Sunday, May 30, 2010

Street Life Position Open

Street Life is seeking an experienced and professional sports writer to cover all sporting events in and around Nomos. If you have a passion for sports and the ability to turn that passion in to news then we want you.

Pay is 200G per week for two sporting events which will be due on Sunday each week. If you feel this position is right for you please contact Vanity Leviathan. (Eden Starfall)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ancient Books Writing Challenge

Welcome to Ancient Books.

As we are a shop of unusual tastes, we thought it would be fitting to hold our first creative writing challenge!

What darkness slumbers in our twilight world?

H.P. Lovecraft once said, "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest fear is fear of the unknown."

Our challenge to you is to compose a modern, very short, tale of terror set in Nomos with a Lovecraftian twist.

1. The most important thing is the story, but we do care about good writing. Break rules for effect, not because you didn't use a spellchecker.
2. Stories should be no longer than 600 words.
We'll be looking at your ability to suggest a world, rather than to fill it in and dot every i.

Submission Deadline June 15th Midnight SLT.
Please send a note card with your short story to Joah Menjou or Niobe Flux

Prize: Winning story offered as a note card book in the shop

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Man Standing - Skyway Arena - June 4th, 7PM

Time: June 4th 7PM SLT

What is last man standing?

It is when a group of fighter gather in the arena circle and fight to death!!

Entry Fee: 100G (Arrangements made for those needing them)

Enter for your chance to win a BIG prize and be cast for the first Nomos television show!!!!!

There will be three rounds, anyone who wins any of the three rounds will be automatically cast and will sit out for the next round. If you win 2 rounds you get a bonus cash prize and if you win all three you will win even more.

Could it be more simple?

If there are three diffrent winners in the end there will be an showdown in which all three will get cast in the television show and will fight off in the arena for cash!

Crowd attack rules:

At the end of all three matches the crowd may jump in the fight with the fighters and may attack them. If anyone is left standing at the end they will win a spot for the
NFC (Nomos Fighting Champoionship)

Anyone who would like to participate in the crowd attack will IM me and pay a 50G entry fee to participate!

Thank you all and hope to see you there!!!!

After the matches be sure to join us for some treats and a dance.


Contact: Kotana Xaris

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Excessive force: Does Metropol push the limits?

Dateline: Tuesday, May 25th
Location Club Primal City of Nomos.

As your eyes adjust to the dim lighting of the interior of Club Primal we see Rachel Tapioca (Primal's manager) danceing on stage. It is customer appreciation day at Primal also known as naked Tuesday. Dancing for her customers delight in saunters sun the clubs owner. During the exchange of greetings in walks Aizen Wind, head of Metropol. Taking a seat close to the stage to observe the happenings in the club. Aizen is engaged in a conversation by Rachel. During the conversation it became evident that input was needed from sun. Putting her two cents in sun is allegedly told to shut up by the Metropol leader.

Claiming her right to free speech sun is allegedly told she has only the rights that Metropol allows her. Drawing his gun Aizen allegedly proceeds to try to arrest sun. Seeing said gun she runs out of the club followed by Aizen shooting at her as she ran.

Shooting sun down in the middle of the street unarmed Aizen allegedly proceeds to stop all on lookers from talking about what they saw. Even going so far to destroy a citizens camera who managed to snap a picture of the incident.

Is Nomos a police state now? Do we not have the right to free speech? According to Metropol that answer is NO.

Author unknown

Sat. May 29th 4PM SLT - FIGHT NIGHT!

Fight Club will again br bringing us live the best fighters from in and around Nomos. The prize is big, the prestige is bigger and now with live betting!

Entry fee: 100G

Contact: Mr. Ling

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Pit Event - Thursday, May 27th 8PM SLT

Leather & Lace

The best in Leather AND The best in Lace 250G each!!!

A New Champ Rises!

Readers, the fight on saturday night was a thrilling one! The Fight Club, run by Mr. Ling and Zachary Trent (Pawel Ziplon), was packed. People where pouring in to watch this magnificent display of the human ferocity, portrayed in hand to hand combat. After much fighting, one tantrum, and a whole lot of blood, our winnner was - The Snub (Diseased Sugarplum)!!! He was clearly the best fighter tonight, beating his final round oponent RPR-110 (Cael Ishtari), last week's champion. The Snub had this to say. "Well well geez, just go to show, youths today know nothing of fighting not no how! Well yeah, of course experience won over youth, eh geez!" A job well done to all the contestants, and thanks to all the fans from Mr. Ling. He had this to say. "I say that the Snub didn't work hard at all, drunk like a fish and yet he won the bloody tournament, and that's cause he eats our vitamins every bloody day." We here at Street Life consider fight night to be a wonderful experience, and an event that everyone in Nomos should go to every Saturday night.

Chandler Namir (Sports Reporter)

Ancient Books Advertisement

You round the corner and spy a small store tucked away in Sector 2. Through filmy windows, your eyes fall upon row after row of books, spines ragged, some gilt-edged… editions both of fine leather and torn cloth. You glance at the sign, “Ancient Books,” and step inside. No one remembers when Baal reopened the place. No one is that old, or so they say. You breathe the air and think there is nothing like the smell of dusty paper and the feel of hand-printed letters on thick brown pages. You're home.


* Pyschic detective division
- Paranormal Investigations. Lost Items Found. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates. If you have a problem that needs solving, then perhaps the folks over at Ancient Books can help you out.

* Psychic services
- Alchemy, Spell casting, Curses, Tarot readings, Runes, Bones, Voodoo, Fortune telling etc.. Whatever your hearts desire, we at The Ancient Books have something for you.

* The Bookstore,
-Rare and unusual books on a variety of subjects.. A book club and storytelling events.

Please feel free to contact for inquiries -
-Niobe Flux aka Amadeus Hexslinger
-Aricelli Valencia
-Joah Menjou
-Pontifex Jenvieve

((Join Ancient Books - Nomos group.)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hand in The Cookie Jar. a response to Petty Theft on the Rise.

Street Life is full of complaints of the crime in the city, and their vocal opinion of what Metropol should do about it. Well, I'm here to say that Metropol is listening. It is my hope that addressing these concerns will ease the fears of the City. In article, I'd like to address a touchy point raised in the article "Petty Theft on the Rise." In the article, the author raised the question of tougher sentences for repeat offenders. This is a common for people to criticize Metropol, either being too soft or too hard, and often this criticism steams from little if any actual basis.

To shed some light on the situation, I've decided to interview a unreformed criminal to review the effects of Metropol's out-process procedures, which do allow for increasing severity. While no single interview can represent the entire problem this city faces, I've selected Sprixer Aeon as she lacks any formal gang affiliations and whose arrest record closely matches the scenario described in the "Petty Theft" article.

Pontifex Jenvieve: I'm conducting a review of Metropol corrective policy, application, and results. This interview will be used in part or whole for our internal affairs and possible press releases. Do you understand?
Sprixer Aeon: Yes sir.
PJ: Aww, Sprixer...theres two more cases on this docket. I thought you said you were going to be good?
SA: I did, and I assure you I was better....but things came up I'm sure you understand.
PJ: Sure sure.. So, you've been arrested a sum of eight times in six days for robbing cashiers. This doesn't include the counts of pick pocketing that others have reported. This would certainly meet the definition of habitual offender. Is this correct?
SA: Yes i would say so if i was looking at it from your angle.
PJ: And for the record, would you say how we first met?
SA: We met first when i stuck my hands in your pants for your wallet of course.
PJ: And I promptly arrested you. How would you say I treated you that first incident?
SA: You gave me a warning and a smack on the rear.
PJ: Truthfully please.
SA: It is the truth.

Officer's notes: I do not recall the event occurring exactly the same as Sprixer, but I submit this interview unedited for the sake of transparency.

PJ: How long would it be until I would see you arrested again for a crime?
SA: About 12 hours later...
PJ: And this time who was the arresting officer?"
SA: Mouse.
PJ: Was this the time that I asked for a lawyer for you?
SA: Yes it was.
PJ: Did any other officer attempt to obtain a lawyer for you?
SA Besides you no sir.
PJ: Do you have a lawyer on retainer now?
SA: No.
PJ: Is there any reason why?
SA: I believe they had other plans for me that distracted them from it.
PJ: The lawyers?
SA: No the other officers.
PJ: Is there any reason that you don't have a regular lawyer now to help protect your rights?
SA: I choose not to bother a lawyer with how much i make it down here.
PJ: Do you find that none of the lawyers will work pro-bono?
SA: Never actually looked into it.

Officer's notes: While it is not the job of Metropol to assign a lawyer for those arrested, I personally believe in the value that lawyers bring to the justice system and encourage their inclusion. However, it is the onus of lawyers to seek out clients or to at least advertise their services. I do support an arrangement that allows for lawyers to hand their business cards to Metropol for offenders without representation. I would also suggest to any enterprising lawyer that they indicate on their business card whether they would take on legal cases Pro bono.

PJ: So, back to the incident where I processed you. How would you describe the punishment. Not enough, ineffective, or brutal?
SA: I would say it was enough...
PJ: And your subsequent four more arrests. Did the punishment get stronger?
SA: Yes they did.
PJ: Did they ever reach the point of being brutal?
SA: Depends how do you define brutal.
PJ: Did you feel that any of the punishments reach the point of malciously unnessecary?
SA: No.
PJ: Would you say that the punishment has helped in deterring your criminal behavior?
SA: Nope.
PJ: Do you have any suggestions of what form of correction would help deter crime?
SA: I dunno, I wanna suggest longer detainment but then I'd just screw myself over in the end.
PJ: Well, I think that's all I have. I thank you for your time and honesty. Do you have any questions for me?
SA: I think ive kept the doctor waiting long enough.

Officer's notes: We see here an excellent profile of how Metropol's corrections policy is a measured response to criminal's insistence to commit crime. However no matter how stiff the punishment, it still does not deter criminal behavior in the apprehended. I suspect that a repeat criminal would continue their offenses, even if Metropol resorted to extreme brutality. This reaffirms my belief that corrections is not the simplified matter in which critics believe can be solved with a magic wand. There is no one form of criminal, and punishments are not "one size fits all."

For the habitual offender like the one interviewed, I believe her actions are a result of a disorder. Her need to rob cashiers parallels that of an addict needing to score another hit, it is possible that the thrill of the robbery induces a similar "high." Just as we cannot smack the drug addiction out of a person, it is my personal belief that certain criminals can only be rehabilitated with the help of psychiatry. As such, I support any collaboration between Metropol and Bedlam's doctors.

by Officer Pontifex Jenvieve, Metropol.

Toecutter Slingshot - The Inside Story

An Exclusive interview

The most interesting of circumstances are likely to happen in a city such as Nomos. Be it the blaring city lights or the assortment of creatures that roam the city streets.

The latest in the series of the long runnning feud between a Miss Sunceray Jaques and Mr Toecutter Slingshot reached new heights two nights ago when drama unfolded around the Club Primal.

The abduction of Sunceray has now led to a city revolt to bring down the man, locals are saying, to be one of the most dangerous criminals out there. But is the talk simply speculation? In a one on one interview with the infamous Toecutter, we aim to seek more answers.

When asked about the latest story about him he'd replied:

"nah well the one about me busting in to Suncerays club and kidnapping her is bullshit. Yeah i was there but i fought in self defence she pulled a gun on me from under her desk , tried to surprise me and put me off being naked and all"
So in the end was there every good intention to have this only be a 'friendly' visit?
"its always a friendly visit from me , but she went nuts. Still has it in for me has done from day one. Sun and i go way back and now its a blood fued between us"
Further investigation leads us to believe the history of Toecutter and Sunceray go back to the days of him being her hired help. Help needed for a sticky situation between the Primal owner and the Metropol police force.

A chain of events however from that point had led to the status of their current feud.

"I use to work for Sunceray as hired help kind of till she betrayed me” he says “yeah i was meant to take out her garbage and do her dirty work till the day i was shot in the back. Cant even have a fucking beer with out some asshole trying to take me out"

So the question arises; Is this notorious target only a victim of simple misunderstanding?

"Nah not a victim just some one who wont be pushed around by metropol or other is all , seems if you stand up for your self here your a thug or a crimanal " claims Toecutter, "but i ask you this Who is watching the cops here?"

The report suddenly turns to the behind the scenes activities of the Metropol police division. Could such actions have led to the beginning of this blood battle?

"How about the leader of the Metropol officers Aizen ask him what crimes he has commited her to the citizens of nomos. Damn even ask Sunceray what he did to her and why i was hired for after it " he claims "im just getting some rightful pay back is that so bad?"

The payback now has the city seeing it ten fold with more interest being sparked into joining his club that he had founded.

"Yeah well they see what im trying to do here and want to be apart of it , thanks to metropol and other organisations here they help with my membership numbers".

Toecutter then continues to speak of their aim with a grin. "Our aim is to just have fun and enjoy what nomos has to offer"

The report ends there with a simple nod from Toecutter. The sudden burst of activity with members of his group entering the Titty Twister now meant their business dealings were to commence.

Written bu an informed sorce.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Police Files: Kurt Flanx Incarcerated

Officers Jenvieve and Waddles recently uncovered a bizarre plot by Nomos gangs to infiltrate the Metropol police force. The infamous Kurt Flanx was apprehended for the attempted murder of Officer Jenvieve, following a failed attempt of running the Metropol officer out of town. It is believe that Kurt's gang, the Slicers, had stolen the officer's badge as part of a plan to replace Jenvieve with a duplicate clone. Upon further questioning, Kurt revealed that clone was suppose to impersonate the officer while slipping Kurt and his gang sensitive information which they would be able to sell on the black market.

Severely injured, Officer Pontifex lived through the attack and wit Officer Waddles assistance, escort Kurt to Metropol Headquarters where he awaits trial. Medical costs were covered by a Rep-Detec'c considerable bounty for Kurt, and he is expected to recover fully. When asked about the incident the officer warned, "This scale of ingenuity is only the beginning. The gangs in this city are becoming incubated with the illicit proceeds of their petty crimes and are now able to invest large sums into new and unimaginable schemes." Officer Pontifex assures the criminal gangs of Nomos that he too has only begun.

After the incident, several midnight raids were conducted by Metropol on organizations that possibly built the clone, including Roy's Robots and Meditech which was allowed by its parent company Metrotech. However Metrotech did not allow a search of their own bio-engineer laboratory. The investigation is still on-going and any further tips would be appreciated.

Written by an unknown scorce

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Plee for Help

In the cool predawn hours of tuesday morning toecutter slingshot entered the primal club and made his way to the office or sunceray jacques the owner of the club. Entering the office unanounced and without knocking her finds here there NAKED and UNARMED changing her clothes for her next series of dances. Finding the frail woman utter defenseless he proceeds to back her against the wall and attatck her without provacation. Handcuffing her he also attatckes a new employee of the primal club hostage. Dragging sun thru the streets of nomos naked he takes her to his dirty falling down shack of a bar on the outskirts of the wasteland where he announces that these two helpless females are going to be forced to dance in his club. Seems as a poor manager of clubs he was unable to secure any ravishing women to work for him so he stole what he and his demented motorcyle gang wants.

People of nomos how long are we going to allow this sort of behavior? Where our wives and mothers and even our daughters can be stolen from out of their beds and forced to do unspeakable things.? Good citizens of nomos if we dont band together and stop this menace now in its infancy we will be forever cursed by their desire and greed to do whatever it is they wish to do.

Band together now in groups and attatck toecutter and his demc at every opportunity before they come knocking on your door in the middle of the night and take whats most precious to you.

Author unknown

Street Life neither supports nor denies the story. Perhaps Mr. Toecutter would like to respond?

Fight Night, Saturday, May 22nd @ 4PM SLT


Will the current champ keep his title or will someone take his place?

Entry Fee: 100G

Cash & Prizes: 500G & more

You Don't have to fight to win ... betting has come to Fight Club!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Petty Theft on the Rise

Nomos Central - A string of petty thefts has been keeping Metropol on it's toes and it's foundation full of the culprits responsible for the crimes. But one has to wonder when the crime wave will end and if Metropol has the man power to stop it?

This reporter stopped to watch near Metropol at around midnight as a number of people were hauled into the station. Now I'm not one to tell Metropol how to do their job but the slap on the wrist these offenders are receiving has some questioning if Metropol is in support of local businesses or is there something else going on.

Crime in the City is up by a whopping 12% since just one month ago. Business owners are starting to ask themselves if there is something more they can do and a couple have even resorted to carrying weapons. They just don't feel safe anymore. The ATM's are buzzing with the normal weekly deposits now being made on a nightly basis. But the question remains will Metropol enforce stronger sentences for repeat offenders or will these offenders take the tender right out of the business owners hands because that is what it's coming down to.

Reporting for StreetLife, Vanity Leviathan

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Howl for Unity

Recent sightings around the city of Nomos have led locals to believe that an old myth may be coming to fruition. The strange and more consistent findings of bloodied corpses lining the pipes of the underground sewer has an eerie whisper of the term 'lycan' being echoed throughout the streets. Residents south of the city have reported increasing concern over the howls breaking the silence in the dead of the night. Certain members pinpoint the noise to Apartment 4 of a certain block.

The occupant, a silver haired woman by the name of Skar, holds the face of angelic features. The skulls dangling by the side of her pants as she casually leaves the block however gives off a different impression. Is she a creature with the ability to change her form? Catching her wasn't easy, she held a speed beyond any Orga. She growls on the suject at hand.

"Of course we exist. We exist as strongly as the leeches prancing around in tight leather exist. Our allegience could be stronger, but shit happens"
She leads the investigation further North of Nomos to a man by the name of Loctoran. He stood with an overtowering height, the shadow of the brim of his hat covering his facial features. The fur that aligned the collar of his coat almost resembled the hair of an Orga or Hybrid fur. The light of the moon touched one side of his face slightly, showing the hardness of the mask he was wearing. The tone of his voice was long and drawn out.

"Yes these beasts exist..." he says, his tone not as defensive as Skar's "We are much too scattered though. The irresponsibility of leaving evidence around the sewers is amateurish and puppy behaviour" He looks up to reveal the painted grin upon his mask, his tone lowering once more "Of course if it is the lycans you are pointing your accusations at"

The subject quickly moves back to the issue of the scattered packs.
Loctoran paces the room with almost an aristocratic flair before seating himself. "Ah yes, i aim to have us all join forces. One mother pack, containing all the packs... to become allies in this fight against our extinction" he pauses slightly to adjust his hat "Lupus and Vargulf have joined forces, we seek more..."

The mysterious creature disappears into the shadows of the streets unscathed by the neon lights. The eerie howls begin to echoe through the city again as the moon's light begins to overpower the night. Nomos, the lycans have arrived.

Author unknown

Interview with the Champ


Name: serial # RPR-110

Age: created 124 days prior to interview

Q: so you’re programmed to fight?
A: it is similar to farming
Q: so you’re a farmer?
A: is the scythe not a give away?
Q: how is it similar to fighting?
A:Swing as needed until finished.
Q: Do you work for anyone here?
A: Mr zachary trent
Q: What’s brought you to nomos?
A: Mr zachary trent
Q:in a fight, to you proceed according to a single course of actions or do you determine the strategy before the fight actually starts?
A:I swing. I hit. They fall. They swing. They miss. I swing back.
Q:you have not found any opponents that required more than that?
A: negative
Q:how has this strategy been developed? Simple programming by your creator?
A:Programming is not simple
Q: your programming has been optimized so that the single strategy approach is sufficient?
A: That is a sufficient explanation.
Q: would you tell us who has created you?
A: Negative
Q:is that information classified for a reason?
A: Affirmative
Q: Can you tell us thet reason?
A: negative
Q: Finally, if you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take 3 items with you, what would they be?
A: Nothing. I would leave the island

There you have it. The only question left to ask is will he remain the chanpion?

Written by: Busty LaRoux with the assistance of Akritos Thespian

Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Amadeus is not libel for any karma, magical backlash, twilighting, or paradox. Those risks be on the seeker not the medium.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Business Managers Wanted

The following businesses are seeking managers. Ideal candidates must have a general working knowledge of the business he/she will be applying for.

Name of Business: Titty Twister - Rented
Type of Business: Bar
Location: Nomos 2
Weekly Rent: 250

Name of Business: Sushi Bar (Underpass) - Rented
Type of Business: Food Service
Location: Nomos
Weekly Rent: 350

Name of Business: Skyway Arena
Type of Business: Events Venue - Arena
Location: Nomos 2
Weekly Rent: 350

Name of Business: Public Toilets
Type of Business: Sanitation
Location: Nomos
Weekly Rent: 160

Name of Business: Millennium Theatre
Type of Business: Movie Cinema
Location: Nomos
Weekly Rent: 130

Name of Business: Bedlam Asylum
Type of Business: Sanitarium
Location: Nomos 2
Weekly Rent: 1000

*All rents are per week, some restrictions apply.

Street Life Employment Opportunities

We are currently seeking reporters to fill the following positions:

Event's Writer - Non sporting events

News Writers - The latest Nomos news

All positions are part time and would not have a bearing on your current trainning or job duties. Pay is 200 SG$ per week for 2 articles per week.

Guest writers - 100 SG$ per submission. Limit 2 per week.

Please contact Vanity Leviathan (Eden Starfall) if you are interested in working for "Street Life."

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tension Rising - Violence in the streets of Nomos ... but the streets aren't the only place

As the city of Nomos continues to grow its inhabitants begin to group together more, henceforth creating there allegiances and enemies. There seems to be an increasing rate in crime and decreasing presence of officers. Could it be the city is unable to control the threats within? Or could it be assumed the police force has been corrupted itself and forced to adapt to their environment?

While the economy rises from businesses which are now fully establishing themselves, the employees of Nomos seem to be forming allegiances within their workplaces. The club and bar employees have been observed by anonymous sources committing criminal activities together, at least so its been rumored. They have also been verified and identified in the streets going at it in all out brawls with each other. Is this where the R & R City of Nomos is heading? And if so what could be outcome of its future?

A few of the gangs within the city have already been earning themselves names and street reputations. The Dark Embrace Motorcycle Club, The Local 216, even the Fitness Center has been seen roaming the streets in small groups. Camaraderie in the workplace is either boosting Moral to an extreme or creating what could be considered Organized Crime waves throughout the area.

It has been rumored then verified by multiple hospital reports that there indeed was a dispute within Club Primal earlier this week. A few random sources have confirmed what they saw as a "Gang War" inside the club itself between a group of bikers, the employees of the establishment and members of the local Laborers Union fighting it out at the bar and on the dance floor. How the altercation began is unknown at this time, but how it ended was with at the least a couple hundred in bills at the hospital. Maybe this money can be used to help strengthen the Metro's Police presence?

The bottom line here is that the city is growing at an alarming rate. There are new faces on the streets every day, and new crews being formed as well as already established groups recruiting more members to their cause. One way or another this reporter feels the city is on the verge of a new wave of light, whether that light is bright or dim depends upon the actions of residents pushing for what they want and which one wants it most.

. Unknown Author.
Street Sweeper

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sun 16 May All day - Couple Dances at Club Industry

Fri 14 May 8pm SLT, Best in Demo Hair, DJ Vanity @ The Pit

Thats right we are back but this time we're banging our BIG hair to the sounds that define a decade. DJ Vanity (myself) will be spinning the high pitched whines and screaming riffs of 80's hair metal. Come in demo hair and have the wildest most outrageous do and claim the 250 gold prize! The fun starts at 8PM SLT TONIGHT! Don't miss it! THE PIT ... the hottest place in Nomos! On the West side take the Slaughter Zone alley and follow the signs.

Sat 15 May, 4pm SLT, Fight Night, @ Fight Club

Sat 15 May at noon SLT, Mud Wrestling @ Club Industry

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wed 12 May at 5pm SLT, Poker Game at Royal Bar & Lounge

Recon you can be the champion of the poker table?
Why not find out, Come down to the Royal Wednesday Afternoon at 5pm SLT
For a fun filled Poker fest.
For the chance to win 500G$, heres what you gotta do.
Send a message to Diseased sugarplum.
There is an entrance fee of 100G$ But hurry, thers only 10 places.
Also if your not a poker player, come along and just have afew drinks and watch, you might learn a thing or two!
Diseased Sugarplum

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Welcome To Street Life, the voice of Nomos, the word on the street.