Sunday, July 25, 2010

La Morte Nera - A Small Hint of the Inner Workings of an Underground Collection Crew

Rumours run rampant across the city of Nomos as talks of a self proclaimed underground hitcrew begin to 'take care of business and help to clean up some unofficial bad debt.
We investigate with an exclusive interview with the leader of the gang La Morte Nera (name withheld) in an attempt to understand what they are all about.
"We 'service' the city alright!" he laughs "We protect certain clans, and their interests. When the politics of clans tie their hands, we provide a means through the burocracy."
His mask bore the likeness of an orga skull as he paced the dirt road with a hint of arrogance. His cloak dragged slowly across the ground as he spoke with a slight strain as though to hide a possible foreign accent.
Agent one, as he refers himself, shows no reluctance in admitting the criminal activity the group assists in with the potential confirmation of the amount of underground illegal activity that runs the streets.
 "That is our main purpose, but we are also involved in all things criminal. If there is a contract on your head, rest assured we are watching you," he says "Hit lists seem easy to come by in this town. No shortage of people wanting one another dead."
"Business's aren't safe either," he claims "If we come to your establishment, best give us what we want. Things get extremely ugly for those who attempt to resist, or waste our time."
The question comes into play now as to whether the gang are a group of hired thugs or hitmen with his past commentary very well defining it that way.
 "I won't answer that because it labels us, we are many things. Your bartender, your hostess, your everyday average citizen. We protect our identity at all costs, and to say we are hitmen would give us the wrong image." he says "Hits are just something we do, but it's not who we are."
So who are they exactly? Are their identities kept in check because outside of their La Morte Nera persona they are upstanding Nomos citizens, or is it the blatantly obvious connection to their criminal activity.
Agent one claims his gang will thrive under his leadership and has every confidence that his crew will pull through on whatever 'business' deals they need to pull through on.
"We are all very intelligent, and anyone of the members could easily take my place, if for some unfortunate reason I should be killed." he says
The skulled crusader leaves Nomos with some final words particularly to anyone who runs a business;
. "If we come after you, don't fear the Reaper. Embrace it, because the one thing we don't know how to do is fail." he says "Kidnappings for ransom, and extortion are things we've perfected. So if you try and resist us, you'll disappear, and fast."
(source: Skarlet Winterwolf)

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