Friday, December 24, 2010

The 12 Rounds of Christmas- Skyway Arena

On the first day of Christmas my opponent gave to me... a black eye and a dislocated knee.

Didn't get that shotgun you wanted for Christmas, and much as you'd love to tell him what you think of it, Santa is nowhere to be found? Share the festive spirit with your fellow Nomos residents in no-holds-barred, nutcracking holiday combat. All they want for Christmas is your two front teeth. Yule never forgive yourself if you miss this opportunity. O come all ye faithful down to the Skyway Arena, 7PM SLT, Christmas Day and join us for a violent night, heedless of the wind and weather.

Intake for this event is unlimited, but there are six positions for advancement to the next round. If less than six people attend, all will automatically advance. If you can make it and would like to fight, it would be appreciated if you would sign up in this thread so we know whether we'll get the numbers we need.

There will be a 50G buy-in to the event, unless we find sponsorship, and the betting system should be active for those who wish to gamble on the fights. The 50G will be added to the prize pool, with the champion taking it all, so encourage others to accompany you to increase the potential prize, which starts at 500G put in by the Skyway Arena.

This event will be the first six rounds of the Twelve Rounds of Christmas. Six rounds of free-for-all combat with your weapon of choice (in training mode, to avoid the need for healing) with the last man standing advancing to the next stage of the competition.

The winners of this fight will be required to attend the follow-up on Boxing Day, unless the majority are unable to attend in which case we will postpone, for 1v1 fist fights to determine who advances to the semi-finals.

Too long? Didn't read?
FFA Tournament 7PM SLT, Christmas Day @ Skyway Arena.

((IM Puck Riverstone inworld or PM Major Arcana on the forums to ask questions, confirm your attendance or if you are interested in sponsoring the event.))

If there is a great interest in the event from those who cannot attend at the scheduled time, this is negotiable.

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