Monday, December 20, 2010

Look Out Nomos

Look out Nomos, there’s a new Sheriff in town.

With the arrival of a new District’s Attorney, will this bold new step
by Metrotek do anything to curb the rampant crime of our city?
With the power and authority of Metropol
challenged more and more with each passing day, it would seem that the Metrotek Corporation has finally risen to the challenge and sent along a new District Attorney to crush the rampant criminalization of Nomos as well as the rebellious groups seeking to undermine Metrotek’s rule.

The arrival of Mr. Drake Deacon could well mark a turning point in how things are done in our city. Mr. Deacon is something of a driven and determined individual, intent on achieving his goals and bringing order to Nomos. Upon his arrival, his office issued this press release to Streetlife, outlining his approach to crime and criminality;

“If you come before this court, let it be known. I will personally see to it that if convicted, you will spend the rest of your miserable life in prison. And not the Holiday Inn we have down stairs where they bring you food, and allow you to shower. The REAL prison. SS Newgate. For the rest of their days. I personally guarantee it.”

Certainly this new hard-line approach could prove to be infinitely more effective in fighting crime, specifically repeat offenders and those who commit more serious offences. Even the most hardened criminals are known to be somewhat adverse to life-sentences in SS Newgate. However, what concerns this reporter is the prospect of potentially innocent citizens being caught up in the fervor of Mr. Deacons’ wrath. Not only would one then have to fear the sleazy corruption of Metropol but also the indiscriminate “justice” from the DA’s office.

Perhaps, this reporter might be so bold to suggest that instead of hounding the good citizens of Nomos, Mr. Deacon turn his attention to the true criminal underbelly of Nomos: Metropol. As citizens we are all too keenly aware of how Metropol rule the streets with an iron fist, irrespective of who is a criminal and who is not. This is the true injustice of the streets. Only time will tell if our new DA will do anything to rectify it.

Niamh Brunswick

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