Sunday, August 22, 2010

Caged-In: 2000$ for the one who survives The Cage

Tonight we were witnesses of brutal action. 10 fighters were battling for the prize. See our photo-report.

Skarlet Winterwolf: Caged-In host

Beast Theas: Caged-In host

The Arena fills slowly

The crowd: waiting for action

1st Round

Opener this evening: Dr. K. vs. Infierna

Z knows how to wield a club

Kiba, Skyblade, Blood

Ready to fight: Trey Dastardly - deathdealer Overland

Getting to know eachother: Flanx, Bruce

2nd Round

Z tries to dodge Trey's attack

Infight: Officer Flanx vs. Kiba

Final: Officer Flanx has to take a strike of Mr. Trey

The Final: Flanx, Winterwolf, Theas and the winner: Trey

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