Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dr. Cabby's Science Report:

What's that glowing, stinky silver around Dr. Cabby's neck, and why does he smell like Garlic?

Tellurium (TE on the periodic table) is a silvery metallic substance.

While enduring great personal risks to my safety, I've discovered refinable traces of a rare element called Tellurium collecting near the drainage grates throughout Nomos waste water system. Of course, this is also where the virus infected Rats of Nomos tend to gather. So if you've seen me running about the city without stopping to say "hi" and chat, it's because I'm being chased by a rat with no sense of humor.

Tellurium is hardly ever used in pure form, but these beautiful slender crystals are how it is distributed. Research is hindered by the fact that if you absorb even tiny amounts, you smell of garlic for months. While it is generally an agreed upon fact that Vampires find the smell of Garlic repulsive, so do many humans. So out of necessity, I have managed to alter the molecular structure of this element so that it's pungent garlic odor will only last while the pendant is being worn about the neck. Since the neck is where the less civil and polite of our sanguine connoisseurs would target, I reasoned a choker style pendant would be the most effective placement for maximum results.

**Caution** Results may vary:
While the Vampires of Nomos are not subject to many of the ancient earth alchemical potions such as religious relics and Holy Water, preliminary research reveals that Garlic causes a reaction similiar to a chemical burn, and they find the odor intolerable. However, some Vampires have a higher tolerance and may not even react to the substance until several minutes of exposure have elapsed, while others show no reaction to the substance at all. In laymen's terms... it depends on the Vampire.

Also, please exercise restraint when wearing this pendant. The Nomos Vampires are valuable, cherished members of our community. This pendent should only be worn around those who choose to behave in an uncivil or threatening manner.

Nomos citizens desiring their own Tellurium vampire repellant pendants should contact me directly. The cost is G$100 for the general public.
Members of Metropol and the scientific research community may obtain a free pendant to aid in their scientific research.

This is a pendant which you can wear, but it is not linked with SGS or with any part of NOMOS or KOS. It is for RP only. Nobody is obligated to even acknowledge you have it on. So if you want to use it IC, talk with your vampire friends about it OOC first.

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