Tuesday, September 28, 2010



ARE YOU THE BEST DANCER IN NOMOS?  Then come prove it.  The Best dancer of the night will recieve 500g and the title as the 'Best Dancer In Nomos'.  It cost nothing to compete but you could walk away rich.  So Come on out and show Nomos what you are made of.  Bring your friends and the audience will be the judge.    (IM Bruce Schmetterling by 6:50p slt, with your name and your song you'd like to perform to,  show starts at 7:00p slt)  

-- Bruce Schmetterling (Club Pecos)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dr. Cabby's Science Report:

What's that glowing, stinky silver around Dr. Cabby's neck, and why does he smell like Garlic?

Tellurium (TE on the periodic table) is a silvery metallic substance.

While enduring great personal risks to my safety, I've discovered refinable traces of a rare element called Tellurium collecting near the drainage grates throughout Nomos waste water system. Of course, this is also where the virus infected Rats of Nomos tend to gather. So if you've seen me running about the city without stopping to say "hi" and chat, it's because I'm being chased by a rat with no sense of humor.

Tellurium is hardly ever used in pure form, but these beautiful slender crystals are how it is distributed. Research is hindered by the fact that if you absorb even tiny amounts, you smell of garlic for months. While it is generally an agreed upon fact that Vampires find the smell of Garlic repulsive, so do many humans. So out of necessity, I have managed to alter the molecular structure of this element so that it's pungent garlic odor will only last while the pendant is being worn about the neck. Since the neck is where the less civil and polite of our sanguine connoisseurs would target, I reasoned a choker style pendant would be the most effective placement for maximum results.

**Caution** Results may vary:
While the Vampires of Nomos are not subject to many of the ancient earth alchemical potions such as religious relics and Holy Water, preliminary research reveals that Garlic causes a reaction similiar to a chemical burn, and they find the odor intolerable. However, some Vampires have a higher tolerance and may not even react to the substance until several minutes of exposure have elapsed, while others show no reaction to the substance at all. In laymen's terms... it depends on the Vampire.

Also, please exercise restraint when wearing this pendant. The Nomos Vampires are valuable, cherished members of our community. This pendent should only be worn around those who choose to behave in an uncivil or threatening manner.

Nomos citizens desiring their own Tellurium vampire repellant pendants should contact me directly. The cost is G$100 for the general public.
Members of Metropol and the scientific research community may obtain a free pendant to aid in their scientific research.

This is a pendant which you can wear, but it is not linked with SGS or with any part of NOMOS or KOS. It is for RP only. Nobody is obligated to even acknowledge you have it on. So if you want to use it IC, talk with your vampire friends about it OOC first.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Jury Duty Calls Citizens to Court the Law, While Pets Run Amok!

Justice might be blind, but now the eyes of the law have turned to the citizens themselves to decide the fate of Nomos’ most wanted criminals. Randomly selected jurors will be required to appear at court to listen to testimony, then give their verdict.

With the rise in crime, many of the hard working citizens praise the system, but grumble at the prospect of going to court. Be there or the long arm of the law will fine you for not doing your civic duty!

In other news! Due to the food shortages in Nomos Mammals without owners have resorted to random attacks on citizens to feed their hunger. Remember to lock your doors and keep an eye out for pets that need to be retrained at the pound!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Citizens Groan as Inflation Soars, While Skilled Workers Profit

Layoffs at MetroTek delivery services have impacted local businesses and inventories are at bare minimums due to reduced supply services. Increased demand and low supply have caused prices to soar in the last few weeks as citizens scramble to make ends meet.

Business owners throughout Nomos are actively seeking skilled workers to help meet demand in an attempt to make the most of the supplies they do receive. In an interview with a local food services manager, the reporter learned that higher-skilled workers help businesses reduce wasteful practices. “There is more I can offer our customers and that will help keep prices lower.” said one of the Sushi Shack owners. In an effort to attract employees some are offering profit sharing incentives.

In other news! Rumors that GenoTek waiting lists have grown for cybernetic enhancements from citizens tired of dumpster diving for food scraps. Rat-be-gone! Plug in now, and feel the power!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Classified, Batteries for sale

In need of Batteries? first class quality duracell, Biomechanic 1. Will talk about price. Contact me at IM Estela Gabardini if interested.

PR Announcement - SlashMart Corporation

From the desk of Slash Morgath

Greetings my friends,

First I want to thank all my loyal customers who have become friends and made SlashMart Corporation and it’s News Stand such a success. It has been our pleasure to serve the community, and we look forward to continuing that service.

It has come to my attention that prices for basic needs in Nomos have risen to extravagant levels. A combination of shortage and greed are responsible for this. While the shortage is legitimate, there is no excuse for excess profiteering. I declare here and now that SlashMart will act as a brake on prices. While I must respond to these increases because my own costs rise, I will be keeping my commitment to be the lowest priced vendor in Nomos.

If you are hungry, and can’t come up with 40G for noodles, come to the news stand. You will find food under my roof for a whole lot less (while supplies last). Can’t afford 40G for root?? I can beat that by half, with better quality (while supplies last).

Hospital cuffs are still 30G and available at need.

My friends, we will get through this together. I recommend you all look around and make a note of which vendors are in the forefront of these increases. Perhaps they should no longer get your business when the shortage ends.


Go see Slash! Go see Slash!! GO SEE SLASH!!!


Great news to all fighting fans out there! The NFC has announced a major change in the weekly scheduled fights. Starting now, there will be a scheduled event every night at 4pm SLT to be held down at the club. Its a great way to make cash as the manager guarantees a 200g prize money for EVERY fight won.

Fight begins at 4pm SLT
Rules : None-Training Mode
Fighters can yield any time during the match
Can be Fists only or Weapons

Prize : 200g Each Fight Won

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Breakout at Bedlam

At approximately 12:10AM (midnight), On Sept 08, Dr. Cabby was overpowered by Eden while attempting to give her blood. Security footage captured the scene...

Audio Recordings from the incident state that Dr. Cabby was overpowered and knocked unconscious as the door to the padded cell was busted open, after the detainee picked the lock.

After regaining consciousness, Dr. Cabby took a transport and filed a report of the incident with Metropol.

If you see Eden, approach her with extreme caution. She is emotionally unstable and may be dangerous if hungry.

As the saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished. Oh Well... at least this time the Doc had his pants on!

(Submitted by: Cabalot Serenity)


Subtitle: The Long Arm of the Law Goes for Crime’s Throat, While Inflation Soars!

Criminals beware, because there’s a new sheriff in town! Chief Kurt of the Metropol will be watching you while you sleep and will slap you with a fine if you even dream of slipping up!

Reports of citizen’s rolling up their sleeves to help fight crime are more or less out of desperation since increasing food and service costs are taking a bite out of budgets throughout the city. The reporter has met with citizens that report soaring crime rates.

In other news! Forget your worries by visiting your local brothel, where the beds are hot and the company is hotter! Why worry about tomorrow when you can get lucky today?

(Silently submitted by: Kaira Diesel)