Wednesday, August 18, 2010


SUBTITLE: PSA Doors Closed. Mind Workers at Large!

In a recent development, the doors to the PSA have been shut to the public, and the silent screams have been... silenced.

The citizen's of Nomos praise the efforts, but it is an uneasy calm as those needing mental assistance must now be taken outside of the city to the larger facility of Bedlam's PsychoTek ward.

When citizens were interviewed some were heard to say that the developments are good, and that the insane should be "hog tied and castrated", with obvious concern for the women within the city. The reporter was rendered speechless.

In other news! The legal profession may see an increase in cases that might result due to harm created by such insane at large, and vigilantes that are attempting to create their version of order from such chaos.

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(Silently submitted by: Kaira Diesel)

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