Friday, December 31, 2010

From The Desk of Slash Morgath

Greetings My Friends,

As I write this an old year is dying and a new year beginning. With this new year come changes that have forced me to make some decisions regarding SlashMart Corporation and it's activities.

I am sad to announce that I will be closing SlashMart Corporation, it's News Stand affiliate, and the Nomos Business Alliance effective January 7th. This is when our rent and the agreements with our suppliers expire.

As you know my strategy with SlashMart has always been to give you the best goods for the cheapest prices possible. So I am also announcing the SlashMart Going Out of Business Sale!
We will be blowing everything out to the bare walls till the padlock goes on the doors! Prices will be so low that I just can't advertise them! Come one! Come all! Get everything you need at the best prices you will ever see!

Go see Slash! Go see Slash!! GO SEE SLASH!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Inner Workings of a Notorious Criminal

"The Peanut is neither a pea or a nut."
Renickor Dartmouth

Friday, December 24, 2010

The 12 Rounds of Christmas- Skyway Arena

On the first day of Christmas my opponent gave to me... a black eye and a dislocated knee.

Didn't get that shotgun you wanted for Christmas, and much as you'd love to tell him what you think of it, Santa is nowhere to be found? Share the festive spirit with your fellow Nomos residents in no-holds-barred, nutcracking holiday combat. All they want for Christmas is your two front teeth. Yule never forgive yourself if you miss this opportunity. O come all ye faithful down to the Skyway Arena, 7PM SLT, Christmas Day and join us for a violent night, heedless of the wind and weather.

Intake for this event is unlimited, but there are six positions for advancement to the next round. If less than six people attend, all will automatically advance. If you can make it and would like to fight, it would be appreciated if you would sign up in this thread so we know whether we'll get the numbers we need.

There will be a 50G buy-in to the event, unless we find sponsorship, and the betting system should be active for those who wish to gamble on the fights. The 50G will be added to the prize pool, with the champion taking it all, so encourage others to accompany you to increase the potential prize, which starts at 500G put in by the Skyway Arena.

This event will be the first six rounds of the Twelve Rounds of Christmas. Six rounds of free-for-all combat with your weapon of choice (in training mode, to avoid the need for healing) with the last man standing advancing to the next stage of the competition.

The winners of this fight will be required to attend the follow-up on Boxing Day, unless the majority are unable to attend in which case we will postpone, for 1v1 fist fights to determine who advances to the semi-finals.

Too long? Didn't read?
FFA Tournament 7PM SLT, Christmas Day @ Skyway Arena.

((IM Puck Riverstone inworld or PM Major Arcana on the forums to ask questions, confirm your attendance or if you are interested in sponsoring the event.))

If there is a great interest in the event from those who cannot attend at the scheduled time, this is negotiable.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Look Out Nomos

Look out Nomos, there’s a new Sheriff in town.

With the arrival of a new District’s Attorney, will this bold new step
by Metrotek do anything to curb the rampant crime of our city?
With the power and authority of Metropol
challenged more and more with each passing day, it would seem that the Metrotek Corporation has finally risen to the challenge and sent along a new District Attorney to crush the rampant criminalization of Nomos as well as the rebellious groups seeking to undermine Metrotek’s rule.

The arrival of Mr. Drake Deacon could well mark a turning point in how things are done in our city. Mr. Deacon is something of a driven and determined individual, intent on achieving his goals and bringing order to Nomos. Upon his arrival, his office issued this press release to Streetlife, outlining his approach to crime and criminality;

“If you come before this court, let it be known. I will personally see to it that if convicted, you will spend the rest of your miserable life in prison. And not the Holiday Inn we have down stairs where they bring you food, and allow you to shower. The REAL prison. SS Newgate. For the rest of their days. I personally guarantee it.”

Certainly this new hard-line approach could prove to be infinitely more effective in fighting crime, specifically repeat offenders and those who commit more serious offences. Even the most hardened criminals are known to be somewhat adverse to life-sentences in SS Newgate. However, what concerns this reporter is the prospect of potentially innocent citizens being caught up in the fervor of Mr. Deacons’ wrath. Not only would one then have to fear the sleazy corruption of Metropol but also the indiscriminate “justice” from the DA’s office.

Perhaps, this reporter might be so bold to suggest that instead of hounding the good citizens of Nomos, Mr. Deacon turn his attention to the true criminal underbelly of Nomos: Metropol. As citizens we are all too keenly aware of how Metropol rule the streets with an iron fist, irrespective of who is a criminal and who is not. This is the true injustice of the streets. Only time will tell if our new DA will do anything to rectify it.

Niamh Brunswick

Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Acquired Taste for Murder?

The Naked Lunch Diner has always been a destination for Nomosians to kick back and relax to the melodic blues of old. However, recent events of the past week has had the diner snatch a bloody moment in time, resulting in the massacre of three Nomos civilians.

Former Naked Lunch manager Cajun [surname witheld] was amongst the deceased and already under speculation for underground dealings.

According to Metropol he was a notorious criminal that needed to be 'eliminated'. No official release has come from the offices of Metrotek, however Chief Kurt Flanx openly admits to the seige being a product of the corporation's orders.

"There was a criminal that the company wanted eliminated." he states. "We went there and did our job."

Passing witnesses had claimed that The Naked was surrounded by Metropol in the early hours of the night. The use of UV lights added much to the cities speculation of whether they were hunting the alleged undead.

Shots were fired and three had fallen. The other deceased residents were identified as Nami and Sin [surnames witheld]
Miss Daniel Kuro who had aquired new ownership of the Naked Lunch, claims to have still been cleaning up the bloody mess before letting the business re-open it's doors.

"Yes i was cleaning little bits of man up before i could open today," she says. "I found empty shell caseings under the couchs and all the furniture riddled with bullet holes."'

Valeryie Larix, who was present during the Metropol siege, was also present for comment on the night's events after having survived it all.

"We, me... Cajun, Sin and Nami. All just sitting here in the Naked Lunch. Cajun was enjoying his music, like usual. Then Metropol... It was a raid.." she stammers, "Cajun tried to reason with Kurt.. He just.. kept shouting to get us. Someone.. a flash bang. It was so loud. All of us were.. we couldn't do a thing. We were trapped."

Miss Larix's statements confirm the trauma that is potentially released from the brute force of Metropol.

When questioned about who was to take on the accountability of the deaths during this siege, Chief Flanx made no hesitation in raising his hand.

"I might as well take accountability for every death that takes place around here, but you know how it is, you're either with us or you're little people," he claims. "I'm just another hitman that Metrotek's hired, dont mistake me for anything more than that. Do I deserve everyone's hatred? Yes... I do."

The question now arises; Is such open brutality really the necessary path Metrotek are taking to get their way?
Stay tuned, Street Life are sure to investigate further.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Rat Race for Fine Dining

Rumours have plagued the city over the last few weeks of Nomos eateries stocking their back rooms with rat meat.

Street Life sources indicate a number of possible disgruntled employees, or business owners are making use of this unsavoury option.

Street Life this morning sat down with Strontium Dog Diner manager Frederik Yalin for his thoughts on the city rat speculation.

"Well, i heard this too," he says. "You mean inferior rat meat that is signed as cow or other stuff? Or ya mean a delicious original rat burger?"

The original rat burger in which Mr Yalin is referring to is the special served up for certain clientele, who may have a taste for such rodents.

"I try to make ALL my customers content and happy, so if someone would demand rat burger,why shouldn't i serve them?", he quizzes. "On the other hand i can assure that i do everything to keep the high quality that the diner has. i am the last one who is interested in bad publicity"

Mr Yalin points out that whilst rat is a controversial ingredient on the menu of The Strontium, it's quality is assured to differ greatly to the variety that is rumoured to have contaminated other diners.

"You get what you order: It's that easy. Of course we don't take ratz from here. i won't take a bite of a nomos sewer rat, ya knows?" he claims "everyone knows about the ratz here and diseases. i import them from outside. Ya knows."

Mr Yalin continues to stress his concerns for allowing the infected rat meat to be sold over the counter.

"My biz is close to the cop station. do you fink i would sit here when they would find out i feed rat to them?" he chuckles "they would saw me into small pieces"

In terms of trusting the employees of The Strontium and avoiding the potential of theses 'sewer rats' making it into their kitchen, Mr Yalin has hired business partner Miss Betsabe Enzo to ensure things are kept in line.

"I even announced a co-tenant to keep an eye on the assistants," he states. "My companion. She is good in biz and marketing and very good in dealing with people. I couldn't imagine a better one."

According to this interview, The Strontium Dog Diner comes up clean in terms of the rumoured rat issue. It's claim for 'legitimate' rat meat will require further investigation. Street Life however will continue to investigate other eateries in the coming weeks so you really know what you're eating.

One citizen shows off his catch of the day