Sunday, July 11, 2010

Primal is HIRING!

Primal is now hiring the following:

Dancers: I would like for dancers to first show me what they would like to be wearing, I would like dancers outfits to be sexy but not to showy, you want the customers to tip you so you have to have some clothes to take off, if your outfit barely hides anything then it is in my opinion that you will get less tips.

Bartenders: Should you want this position I would like for you to have good counseling skills, being able to give guidance to the customers.

DJ's: If possible I would like to have DJ's that will be able to accept requests from customers, this is not a must have ability but would be valued greatly.

Bouncers: Must know at least basic fighting techniques, but before fighting I want you to try to solve the problem in a civil manner.I would like for one of the bouncers to also greet the customers when they walk in.

Please contact Airoriania Blackheart if you would like a job or have any questions.  Thank you!

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