Friday, August 27, 2010


The Pit has re- opened its doors to the public, under the management, Bruce Schmetterling, a bright minded new citizen to the City.  "We will be having out kick-off event, MINDMELTER MAYHEM, this coming Sunday at 7pm.  We will have amazing new drink specials, great music and our special guest, DJ ODRAGON will take the stage at 7 pm slt, all are encouraged to attend this legendary event", said Schmetterling.

                                                               - DJ ORDRAGON goes live @ 8:00

If you are interested in working for THE PIT, the Pitboss will be on hand Sunday at 2PM to interview bartenders, servers, performers and event planners, and also to audition DJs.  (DJs please come with a prepared 30 minute set)   COME GET IN ON THE ACTION!

Business Manager: The PIT
Nomos - Second Life

Skyway Arena - Now Hiring

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Subtitle: Confessions Whispered to Deaf Ears

Once the site of cranes and workers working proudly raise the steeples over the rooftops of the Metroblocks, within one only hears the whispers of the damned muttered to the echoing rooftops.

Our news correspondent has observed many wandering in and out of this so-called ‘holy’ place, though rumor has it that there is no shepherd to lead this flock in their sufferings. Perhaps these have gone the way of their founder, Helen Carter, and have found their own way of becoming at ‘one with the saints’.

In other news! The MetroTek Corporation’s stocks are skyrocketing. Make sure you buy buy buy!

(Silently Submitted by: Kaira Diesel)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Caged-In: 2000$ for the one who survives The Cage

Tonight we were witnesses of brutal action. 10 fighters were battling for the prize. See our photo-report.

Skarlet Winterwolf: Caged-In host

Beast Theas: Caged-In host

The Arena fills slowly

The crowd: waiting for action

1st Round

Opener this evening: Dr. K. vs. Infierna

Z knows how to wield a club

Kiba, Skyblade, Blood

Ready to fight: Trey Dastardly - deathdealer Overland

Getting to know eachother: Flanx, Bruce

2nd Round

Z tries to dodge Trey's attack

Infight: Officer Flanx vs. Kiba

Final: Officer Flanx has to take a strike of Mr. Trey

The Final: Flanx, Winterwolf, Theas and the winner: Trey

Skyway Arena presents CAGED IN

Sunday August 22, 12pm

We have a special event lined up for any Nomosian with a taste for blood. The cage is is oiled and ready, the locks are secure. Are you game enough to compete?
Skyway Arena brings to you its first ever cage match. Get your weapons ready. It's about to get brutal.
First prize is $2000G's.

Weapons: Nothing stronger than a 10% damage weapon and only weapons sold here in Nomos.
Its a belated rez day celebration for Skarlet so losers leave the cage in their birthday suit....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Doctor is OUT!

Nomos has a new Scientist/Doctor, and it appears he knows how to party. However, it seems can't handle his booze. Reports of wild behavior, which included dancing on a stripper pole and playing the keyboards with the band were recounted by several witnesses.

One of our stealth reporters took these shots at Club Industry, just after the fights.

We were there as the good doctor passed out after only a few shots of Universal Flow's famous rum.

Fortunately, our resident Medic, Melody Seven was on the scene to handle the situation.

She quickly revived the doctor enough to put his pants on....nice speedos doc!

Welcome to Nomos, Doc. Our prescription for you....stick to coffee!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Full Throttle: The 2nd Nomos Motorbike Race

On 20th, August it happened again. Under the rotting construction of the old Metrogen Plant the air smelled of motoroil and glistened from the heat of the engines. It was the day of the 2nd motorbike race "Full Throttle".

This time 4 teams were competing for the title:
Trey Dastardly and Salsh Morgath
Hazel Brianna and Fey Farshore
Kurt Flanx and Naminé Keno
Frederik Yalin and Betsabe Enzo

The teams, consisting of a driver and a gunner, had to master a track through the hills at Bedlam, through the south part of the city and back to the Plant.

In the end they wrecked a dozen of high speed bikes but the competitors mad it with some lesser wounds and bruises. And team Enzo/Yalin won the competition in a close final against team Morgath/Dastardly

Here are the results:
1. Yalin / Enzo
2. Dastardly / Morgath
3. Brianna / Farshore
4. Flanx / Keno

We are looking forward to the next event. Keep on rolling!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The Naked Lunch
Sunday, August 22nd, 2pm SLT

Welcome Home, Countess & Vita


SUBTITLE: PSA Doors Closed. Mind Workers at Large!

In a recent development, the doors to the PSA have been shut to the public, and the silent screams have been... silenced.

The citizen's of Nomos praise the efforts, but it is an uneasy calm as those needing mental assistance must now be taken outside of the city to the larger facility of Bedlam's PsychoTek ward.

When citizens were interviewed some were heard to say that the developments are good, and that the insane should be "hog tied and castrated", with obvious concern for the women within the city. The reporter was rendered speechless.

In other news! The legal profession may see an increase in cases that might result due to harm created by such insane at large, and vigilantes that are attempting to create their version of order from such chaos.

Be sure to visit your friendly local hardware store for the best in home security!

(Silently submitted by: Kaira Diesel)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Club Alien - Now Hiring

Club Alien Now Hiring!

Dancers <clothed and non-clothed>
DJ's  may contact me about available shifts

Bonus's given depending on how much time you put into the club.

Serious inquires can be made to Oktober Nightfire.  Feel free to leave me a note <offliner>

Oktober Nightfire

Trivia Night at Club Alien 8/15 5pm slt to 7pm slt

Club Alien's Grand Re-Opening!

August 15th   5pm slt  to 7pm slt

Trivia read and provided by Finn McCellan

Head over to Club Alien and prove you know more than anyone else!  Friends always calling you a "Know it all"? Show them how right they are!

Person with the most correct answers at the end of the event will be dubbed with the title, "Alien Know It ALL"!  Besides this auspicious title the winner will receive :
5 Empathazone's
4 Hospital Cuffs
3 Root or Beer  <your choice>
And 100 G

Gracing the airways and taking requests while this goes on will be Fenom Gasperini, new to Nomos and Club Alien's top DJ.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

MECHANICAL MAYHEM - Skyway Arena This Saturday @ 6pm

Roy's Robots proudly produces it first Skyway event.
This is a call out for the likes of any bot, borg or anything else that uses their PCD as a backup battery.
So come on over to the Skyway on Saturday, Aug 14 at 6pm and watch some heavy metal get pounded.

Weapons: Whatever gets your sparkplugs going
Prize: $500G's

Fighters to IM or NC Lazarus Blackrain to register before hand 
or turn up on the day.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strip Poker - August 10th, 7pm SLT

Are you game?
Strip Poker
Tuesday Night 7pm SLT
Royal Bar & Lounge
50G$ entrance
Event Host: Lillith Ludwig

Club Industry Promo

[] For the Beings by the Beings[]

Club Industry is perpetually open and Its clientele is from all across the spectrum, with various species interacting frequently to the streaming frequencies. Club Industry has proven to be a vital place for the cities information exchange activites. Diplomats, secret operatives and clan leadership convene to share sensitive data and iron out details of strategic alliances, economic partnerships and  covert tactical missions. on the other end of the Eternal Pendulum Swing Club Industry is the place that some find time to unwind while others amp up, roar and let the beast loose. As for the general patronage some are deeply rooted in the ways of NoMoS, others are navigating another time and space due to  street dealers packin', pumpin' and pushin' any illegal chemicals and bio soft you can think of. This causes the paradoxical effect of a opium den as some lounge around on the plush leather couches while others blasted outta their minds Rage Rave stylie on the pychodelically illuminated dance floor till the morning sun arises.  Choose your door wisely.

[] Open positions []

- DJs - Hosts - Dancers - Musicians - Singers
- Security - Bartenders & Brewers - Event Coordinator
- Actors - Videographers - Promoters - Artist

Submit notecard with any interest that may not be listed and previous experience to the Project Management Team and they will then contact you to schedule a face to face meeting to discuss those options. There can be many scenarios, For Example : If your a skilled assassin or are involved in espionage you may have a need to be stealth in our dealings. In this case contact management at the time and place of your choosing.

[] Your Feedback is greatly appreciated []


Club Industry Project Management Team


Friday, August 6, 2010

Spin a Tale Challenge - Deadline Aug 29

Citizens of Nomos! Ancient Books is declaring a writing challenge for all of you! 

Tired of the same old tomes to read? Want something fresh and exciting? Of course you do, the only catch is you have to write it. 

Spin us a tale set in Nomos, whether it be based on a dream or what has happens here in the not too distant past. We want to read your story and share it with all who love to read.
 Everyone has a story waiting to be told, what's yours?

Winning Entry receives 1,000 G$ and will have their story featured in Street Life.

Entries must be between 500 and 1,500 words and submitted via full perm note card to Amadeus (Niobe Flux) by Midnight August 29 SLT.

 *Contest will be closed if there are less than three entries for judging*

(source: Niobe Flux)

Sunday, August 1, 2010


SUBTITLE: Fear Grips the City as Werewolves Emerge

Fiction have become reality as creatures of the night emerge into the light of day in Nomos. Citizen's gather in hunting mobs armed with spikes and torches to uncover the hiding places of the werewolf infestation in favor of public safety.

Our correspondent within the Metropol suggest hysteric calm, and that any such creatures should be shot on sight.

Although practical advice on such creatures were until now only available in fictional novels, as more is known the authorities will release how to guides for the citizen's of Nomos. Until then, we suggest keeping your guns locked and loaded, and shooting such creatures on sight.

(source: Kaira Diesel)

News Stand - Promo Ads

Press Release From the desk of Slash Morgath:

Greetings! I wish to announce my recent purchase of the Nomos News Stand. It will be operated as a division of SlashMart Inc. As such we will be selling all the essentials that any resident or visitor to our city may need. We will be selling such necessities as:

All Classes of Recreational Drugs
Hospital Cuffs
Vaccine for the Nomos Virus

Other items may also be available. I guarantee that we will beat any prices on the streets from a major dealer! If you need something try us first! We are committed to everyday low prices on all your needs.

Need something not on the list?? Ask us! It may be in stock or easily available.

Note: All prices subject to product availability. All offers void where prohibited by law.