Monday, February 21, 2011

Texture for CLubPrimal event

sent by Fateema Asalia
for event 2/22/11 8:30-10 om SLT

ClubPrimal presents DJ ARIANA Tues Night

She Rocks and she Spins like no other DJ - ARIANA's playlist will knock your Nomos Boots off!! ClubPrimal -Tuesday 8:30-10pm SLT. Aw Yeah, it is TIME to hear some really good TUNES people. SMiles from Fateema
sent by:   Fateema Asalia
manager: ClubPrimal

Letter to the Editor

Dear Citizens of Nomos,
I would like to take this moment to remind you that hate crimes against any organic OR synthetic being is wholly against the laws of which you reside in, and the District Attorney's office will prosecute to the fullest extent of it's powers any crime perpetrated against a synthetic.  Any found to be spreading propaganda of threat, such as the recently published "Cleansing Manifesto", will be promptly charged and prosecuted.  You have been warned.  Have a nice day.

Assistant DA for the District Attorney Mr. Drake Deacon,
Ms. Roxy Chevalier


The offices of Street Life would like to stress that it in no way supports the recent hate crimes and propaganda against synthetics and thus, remains a neutral body. It shall, however, continue to inform citizens of events and crimes within in the city, no matter how distasteful. We would like to thank the office of the District Attorney for their letter, specifically Ms. Chevalier and look forward to hearing from them more often.

Kind regards,

Street Life Chief Editor
Niamh Brunswick

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Roy's Robots Presents: The Market

Roy's Robots is proud to announce the opening of The Market on Monday, February 21st, at 7:00PM SLT.

If you and your replicant are stuck in a rut, bring them in and trade up!  Think your mech isn't making the cut?  Our fast and friendly employees will get your bot looking as good as new.

All unregistered mechs and reps need a handler!  Round 'em up and make a few extra bucks at The Market at Roy's!  If you are unregistered, skip the hassle and step up on that auction block yourself!

If you are incarcerated at the time of auction, otherwise unable to attend, or simply wish to be discreet, our staff at Roy's will be able to stand in or proxy your bids for you.

For more information and the Auction Catalog listings, please visit

Fine Caliber and
Universal Flow
Roy's Robots

Manifesto of The Cleansing

Anonymous submission left on Street Life's desk.

    For far too long the massive boot of MetroTek has been pressed upon our necks. And we've accepted it.
    We've grown accustomed to the corruption and despair and stopped questioning the brainwashing and
    the squalor. This ends now.
    Today, we rise above the dirt and become a force to be reckoned with. To refuse to keep our heads
    buried in the sand.
    Today, we will reclaim ourselves from this brutal overlord and refuse to have every move we make
    catalogued and used against us.
    Today, we will begin our journey into righteousness by ridding us of that which MetroTek uses to hold us
    subservient and will no longer be chattel to a vengeful entity or to be used as paws in some cosmic
    Today, we destroy the Replicants.
    Monsters, like us and yet not. Created by MetroTek ro assimilate into our society and move amongst us
    until that time MetroTek decides to rule with an ever stronger fist. Watching us, waiting for the kill order.
    Created by evil, these agents of our enemy must be contained before all life as we know it fails.
    It will not be easy, but we will prevail. Those who fall while under the flag of truth will be marturs to our
    cause and will be remembered with teh greatest of all awe and rapture. Those that fight against the
    tyranny will find a family of patriots who will greet the day MetroTek falls with great jubilation as we
    all rise above the muck and mire.
    Today, we start the glorious journey toward the Light where MetroTek can no longer brainwash us and
    take our memories or our soul. Today, it begins.
    It is now time for the Cleansing.
    And this is our manifesto.

Anti-Synthetic attacks on the rise.

It all started with the attack on K West's cyborg owner, HIH, where the organiuzer is still at large. Since then attacks on synthetics and those seen to be sympathetic to them have been on the rise. In the last week both K West Law Firm and the offices of Street Life itself have been vandalized by a masked figure. At both, the same cryptic messages were left on the wall.

K West Office

Street Life Office

While the culprit has not been identified, security cameras have captured these images.

The lone assailant seems to claim to belong to a movement called The Cleansing. While there is no evidence that he is anything other than a lone operative, Metropol, Street Life and K West Law Firm all encourage any civic minded citizens with information to come forward. Synthetics are advised to travel with their owners or other designated custodian after dark until the culprit is in custody.

Magdalena Outlander

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Local Arcade Vandalized

The Nomos Arcade Game 2F/3F has seen some action as of Late. With its slot machines bringing in the gambling enthusiasts, it also draws a different crowd as a passerby noticed something strange just the other day.
Someone stated anonymously that they had witnessed damage to the arcade's gum-ball machine. They were quoted as saying "I went in and saw some weird coloring on the floor. I thought it was paint, but as I got closer, I saw it was blood!"
Later reports confirm this claim, that in fact it was someone's blood. The police's forensic team, however, couldn’t tell us who's DNA was at the crime scene. The only thing they could report back was that, it looked as if someone had rammed an object into the machine, maybe a fist. Or perhaps something bigger, as of now, they do not know.
Also, a slot machine showed signs of an attack. The outer casing had damage to it, and looked as if something like a baseball bat had been smashed against it.
Police say that there was a security camera in place, but that was only covering the cash register, which also has an alarm for it, if it gets robbed.
Did someone have a bad night, didn't win any money and went into a rage, assaulting the machine that did them wrong? Or perhaps, that someone didn't get that one gum-ball they so desperately wanted?
Police won't comment any further, so we will have to get back to this story in a later date.

Coen Valkoinen

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Office Invasion

It is no secret that there is no love lost between MetroPol and K West Law Firm. After all, the two have opposite agendas. One takes money from innocent citizens by force and passes it up to a faceless corporation. The other takes money from innocent citizens to protect them from the faceless bureaucracy of Metro and its armed thugs. Neither one is especially popular with the citizenry.

Still, it came as some surprise when HIH, current proprietor of K West was attacked in his office by not one but two assailants. The cyborg lawyer was beaten so badly that pieces of him were literally falling off. He did, however, capture one of his two assailants and turn him over to police in complete accordance with the law. Police have identified the primary attacker as an unstable gentleman named Bailey. According to sources he has received little more than a slap on the wrist for his attempted murder. His unknown female accomplice, however, managed to elude capture.

Speculation runs rampant over the reasons for the attack at this time. Bailey's memory of the events seem unreliable at best, making him a less than ideal witness. There is certainly no proof that this is related to the unidentified parties involved in the murder of the former police chief, allegdly an accompluce to Celes Jade. Similarly, there is no direct link between previous cases of police harrassment and this particular attack. By Nomos law, however, both are to be considered guilty until proven innocent.

A reward of up to 1,000G for information leading to the identification and capture of the second person in the attack on K West Law Firm has been offered by HIH. Citizens with information are encouraged to stop by the law offices during business ours to share their information.

By Raoul Duke

K West Charity Drive

Free Celes Jad
Falsely accused of murdering the former Chief of Police. Evidence in the Cole case was mishandled, ignored and thrown out. Now an innocent woman languishes in prison while the guilty go free. Donate to the Free Celes Jade fun to help catch the real perpetrator and bring justice to Nomos!

Criminal Rehabilitation And Placement Program -
A new life awaits you in the offworld colonies. We've all seen the ads but how many of us really have a chance at a new life? Life in Nomos can be a perpetual struggle for some who are forced to turn to crime just to survive.
Your donation to the CRAPP fund will give those who most need it a chance to begin again. CRAPP will fund professional training and offworld placement for convicted criminals, giving them a fresh start and getting them out of Nomos. When you spend your money on CRAPP, you know its going to a good cause. Its not just another social welfare program, its CRAPP. Donate at the gold level or above and receive a complimentary CRAPP baseball cap and CRAPP lapel pin so everyone will know you spent your money on CRAPP.

Donor levels -
Numasol Level (5,000G+)
Iridium Level (1,000-5,000G)
Gold Level (500-1,000G)
Silver Level (100-500G)
Why Bother Level (0-100G)

For a limited time - Donate at the Gold level or above and receive a logo pin and ballcap so you can show your support. Do the right thing. Show the community you care. Give now. Donations accepted by K West Law Firm and its associated ownership.

List of Donors to follow

Magdalena Outlander

Chief of Police Turnip Darkfury Murdered, Celes Jade Found Guilty

Turnip Darkfury’s naked and mutilated body was found in the center of Nomos on January 26. The word ‘mine’ was carved on her chest, two deep puncture marks were on her neck, there were deep bites on her stomach, dark bruises all over her skin, many of her bones were broken and her face was so destroyed that is was unrecognizable. There was also evidence of brutal rape from more than one aggressor. The coroner’s report suggested that blunt force trauma was the cause of death, and that the dead woman’s body was thrown from a roof after the murder.

Celes Jade was found guilty in court for the killing on February 3. Her finger prints and DNA were found on the body, which was enough evidence to convince the jury of her direct involvement. During her trial, a member of the jury dramatically disrupted proceedings to declare himself the murderer.
"It was I who murdered Darkfury!” he shouted. The man was then promptly arrested while everybody in the room watched in shock. Another member of the jury also interrupted the trial with emotional outbursts.

There are unconfirmed rumors that members of the jury might have been threatened or bribed to vote “not guilty” by persons unknown. If that is true then it was in vain- Celes Jade is going to be put away for a very long time, perhaps forever.

A juror arrested

Submitted by an Anonymous Source

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who's Who of Nomos - Dr. Mind

In a series of articles entitled "Who's Who of Nomos" Street Life and its reporters will bring you weekly exposés on the movers and shakers of our good city, kicking off with the infamous Doctor Mind.

If you have spent anytime at all in Nomos, it is more than likely that you have met or at least know of Doctor Mind, otherwise known as Bruce Schmetterling. Not only a brilliant mind, but also a priceless asset to MetroTek Industries and the citizens of our community.

But there are a few things you may not know about the fair Doctor.

Bruce was the son of German-Italian immigrants, but not for long. At age three his parents were slain by an un-named assailant. He was sent to a rather large orphanage where he learned to love being treated like a number and in turn he himself became in his own words very narcissistic.

It was discovered early in his development that he was gifted. His intellect in the areas of knowledge retention, logic and reasoning were off the charts. He breezed through school and upon graduation discovered that his advancements had caught the attention of a anonymous beneficiary. This benefactor would go on to pay his entire way, through college, grad school, medical school, training courses and much much more. Bruce was a sponge when it came to learning. But it was only after 4 majors, 2 masters degrees and 3 doctorate he finally decided he had learned enough.

But it was just as he walked out of the door of his last class that a man in a trench coat came up to him, and handed him an envelope containing information about MetroTek along with a job offer; an offer that he couldn't refuse.

Arriving in Nomos 8 years ago, the good Doctor has been vital to Metrotek ever since. Doctor Mind believes that the three sciences have a great deal of overlap. "The key to the future lies in the overlap" says Schmetterling, "imagine removing the criminal element of a criminals brain and biologically engineering the same brain segment of someone of the same blood type and then splicing the new piece in place of the old one. Imagine creating a perfect society, a society the way it should function"

"People in this town, might not agree with my views, but frankly I don't give a sh*t. I am here for MetroTek and MetroTek only, they have a problem with that then go take it up with someone who cares"

Sadly, Schmetterling left mid-interview explaining that he had to get back to the lab.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next Who's Who addition!

Niamh Brunswick & Bruce Schmetterling