI shes built from scratch and uses to watch the citizens of nomos as they roam the street..I have had a personal interaction with this machine
and at one piont in time it admitted it was sent to watch for the homeless and those without family those who "would not be missed".
one can not help but ask what evil scheme is really in place with this woman..her air of arrogence, an almost cumpusive need for perfection..missing hybreds .
have you noticed how many missing posters are placed on the lightpoles and milk cartons? ..whos pretty pet has been "collected " for her experiments andwhat happens to them when shes finnished?.not all experiments work the way one expects..

Dr max herself admitted "Oh! I am proud, not that Ritic is malfunctioning, but yes I am. In fact," An evil grin crossed her face. "I love my job."

During the intervew dr max intoned she was wishing to take over genotec she has a large amount of ambition . several people came into her office including a police man.. one wonders why he seemed ovely friendly ..almost like he worked for her..

I wondered as i left the building is this really the person who should be put in charge of such a large and powerfull corperation..can she be trusted..or will there be more missing hybreds..pehaps even humans in future.

by glitch scatter

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