Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anti-Synthetic attacks on the rise.

It all started with the attack on K West's cyborg owner, HIH, where the organiuzer is still at large. Since then attacks on synthetics and those seen to be sympathetic to them have been on the rise. In the last week both K West Law Firm and the offices of Street Life itself have been vandalized by a masked figure. At both, the same cryptic messages were left on the wall.

K West Office

Street Life Office

While the culprit has not been identified, security cameras have captured these images.

The lone assailant seems to claim to belong to a movement called The Cleansing. While there is no evidence that he is anything other than a lone operative, Metropol, Street Life and K West Law Firm all encourage any civic minded citizens with information to come forward. Synthetics are advised to travel with their owners or other designated custodian after dark until the culprit is in custody.

Magdalena Outlander

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