Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Acquired Taste for Murder?

The Naked Lunch Diner has always been a destination for Nomosians to kick back and relax to the melodic blues of old. However, recent events of the past week has had the diner snatch a bloody moment in time, resulting in the massacre of three Nomos civilians.

Former Naked Lunch manager Cajun [surname witheld] was amongst the deceased and already under speculation for underground dealings.

According to Metropol he was a notorious criminal that needed to be 'eliminated'. No official release has come from the offices of Metrotek, however Chief Kurt Flanx openly admits to the seige being a product of the corporation's orders.

"There was a criminal that the company wanted eliminated." he states. "We went there and did our job."

Passing witnesses had claimed that The Naked was surrounded by Metropol in the early hours of the night. The use of UV lights added much to the cities speculation of whether they were hunting the alleged undead.

Shots were fired and three had fallen. The other deceased residents were identified as Nami and Sin [surnames witheld]
Miss Daniel Kuro who had aquired new ownership of the Naked Lunch, claims to have still been cleaning up the bloody mess before letting the business re-open it's doors.

"Yes i was cleaning little bits of man up before i could open today," she says. "I found empty shell caseings under the couchs and all the furniture riddled with bullet holes."'

Valeryie Larix, who was present during the Metropol siege, was also present for comment on the night's events after having survived it all.

"We, me... Cajun, Sin and Nami. All just sitting here in the Naked Lunch. Cajun was enjoying his music, like usual. Then Metropol... It was a raid.." she stammers, "Cajun tried to reason with Kurt.. He just.. kept shouting to get us. Someone.. a flash bang. It was so loud. All of us were.. we couldn't do a thing. We were trapped."

Miss Larix's statements confirm the trauma that is potentially released from the brute force of Metropol.

When questioned about who was to take on the accountability of the deaths during this siege, Chief Flanx made no hesitation in raising his hand.

"I might as well take accountability for every death that takes place around here, but you know how it is, you're either with us or you're little people," he claims. "I'm just another hitman that Metrotek's hired, dont mistake me for anything more than that. Do I deserve everyone's hatred? Yes... I do."

The question now arises; Is such open brutality really the necessary path Metrotek are taking to get their way?
Stay tuned, Street Life are sure to investigate further.


  1. "The hunting of the alleged undead"...
    The story sounds like it came from a spoof. Cajun? Last we heard he went on vacation, got arrested in lousiana and never came back.

    - Chief Kurt Flanx

  2. "There was a criminal that the company wanted eliminated." he states. "We went there and did our job."

  3. Yet another fine example of mismanagement and unnecessary brute force on the part of both Metrotek and the Metropol division. Excellent job in reporting this disturbing incident!

  4. let the bodies hit the floor