Friday, July 30, 2010

Full Throttle Combat Motor Race - Champions

Kurt and Candi won the 1st Nomos Full Throttle Combat Motor Race - July 2010 Trophy.


Manager of the Primal Missing for Two Days. Reward for Information.

This just in.

We have just received word that Air the manager of the Primal Club Bar, and Dance facility has gone missing. Reports indicate that there is a demon-like character that was seen with her last, and that she was taken against her will. Not much else is known at this time.

Readers with information leading to her being found are asked to come to the Sushi Shop at the Metropol for a partial reward. Once she is recovered fully, and larger reward is being offered by an anonymous party.

Full Throttle Combat Motor Race I - July 30 @ 4pm SLT

Now is the time where race legends are born, Nomos City (Nomos 2) is the place to put your name in racing glory ....FOREVER!

Nomos City very first Full Throttle motor race is coming July 30, 2010 4PMSLT, This street race is like non other, time to test your skills on the street track while all along combating your companion. Do you have what it takes to be crown Nomos very first Full Throttle Champion?

Rules are as follow:

1. You Must have a race partner that is able to combat other racers on the back seat while you drive. They must be able to trash the other racer bike.
2. You Must stay on the race track mark on the road, NO SHORT CUTS, racers seen doing this will be removed from the race.
3. Anyone is allowed to enter

This will be a monthly race with a huge cash prize and a trophy to show all your skills. Do you have what it takes to survive.... GAME ON NOMOS.

Sponsers By

Skyway Arena
Skarlet Winterwolf
Beast Theas

Bike Suppliers
Kora Zenovka

Road workers:
Baal Zobel

Total of 2,500G
1st place:1600 split between both racers
2nd place:600 split between both racers
3rd place:300 split between both racers

July 30th 2010
SLT 4pmslt
East Cost time US:7PM
AUStime 10AM

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A Battle Royale style war for all you shifters out there. Are you ready to show Nomos whether your pack really does dominate the streets? 
Take part in this battle of the beasts up at the Skyway on Thursday July 29th 7pm slt. 

Last lycan standing receives $500G's

Weapon used will only be knuckledusters

Any businesses wishing for us to advertise during the event can IM or nc Skarlet Winterwolf or Beast Theas prior to or 
throughout the duration of it.

*Skyway management does not enforce cruelty to animals.... ok maybe sometimes

Skarlet Winterwolf

Monday, July 26, 2010

Full Moon/ShapeShifter Event today 3pm-6pm SLT

Looking up at he sky of Nomos city, past the smog and smoke of the city is a full moon, grimly shining down apond the city streets, Howling calls are herd from far and wide as the ones with tanted blood begin to call out to one another, the start of survival has dawn today. Shape Shifters begin scaving the streets in large groups or alone looking for there prey, vishious huge wolf like creatures roaming with only one thought in there mind, the thrill of the hunt. As the clock on Nomos city strikes three the view of the full moon is exposed to anyone gazing up at the sky.  The Shape Shifters are at there full strengh with the glow of the moon charging there rage

This is your moment in time, are you the hunter or the prey. Will you hide from these legendary creatures or take a stand, You decide
Shape Shifters Event
Time: 3pm SLT-6pm SLT
Location: All of Nomos City , Nomos2
Weapons: Knuckle Duster (Custom Scripted for the Event) Contact Beast Theas to get a copy of it.
Rules NOMOS apply see attachment below,  Read Shapeshifters

Please Note: Those that do want to engage in this event to please "hide" or "run away" and let others know in IMs. Lets keep OOC issues to a low.

(source: Beast Theas)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

La Morte Nera - A Small Hint of the Inner Workings of an Underground Collection Crew

Rumours run rampant across the city of Nomos as talks of a self proclaimed underground hitcrew begin to 'take care of business and help to clean up some unofficial bad debt.
We investigate with an exclusive interview with the leader of the gang La Morte Nera (name withheld) in an attempt to understand what they are all about.
"We 'service' the city alright!" he laughs "We protect certain clans, and their interests. When the politics of clans tie their hands, we provide a means through the burocracy."
His mask bore the likeness of an orga skull as he paced the dirt road with a hint of arrogance. His cloak dragged slowly across the ground as he spoke with a slight strain as though to hide a possible foreign accent.
Agent one, as he refers himself, shows no reluctance in admitting the criminal activity the group assists in with the potential confirmation of the amount of underground illegal activity that runs the streets.
 "That is our main purpose, but we are also involved in all things criminal. If there is a contract on your head, rest assured we are watching you," he says "Hit lists seem easy to come by in this town. No shortage of people wanting one another dead."
"Business's aren't safe either," he claims "If we come to your establishment, best give us what we want. Things get extremely ugly for those who attempt to resist, or waste our time."
The question comes into play now as to whether the gang are a group of hired thugs or hitmen with his past commentary very well defining it that way.
 "I won't answer that because it labels us, we are many things. Your bartender, your hostess, your everyday average citizen. We protect our identity at all costs, and to say we are hitmen would give us the wrong image." he says "Hits are just something we do, but it's not who we are."
So who are they exactly? Are their identities kept in check because outside of their La Morte Nera persona they are upstanding Nomos citizens, or is it the blatantly obvious connection to their criminal activity.
Agent one claims his gang will thrive under his leadership and has every confidence that his crew will pull through on whatever 'business' deals they need to pull through on.
"We are all very intelligent, and anyone of the members could easily take my place, if for some unfortunate reason I should be killed." he says
The skulled crusader leaves Nomos with some final words particularly to anyone who runs a business;
. "If we come after you, don't fear the Reaper. Embrace it, because the one thing we don't know how to do is fail." he says "Kidnappings for ransom, and extortion are things we've perfected. So if you try and resist us, you'll disappear, and fast."
(source: Skarlet Winterwolf)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

ABC party at The Pit Sat 24 July at 7pm

This Saturday 7 slt at the PIt, Its ABC time people. Any thing but clothes , come in mud,doughnuts, and or  blood, I don't care, but if you come in clothes you aren't making it through the doors.Or just stripped first.*grins* Have fun making those outfits now. But no pigs doesn't matter the outfit you can smell them a mile away.
(source: Freccia Arabello)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alien Probe Metropol

Metropol Woman Pregnant With Alien Spawn!

In a surprising revelation, our sources tell us that one of the Metropol employees have been targeted by extraterrestrial agents that have inseminated her with their progeny, in their latest attempt to take control of the Nomos outpost.

We were able to learn that the target is none other than Star Frenzy, a sly ploy to subvert the law within Nomos first.

Our correspondent warns that even males might be targeted and until further probes into this matter are made, the people of Nomos should protect themselves with the utmost vigilance.

(source: Kaira Diesel)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Anime Night at The Pit, Sat July 17 at 7pm SLT

This Saturday the Pit is opening its doors for another hell raising night. But this is different, it's anime night at the Pit. Pull those characters off the comic book pages and onto the dance floor.  I want  you in your most colorful outfits and cutest little japanese school girls. *giggles* Any and all anime characters are welcome, its going to be fun.... But once again I must ask all cops to stay at the door, you aren't welcome.
                                                                                                           ♥ ♡ k thanks Love♥ ♡
                                                                                                       ·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸ Emerald.·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸
                P.s Opps I'm so silly sometimes*grins*just forgive me, its is at 7 slt time in Nomos 2 under the bridge, but watch the water its kinda icky. Like you will get a sickness if you fall in. There will be Japanese toons spinning all night and some rock/metal, well its a demon club after all..... hugs and kisses Em.

(Freccia Arabello)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Primal is HIRING!

Primal is now hiring the following:

Dancers: I would like for dancers to first show me what they would like to be wearing, I would like dancers outfits to be sexy but not to showy, you want the customers to tip you so you have to have some clothes to take off, if your outfit barely hides anything then it is in my opinion that you will get less tips.

Bartenders: Should you want this position I would like for you to have good counseling skills, being able to give guidance to the customers.

DJ's: If possible I would like to have DJ's that will be able to accept requests from customers, this is not a must have ability but would be valued greatly.

Bouncers: Must know at least basic fighting techniques, but before fighting I want you to try to solve the problem in a civil manner.I would like for one of the bouncers to also greet the customers when they walk in.

Please contact Airoriania Blackheart if you would like a job or have any questions.  Thank you!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dr. Maxine Van Lyke (propossed head of Genotec)

Dr Maxine Van Lyke ~(propossed head of genotec..)

I was told of the technogical marvels created recently by a "mad scientist " working quietly away in genotec , so armed with nothing but a few cupcakes I headed up to genotec to see if i could get an interveiw from this illusive person.

I met with Dr max in her lab.. my first impression was that she was used to getting her way, she spoke of her work , saying all she was interested in was making better robots"

I found it hard to get her to talk about certain aspects of her work..when questioned about the hybred "ritic" who recently under went a long painfull sugical procedure she stated "Ritic has become such a pain in my ass that I'm begining to think he was a mistake...Now, Prototype Nine - Al...he is the pride of my diamond in the rough."

She pionted to a small round purple ball , an AI shes built from scratch and uses to watch the citizens of nomos as they roam the street..I have had a personal interaction with this machine
and at one piont in time it admitted it was sent to watch for the homeless and those without family those who "would not be missed".
one can not help but ask what evil scheme is really in place with this woman..her air of arrogence, an almost cumpusive need for perfection..missing hybreds .
have you noticed how many missing posters are placed on the lightpoles and milk cartons? ..whos pretty pet has been "collected " for her experiments andwhat happens to them when shes finnished?.not all experiments work the way one expects..

Dr max herself admitted "Oh! I am proud, not that Ritic is malfunctioning, but yes I am. In fact," An evil grin crossed her face. "I love my job."

During the intervew dr max intoned she was wishing to take over genotec she has a large amount of ambition . several people came into her office including a police man.. one wonders why he seemed ovely friendly ..almost like he worked for her..

I wondered as i left the building is this really the person who should be put in charge of such a large and powerfull corperation..can she be trusted..or will there be more missing hybreds..pehaps even humans in future.

by glitch scatter

Death from Above

They stalk the higher areas and pounce on any who stand still to long. Be wary of two crazed individuals in the rafters if you see them take cover or be prepared for violence. They seem set on havoc and destruction and have no purpose but self enjoyment. There strange laughter is an eairy counterpoint to the distress they cause. The names of the alleged culprits are Trey and Sky, no last names were found.

They attacked 4 people in a road way last night and left 2 of them almost dead on the pavement. No robbery was attempted but much havoc was caused. The other 2 victims would have been more brutally injured and fatalities may have occured if not for a brave bystander who captured one of the culprits and layed the other unconscience. The actions of one saved lives and property.

If you are out on the streets late at night be wary of these two until they are apprehended and given appropriate treatment.