Saturday, May 21, 2011

Metropol Chief Candidate -Raiden Netizen

 "Listen... I like boobs but not as much as beating the shit out of people that deserve it and that's why I am running for Chief."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hotel Royal Open House

The Hotel Royal Open House - with free drinks & snacks - with random acts of G gifts - this Sunday May 22 from 6 pm until 9 pm -  we would be most pleased & honored if you would attend.

Metropol Chief Candidate - Julianne Lemondrop

Q: What do you think you'll be able to bring to the force as Chief if you were successful?

A: I am so glad you asked because I have lots of good plans to bring the city life back to Nomos. I have newer ideas about how to do it. See I have been watching Nomos and its past chief, and I say they did an okay job. But I think this city needs a good refresh out the system. I plan to dump a lot of time in to this city. and promote a better police force seeing as i can tell there not many here.
I will promote a better police force and work side by side with the Metrotek Corp

Q: What sort of things do you plan to implement?

A: I plan to bring back the the detective jobs, bring back the Cyborg and Swat teams. Also i will be promoting a safety program on the streets called C.O.P, which means that there will be a neighborhood watch program as well as stronger police force.
 Now all these things will take time to put in place.. but if there is one thing, I do not give up on any task, and i always keep my word.

Q: How do you plan on recruiting officers?

A:  I plan to go out there and recruit new young people. Bring them here to Nomos. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. I will bend over backwards to do what I can to make my objectives possible with hard work and sweat

Q:  Is there anything else you'd like to add?

A:  Hard working class want to just do their jobs and not get pestered by robber and thieves. This city needs a strong leader that should rely on it ground founders... Yes I am talking about Metrotek Corporate.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Metropol Chief Candidate - Belinda LeFavre

I'm Belinda Lefavre, pro street fighter and vigilante. Most of you could probably care less who becomes Head of Metropol...or you think it might be fun or beneficial to have a friend in the position. But imagine, for a moment, a week after the election. How excited will the elected candidate be about being Head of Metropol? The complaints, the attacks, the paperwork and management. What about a month later? Three months? How long would it take YOU to start thinking, "There are soo many other things I could be doing now! Bashing cars, stripping, running through the streets fighting." But you can't, because it just looks stupid to have the Top Cop running around like a common criminal. Most people have something better to do that sit around and babysit the city.

I don't.

Fact is, my role as vigilante gives me the perfect background for being Head of Metro. I sit around on rooftops or wander the streets, looking for trouble. At this point, most of the common crooks recognize me, and move on to easier targets. Most of the big-time crooks are trying to get me on their payroll. I'm patient enough to wait for trouble to spring up, because I have nothing better to do. I won't bully citizens because I don't care about looking tough. I won't turn crooked because I have a mission. And I won't get bored because I'm perfectly content to sit there, doing absolutely nothing, until shit hits the fan.

Vote for me, Belind LeFavre, for Head of Metropol. Because everyone else has better things to do.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Metropol Chief Candidate - Loki Alphaville

My fellow citizens of Nomos,  I, Loki Alphaville, am running for the position of the new Chief of Metropol.   I have been a citizen of this fine city and a cop on the force for quite some time.  It's time to clean up our streets and make our city a safer place.  To do that, we must have a police force that will do the job! I can do that for you!    It's time to capture and arrest the criminals and bring to justice for their crimes committed against our citizens.  I plan to institute a Top Ten Most Wanted list.   I'm a straight forward person, tough enough to apply the laws of this city, and enforce them!

Vote for Loki!


Loki Alphaville

MetroTek Announces Candidates

MetroTek announced the six candidates in the running for new Chief of Metropol earlier today, also stating that voting is now open. The candidates are as follows;

 Kal Villota
 Loki Alphaville 
 Belinda Lefavre
 Caleb Baguier
 Raiden Netizen
 Julianne Lemondrop

Voting is now open to Nomosians ((minimum game age of 7 days)), with the option to change their vote while the polls are open. Each vote will cost 20$G. Stay posted with Street Life as we bring you candidate campaigns and interviews over the next few days.

The Strontium Dog Diner Under New Management

Ask any food critic dining at The Strontium Dog Diner of their opinion of the place and they will tell you that their Gut Buster burger is law. In recent weeks, The Strontium along with its signature dish has moved into new ownership by a woman known to the diner's clientele as Alice.

One of the first orders of the day for Alice was taking the prices down.

"That was the first thing we had to do," she says. "We've dropped them to literally a quarter of what they were going for before. From what i can see it's the cheapest food in the city.... not to mention the best."

Whilst the new owner is elusive about revealing too much about herself she is forthcoming in revealing the type of events she would like to hold to attract more customers.

"I was planning on standing outside and waving people in from off the street," says Alice pointing out one plan. "I guess I could have an eating contest, clean out the pantry a little."

There is also high hopes for building strong clientele of the legal kind with Alice possibly offering Metropol discounts for some officers who drops in while she is within the premises of the eatery.

"I'm tempted to offer the metro officers half price... if they come see me up to three officers a day... but I'm not sure how they would respond if i wasn't able to do more then three meals for that price." she says "If they come see me personally.... kind of want to build up a good relationship with our neighbors you know."

The Strontium diner is also looking to recruit some more cooks in order for some of these eating contests and discounts to come to fruition.

"Well if I'm going to have that contest i would need them." she says in a little mumble "but i guess i could use the extra help anyway. It's just me here for the most part so lots of room to grow."

Anyone interested in cooking for the Strontium are advised to contact Alice ((Allison Placebo)) or if you're just hungry head into the diner and grab yourself one of their famous Gut Busters.

The Strontium Dog Diner is located next to Metropol.

The Royal Hotel Now Hiring

The Royal Hotel
is now taking applications for


Looking for high class ladies & other varieties of women who enjoy the pursuits of pleasure with regard to pleasing paying customers for the charms you use to entice these customers to pay for the pleasures of which you are so abundantly gifted.


((Sign in will be done at the Royal lounge and bar area)) - serving drinks and customer politeness with a touch of class and acute sense of flirtatiousness

Coat Girl:

((Currently an npc role but i would like to hire an actual person, since there is no real job like this on the meter I’m happy for you have a job elsewhere)) - Greeting customers and taking their coats and any RANGE weapons that they might carry. They will be returned back to the back the person when they leave.


((Currently another npc role, but i am looking to fill this position, same as the status of the coat girl i'll be more then okay with you signing up elsewhere for other skills))- Position requires safety and security of other peoples belongings and managing booking time for the room the rooms upstairs.

Games Man/Woman:

((Another npc role, but I am hoping to fill it with someone who might be generally interested. I don’t mind if you sign elsewhere for a skill or job)) - To keep the customers entertained and keep the games fair on a lucky spree ((this is only targeting rp, anything played on the table is based on players luck and outcome of the game in general))


(Players are to sign up in primal for this position) -for private shows for customers, lap dances and general dances.

Please contact:
CummmOooohmmm Myoo - Manager of Royal Hotel

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hong Kong Garden Chinese Restaurant

Hong Kong Garden Chinese Restaurant is now under new management! Prices are dropped to 3g's!! The rats left over by the last owner have been incinerated,come taste the Yum!

Randy Canis

Friday, May 13, 2011

MetroTek Announces Election for New Metropol Chief

Metrotek announced earlier this week that elections are to be held in a bid to find a new Head of Metropol. This is a first for the residents of Nomos to vote in their choice of chief law enforcer.

The decision to seek out a new Chief comes at an opportune time as crime levels begin to peak.
"You see it every day," says one local business owner. "Thieves smashing in cars and breaking into shops! I know my vote will be going to whoever can put some order back into the city."

Whilst residents are pleased with the prospect of choosing who will be sworn into the role, the actual question of who is in the running is still being decided.

Metrotek claims that candidates are preparing their campaigns and will be announced later this week. Stay tuned with Street Life as we bring you the latest in the lead up to the election

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fight Club Championship


3 month Championship based on a total point system.
3 Classes, Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight.
Classes are determined by social status stars.

Lightweight will be fighters with 1 and 2 stars.
Middleweight will be fighters with 3, 4, and 5 stars.
Heavyweight will be fighters with 6 and 7 stars.

First place wins 12 points, second place wins 6 points, third
place wins 3 points toward their total scores.
After 3 months, the 2 fighters with the highest point totals from each weight class will face off for their
respective titles.

These fights will be In Character, and fighters will be allowed to use items.  ((No training mode, full on combat ICly))

Prizes will consist of a custom made championship belt,
bragging rights, G$ determined on number of entrants, and other things to be announced.
The entry fee for each week will be 100G$. 50% of these funds will be paid to each weeks winners, with the other 50% going towards the total prize for the champions at the end of the season. There will also be a cover charge at the door of 20G$ for spectators. ((The owners gotta make some money too ya know! lol))

Good Luck Nomos!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Soldier of Fortune Mercenaries

Doesn't that feel good speaking the title of the elites. Don't you want to be absolute, number one, the best of the best?

Loyal to None!

We wave our banner, We take care of our contracts, We are second to none.

You are about to embark in a new age of bounty hunting, and Soldier of Fortune Mercenaries want you!

Apply in the SF Merc office to see if you have what it takes to be a modern day soldier.

Beast Theas

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Business Spotlight- Skyway Aims Sky High

On first impressions of The Skyway Arena, one would immediately be reminded of the ancient gladiator style venues which entertained a multitude of fight enthusiasts. The Skyway itself has earned a reputation within Nomos for the same bloodthirsty fervor that spurred on the combatants of old.

The venue has seen many champions in many forms. Whether it be fighting it out until the bitter end in an all in brawl, or simply taking the right tip and earning a good amount of $G on the betting board. It's most recent change has been a new take over by a Nomosian resident simply known as Scatter.

Scatter's excitement towards running the Skyway is a good start to the development of an entertaining run of events.
"I'm excited beyond words", he says. "The prospect of tournaments and blood sport is thrilling to all is it not?"

Indeed, for many it is. Scatter's recent effort with an all female fight event hit the right note with many who attended, however his expectation could still be seen to be potentially higher.

"I was disheartened that some of the competitors were no shows, but the end result was still amazing so yes i was pleased as punch".
Punch, as they say, would be the perfect term to use to describe the winner of the Femme Fatale event, Tawny Demonia. Her consistent hits had her see her way to a very close final against alleged city hacker Kora Zenovka.

The next event for Skyway will be the Nomos Open on Sunday the 17th of April at 6pm. Scatter thinks it is a good opportunity for any resident to show off their trigger swing happy skills.

"It's a tournament for every fighter a chance to strut the proverbial stuff."

An interesting spin on the future of Skyway from the man who occasionally announces that he has slain seventeen scientists, is the future prospect of what he expects to introduce.

"I was thinking of adding traps or monsters of some sort." says Scatter.

The Skyway Arena is located across from the Metrotek building. Take a cab outside of The Naked Lunch to be transported up there.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Texture for CLubPrimal event

sent by Fateema Asalia
for event 2/22/11 8:30-10 om SLT

ClubPrimal presents DJ ARIANA Tues Night

She Rocks and she Spins like no other DJ - ARIANA's playlist will knock your Nomos Boots off!! ClubPrimal -Tuesday 8:30-10pm SLT. Aw Yeah, it is TIME to hear some really good TUNES people. SMiles from Fateema
sent by:   Fateema Asalia
manager: ClubPrimal

Letter to the Editor

Dear Citizens of Nomos,
I would like to take this moment to remind you that hate crimes against any organic OR synthetic being is wholly against the laws of which you reside in, and the District Attorney's office will prosecute to the fullest extent of it's powers any crime perpetrated against a synthetic.  Any found to be spreading propaganda of threat, such as the recently published "Cleansing Manifesto", will be promptly charged and prosecuted.  You have been warned.  Have a nice day.

Assistant DA for the District Attorney Mr. Drake Deacon,
Ms. Roxy Chevalier


The offices of Street Life would like to stress that it in no way supports the recent hate crimes and propaganda against synthetics and thus, remains a neutral body. It shall, however, continue to inform citizens of events and crimes within in the city, no matter how distasteful. We would like to thank the office of the District Attorney for their letter, specifically Ms. Chevalier and look forward to hearing from them more often.

Kind regards,

Street Life Chief Editor
Niamh Brunswick

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Roy's Robots Presents: The Market

Roy's Robots is proud to announce the opening of The Market on Monday, February 21st, at 7:00PM SLT.

If you and your replicant are stuck in a rut, bring them in and trade up!  Think your mech isn't making the cut?  Our fast and friendly employees will get your bot looking as good as new.

All unregistered mechs and reps need a handler!  Round 'em up and make a few extra bucks at The Market at Roy's!  If you are unregistered, skip the hassle and step up on that auction block yourself!

If you are incarcerated at the time of auction, otherwise unable to attend, or simply wish to be discreet, our staff at Roy's will be able to stand in or proxy your bids for you.

For more information and the Auction Catalog listings, please visit

Fine Caliber and
Universal Flow
Roy's Robots

Manifesto of The Cleansing

Anonymous submission left on Street Life's desk.

    For far too long the massive boot of MetroTek has been pressed upon our necks. And we've accepted it.
    We've grown accustomed to the corruption and despair and stopped questioning the brainwashing and
    the squalor. This ends now.
    Today, we rise above the dirt and become a force to be reckoned with. To refuse to keep our heads
    buried in the sand.
    Today, we will reclaim ourselves from this brutal overlord and refuse to have every move we make
    catalogued and used against us.
    Today, we will begin our journey into righteousness by ridding us of that which MetroTek uses to hold us
    subservient and will no longer be chattel to a vengeful entity or to be used as paws in some cosmic
    Today, we destroy the Replicants.
    Monsters, like us and yet not. Created by MetroTek ro assimilate into our society and move amongst us
    until that time MetroTek decides to rule with an ever stronger fist. Watching us, waiting for the kill order.
    Created by evil, these agents of our enemy must be contained before all life as we know it fails.
    It will not be easy, but we will prevail. Those who fall while under the flag of truth will be marturs to our
    cause and will be remembered with teh greatest of all awe and rapture. Those that fight against the
    tyranny will find a family of patriots who will greet the day MetroTek falls with great jubilation as we
    all rise above the muck and mire.
    Today, we start the glorious journey toward the Light where MetroTek can no longer brainwash us and
    take our memories or our soul. Today, it begins.
    It is now time for the Cleansing.
    And this is our manifesto.

Anti-Synthetic attacks on the rise.

It all started with the attack on K West's cyborg owner, HIH, where the organiuzer is still at large. Since then attacks on synthetics and those seen to be sympathetic to them have been on the rise. In the last week both K West Law Firm and the offices of Street Life itself have been vandalized by a masked figure. At both, the same cryptic messages were left on the wall.

K West Office

Street Life Office

While the culprit has not been identified, security cameras have captured these images.

The lone assailant seems to claim to belong to a movement called The Cleansing. While there is no evidence that he is anything other than a lone operative, Metropol, Street Life and K West Law Firm all encourage any civic minded citizens with information to come forward. Synthetics are advised to travel with their owners or other designated custodian after dark until the culprit is in custody.

Magdalena Outlander

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Local Arcade Vandalized

The Nomos Arcade Game 2F/3F has seen some action as of Late. With its slot machines bringing in the gambling enthusiasts, it also draws a different crowd as a passerby noticed something strange just the other day.
Someone stated anonymously that they had witnessed damage to the arcade's gum-ball machine. They were quoted as saying "I went in and saw some weird coloring on the floor. I thought it was paint, but as I got closer, I saw it was blood!"
Later reports confirm this claim, that in fact it was someone's blood. The police's forensic team, however, couldn’t tell us who's DNA was at the crime scene. The only thing they could report back was that, it looked as if someone had rammed an object into the machine, maybe a fist. Or perhaps something bigger, as of now, they do not know.
Also, a slot machine showed signs of an attack. The outer casing had damage to it, and looked as if something like a baseball bat had been smashed against it.
Police say that there was a security camera in place, but that was only covering the cash register, which also has an alarm for it, if it gets robbed.
Did someone have a bad night, didn't win any money and went into a rage, assaulting the machine that did them wrong? Or perhaps, that someone didn't get that one gum-ball they so desperately wanted?
Police won't comment any further, so we will have to get back to this story in a later date.

Coen Valkoinen

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Office Invasion

It is no secret that there is no love lost between MetroPol and K West Law Firm. After all, the two have opposite agendas. One takes money from innocent citizens by force and passes it up to a faceless corporation. The other takes money from innocent citizens to protect them from the faceless bureaucracy of Metro and its armed thugs. Neither one is especially popular with the citizenry.

Still, it came as some surprise when HIH, current proprietor of K West was attacked in his office by not one but two assailants. The cyborg lawyer was beaten so badly that pieces of him were literally falling off. He did, however, capture one of his two assailants and turn him over to police in complete accordance with the law. Police have identified the primary attacker as an unstable gentleman named Bailey. According to sources he has received little more than a slap on the wrist for his attempted murder. His unknown female accomplice, however, managed to elude capture.

Speculation runs rampant over the reasons for the attack at this time. Bailey's memory of the events seem unreliable at best, making him a less than ideal witness. There is certainly no proof that this is related to the unidentified parties involved in the murder of the former police chief, allegdly an accompluce to Celes Jade. Similarly, there is no direct link between previous cases of police harrassment and this particular attack. By Nomos law, however, both are to be considered guilty until proven innocent.

A reward of up to 1,000G for information leading to the identification and capture of the second person in the attack on K West Law Firm has been offered by HIH. Citizens with information are encouraged to stop by the law offices during business ours to share their information.

By Raoul Duke

K West Charity Drive

Free Celes Jad
Falsely accused of murdering the former Chief of Police. Evidence in the Cole case was mishandled, ignored and thrown out. Now an innocent woman languishes in prison while the guilty go free. Donate to the Free Celes Jade fun to help catch the real perpetrator and bring justice to Nomos!

Criminal Rehabilitation And Placement Program -
A new life awaits you in the offworld colonies. We've all seen the ads but how many of us really have a chance at a new life? Life in Nomos can be a perpetual struggle for some who are forced to turn to crime just to survive.
Your donation to the CRAPP fund will give those who most need it a chance to begin again. CRAPP will fund professional training and offworld placement for convicted criminals, giving them a fresh start and getting them out of Nomos. When you spend your money on CRAPP, you know its going to a good cause. Its not just another social welfare program, its CRAPP. Donate at the gold level or above and receive a complimentary CRAPP baseball cap and CRAPP lapel pin so everyone will know you spent your money on CRAPP.

Donor levels -
Numasol Level (5,000G+)
Iridium Level (1,000-5,000G)
Gold Level (500-1,000G)
Silver Level (100-500G)
Why Bother Level (0-100G)

For a limited time - Donate at the Gold level or above and receive a logo pin and ballcap so you can show your support. Do the right thing. Show the community you care. Give now. Donations accepted by K West Law Firm and its associated ownership.

List of Donors to follow

Magdalena Outlander

Chief of Police Turnip Darkfury Murdered, Celes Jade Found Guilty

Turnip Darkfury’s naked and mutilated body was found in the center of Nomos on January 26. The word ‘mine’ was carved on her chest, two deep puncture marks were on her neck, there were deep bites on her stomach, dark bruises all over her skin, many of her bones were broken and her face was so destroyed that is was unrecognizable. There was also evidence of brutal rape from more than one aggressor. The coroner’s report suggested that blunt force trauma was the cause of death, and that the dead woman’s body was thrown from a roof after the murder.

Celes Jade was found guilty in court for the killing on February 3. Her finger prints and DNA were found on the body, which was enough evidence to convince the jury of her direct involvement. During her trial, a member of the jury dramatically disrupted proceedings to declare himself the murderer.
"It was I who murdered Darkfury!” he shouted. The man was then promptly arrested while everybody in the room watched in shock. Another member of the jury also interrupted the trial with emotional outbursts.

There are unconfirmed rumors that members of the jury might have been threatened or bribed to vote “not guilty” by persons unknown. If that is true then it was in vain- Celes Jade is going to be put away for a very long time, perhaps forever.

A juror arrested

Submitted by an Anonymous Source

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who's Who of Nomos - Dr. Mind

In a series of articles entitled "Who's Who of Nomos" Street Life and its reporters will bring you weekly exposés on the movers and shakers of our good city, kicking off with the infamous Doctor Mind.

If you have spent anytime at all in Nomos, it is more than likely that you have met or at least know of Doctor Mind, otherwise known as Bruce Schmetterling. Not only a brilliant mind, but also a priceless asset to MetroTek Industries and the citizens of our community.

But there are a few things you may not know about the fair Doctor.

Bruce was the son of German-Italian immigrants, but not for long. At age three his parents were slain by an un-named assailant. He was sent to a rather large orphanage where he learned to love being treated like a number and in turn he himself became in his own words very narcissistic.

It was discovered early in his development that he was gifted. His intellect in the areas of knowledge retention, logic and reasoning were off the charts. He breezed through school and upon graduation discovered that his advancements had caught the attention of a anonymous beneficiary. This benefactor would go on to pay his entire way, through college, grad school, medical school, training courses and much much more. Bruce was a sponge when it came to learning. But it was only after 4 majors, 2 masters degrees and 3 doctorate he finally decided he had learned enough.

But it was just as he walked out of the door of his last class that a man in a trench coat came up to him, and handed him an envelope containing information about MetroTek along with a job offer; an offer that he couldn't refuse.

Arriving in Nomos 8 years ago, the good Doctor has been vital to Metrotek ever since. Doctor Mind believes that the three sciences have a great deal of overlap. "The key to the future lies in the overlap" says Schmetterling, "imagine removing the criminal element of a criminals brain and biologically engineering the same brain segment of someone of the same blood type and then splicing the new piece in place of the old one. Imagine creating a perfect society, a society the way it should function"

"People in this town, might not agree with my views, but frankly I don't give a sh*t. I am here for MetroTek and MetroTek only, they have a problem with that then go take it up with someone who cares"

Sadly, Schmetterling left mid-interview explaining that he had to get back to the lab.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next Who's Who addition!

Niamh Brunswick & Bruce Schmetterling

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Drunken Days for Nomos’ DA

News reaches Street Life as a startling development hits Nomos. The famed Drake Deacon, Metropol District Attorney, was apprehended last night after an apparent drunken dispute over an unknown matter. Reporters rushed to the scene after a swift notification, managing to capture the intoxicated and beaten Deacon being dragged out of Naked Lunch by his ankles.

Further investigation and questioning of those involved would lead our attention to Ace Direwytch, a dancer turned bounty hunter. When questioned she seemed very exultant to give us an insight. “Oh, well it was no problem really, I’m just glad I had a chance to help our wonderful justice system.” Ace responded to the reporters. “He had a bounty on his head and I took it upon myself to help out, the best I could.” Ace would add. What a doll, look out Metropol, you have competition. So the case closes on yet another chapter of Street Life, justice prevails and more holes rip open at the seams of our beloved Deacon’s mystery.

Naturally, Street Life strives to remain impartial and unbiased where we can and in defense of Mr. Deacon we sought out the opinion of Ex-Metrocop, Oogie Gallaway, also known as Chimera, who, incidentally was seen dragging his owner, Drake Deacon, out of Naked Lunch by his ankles.

Oogie stands in defense for Mr. Deacon.

"Well, He is D.A and I can imagine how stressful his job is...When I still worked for the Force, I was in a few court runs with him myself. There’s a lot to think about for the D.A."

The normally tall TV Headed Cyborg had developed a sort of guise resembling Mr. Deacon, a guise that is so near exact Mr. Gallaway could be mistaken for the D.A's son. Oogie prefers to wear this disguise for unknown reasons.

In other news it would seem that Mr. Gallaway's Birthday is coming up this April 24th, he will be turning 235! In Orga years that’s 21! (OOCLY player Croue Battle turns 21.) Surely for such an occasion, a celebration is in order?

- Submitted by Oogie Gallaway and an Anonymous Source.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Metropol Investigate Disappearance of Young Woman

Street Life would like to bring its reader’s attention to the recent case of a young woman going missing in the city. Tawny Demonia was last seen by a close friend of her some days ago and is feared to be an official missing persons.

The District Attorney, Drake Deacon has released the following statement concerning Tawny’s disappearance.

“My office has also received inquiries about a woman named Tawny Demonia, she is not in our custody and is presumed missing. We are currently investigating the matter."

Whilst Street Life has near about every confidence in Metropol’s ability to find Miss Demonia, any information concerning her whereabouts and possible disappearance should be brought to the attention of the authorities immediately. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

- Niamh Brunswick.

Escape from Newgate!

Two dangerous criminals escape from SS Newgate amid tension and uncertainty within Metropol. Are those cracks finally beginning to show?

Despite spiraling crime levels in the city, recent times have been anything but smooth sailing for the officers and administrators at Metropol. Amidst a spate of devastating losses to the Metropol force, rumours of a missing woman and an intriguing bounty on the District Attorney’s head, they are now faced with the embarrassment of a prison breakout by one of Nomos’ most notorious criminals and a former officer.

The following statement concerning the prison break was released to the Street Life Office early this morning from the office of Drake Deacon, District Attorney.

"Metropol and the D.A.'s office would like to inform the public that the violent criminal known as "Toe" has escaped from Newgate Prison. Ex Officer Rafe Deerhunter has also escaped. These individuals are considered extremely dangerous. The public is to keep on high alert, and contact Metropol immediately if they encounter these individuals. We urge the citizens of Nomos to stay clear of these escapee's and NOT to attempt to apprehend them. With the recent conviction of Ex Officer Deerhunter, the public can rest assured that we will continue to prosecute anyone who breaks the law with extreme prejudice. We do not care if you are an officer, or a citizen. If you violate the law, you'll be sent to Newgate.”

Whilst Mr. Deacon’s reputation for hard-nosed justice is unquestionable, one might be so bold as to suggest to those at Metropol that when imprisoning criminals it might also be constructive to lock the door. Our notorious SS Newgate will hardly remain a deterrent to crime if even the most violent criminals are capable of simply walking free. Which, thus, begs the question as to how on earth such a serious breach of security was allowed to occur? Surely, given the violent and notorious nature of the two prisoners in question, simple logic would suggest extra precautions be taken? Quite clearly not.

To add to Metropol’s problematic week, one of their former officers was involved in the breakout, having been charged and sentenced to time in prison himself. Mr. Deacon may well emphasize Metropol’s willingness to prosecute their own but this only serves to give credence to concerns that Metropol is indeed home to several criminals, often thought to be above the law. The revelation that Mr. Deerhunter is a shifter also draws into question the efficiency of Metrotek screening methods for entering Metropol and Metrotek service in general. Could this possibly be the first sign of the corporation stumbling? Certainly, with the growing threat of organized movements there are real dangers that any sign of weakness could be quickly exploited.

It cannot be stressed enough, however, how important it is that the citizens of this city remain vigilant and very much aware of these two individuals. Should you encounter them, you are advised to contact Metropol immediately and avoid confrontation at all costs. One can only hope that those at Metropol are more effective in their capture tactics than those of confinement.

Niamh Brunswick

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Images of the Week

Disturbing images have come to light of a MetroPol chase. Sources indicate the vehicle in question held two assailants and ended in flames. No citizens were injured during this chase.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

StarByte arrives in Nomos

A new addition has entered the city in the form of an internet cafe. Though such establishments have been known to have been defunct since the late 21st century, the introduction of the StarByte cafe has brought a smile to many who have passed it so far.

"Yeah that is so what I know it is," commented one youth pressed up against the window, "This is going to be tre awesome!"

Although the excitement is evident in some residents, some
also seem concerned as to how or why the StarByte cafe is in existence in Nomos.

Silent whispers and speculation are already beginning to ripple throughout the neon streets about the residential demographic that is showing a keen interest in the opening of StarByte. Rumours are beginning to circulate that such an old system would attract potential hackers.

"With the technology rampaging through our current day and age, why would we need such a place?" one woman scowled, "If you ask me, its
asking for more trouble. Look at those kids drooling outside on the footpath there. They wouldn't have even been foetus' when this sort of thing was around. I smell a rat."

The question arises as to how Starbyte came to be in the first place. If the hearsay were to be confirmed, is MetroTek responsible? If so, is there no concern over risking their technology worth millions of $G with such a business.

MetroTek were unavailable for comment. However, the youths surrounding StarByte were happy to comment on the corporations behalf.

"We may have put it here, we may not have. We want the good citizens to enjoy it but don't really give a rat's ass who uses it," says one youth jumping off a milk crate after imitating a MetroTek official. "Look lady, who cares who put it here. Whatevs, it's here!"
StarByte Cafe is located across from MetroPol Station, and will be open for business soon.

Wedding Bells Chime at the Titty Twister

Street Life were able to exclusively get their hands on photographs of the marriage ceremony between residents Oogie Gallaway and Gack Gear at the Titty Twister this past Tuesday.

Photographs submitted by Magdalena Outlander

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MetroTek, Nomos, The Law, and You

Magdalena Outlander, Esq.

We get a lot of immigrants to Nomos. In many ways, its an immigrant friendly town. There's work to be had, money to be made and plenty of goods and services to go around if your definition of "plenty" is low enough. Nomos runs much like any major city and most of the rules are easy enough to understand. One place where immigrants seem to get a nasty surprise, though, is the law. I've been working as a lawyer here in Nomos for some time now and I think its time some of these misconceptions were cleared up. Here's the very least that you, the new immigrant, should know about the law in our fair city.

First off, MetroTek makes the law. They own the property. The city of Nomos exists for MetroTek to provide value to the shareholders. There has never been a successful revolution. There are no elected officials. Everything serves the company. This means that you have exactly the rights that MetroTek gives you, no more and no less. If you don't like that you can exercise your right to get on a shuttle and go somewhere else.

As makers of the law, MetroTek makes laws that serve the interests of the company. To provide value to their shareholders the enforce these laws through fines. MetroPol is a business, just like any other. They make money by taking it from criminals who stole it. Before stealing and then railing against the unfairness of the system, remember that your stolen property is what pays MetroPol's salaries.

You can be arrested for anything or nothing. If you're an actual criminal, you can be arrested. If you don't register the right physiological responses to a Cop Bot, you can be arrested. If a cop doesn't like the way you look at him, you can be arrested. If someone files false charges, you can be arrested. The police can even arrest you now and charge you while you're in holding. This is legal. This is normal. This is Nomos.

You are guilty until proven innocent unanimously. Automated systems are considered sufficient evidence. Eyewitness testimony is considered sufficient evidence. Someone filing a police report is considered sufficient evidence. The defense can not question the prosecution's evidence after it has been presented. Unless you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not a criminal, jurors are instructed to vote Guilty. While awaiting trial you are a ward of MetroPol and will find all your assets frozen. You can not work, access your ATM, use weapons or commit crimes.

Sound tough? Well it is. You can keep your head down or you can accept that these are the consequences. MetroTek does provide you with a few rights, though, and they are important ones.

You have the right to an attorney. This is not a guarantee. It just means that you are allowed to seek legal representation and have them present your case for you. You do not have the right to have a lawyer come see you in jail. You do not have the right to call a lawyer from jail. You only have the right to an attorney after you have been released pending trial. Not every lawyer will take every case and few of them work free. However, even the most inept lawyer can generally find a few technicalities to reduce your fines. The better ones know their way around the courtroom and may be able to get a not Guilty verdict from time to time. The very best ones get hired by the DA's office, bribed into retirement or just vanish in the night.

You have the right to a trial by jury. All trials are decided by a jury of 3-5 individuals. You or oyur lawyer may plead the best case possible to them and hope for results. The jury is randomly selected from your fellow citizens of Nomos, so every now and then you may find some sympathy, but don't count on it.

You or your lawyer have the right to begin the trial at your convenience. Granted, as a ward of MetroPol you will probably be in a hurry to start your trial and get back to normal. Don't rush in. If you have a lawyer, give him or her time to investigate all the facts. A few more hours without your crowbar may be the difference between paying more than your original fine and paying half of it. A skilled lawyer will know how to use this extra time to get you the best possible result. Let them do their work.

Coming soon, Part 2 - Empathy and The Law