Sunday, October 31, 2010

12 Days of Samhain (Halloween)

on the first day of samhain my truelove gave to me, a zombie shooting at me
on the second day of samhain my truelove gave to me, two minimachineguns, and a zombie shooting at me
on the third day of samhain my truelove gave to me, three kitty pistols, two minimachineguns, and a zombie shooting at me
on the fourth day of samhain my truelove gave to me, four slugs in the back,  three kitty pistols, two minimachineguns, and a zombie shooting at me
on the fifth day of samhain my truelove gave to me, five medipaks,,,,  four slugs in the back,  three kitty pistols, two minimachineguns, and a zombie shooting at me
on the sixth day of samhain my truelove gave to me, six stolen cars, five bubblegums,,,,  four slugs in the back,  three kitty pistols, two minimachineguns, and a zombie shooting at me
on the seventh day of samhain my truelove gave to me, seven swords a swinging, six stolen cars, five bubblegums,,,,  four slugs in the back,  three kitty pistols, two minimachineguns, and a zombie shooting at me
on the eighth day of samhain my truelove gave to me, eight medipaks, ((hey you know how this goes right??, keep singing keep singing))
on the ninth day of samhain my truelove gave to me, nine bubbelgums, ....... ((keep singing keep singing, didnt forget the words did you?, too much sex on the beach?))
on the tenth day of samhain my truelove gave to me, ten police squad cars, .....((stopped singing already, damn your a hard audience))
on the eleventh day of samhain my truelove gave to me, eleven zip guns in a box, .......((awww how sweet, and ones pink, coolies, squeels with delight))
on the twelveth day of samhain my truelove gave to me, 12 police chiefs, .....((WHAT!!, what are you thinking boy!, now you get back here, where is that box of guns, i got something for your butt, (door slams, footsteps runing away)))

Gayle Sommer

They're Coming!

A Chief Caught Out

Nomos has its fair share of villians, but what would one do when the bad are bad and the good guys are even badder? Recent evidence has fallen into the hands of Street Life through an anonymous source indicating foul play from the head of MetroPol itself. The recording taken only days ago was taken on the source's phone revealing a very dark side to Chief Kurt Flanx [Keyran Ronwood]. 
The video shows the Chief in what appears to be a heated exchange of words with Officer Valeryie Larix [Phantom Weir] in the alleged theft of a trophy. The main concern of the conversation however is Chief Flanx's threat to kill the officer and open exclosure of past deaths that he is responsible for. 
Officer Katey Hutch [Katey Belwraith] was also present in the room being prompted to take part in the threats. The following transcript is a snippet of the exchange at hand;

Katey Hutch: Wh-what? Kill who?

Valeryie Larix: You really think you can.. kill me?

Chief Flanx: I've done it before... it's so easy actually. At least now there will be fewer to bare witness on how things are really done in MetroPol. So are you ready to die?

VL: Ready to die? You can kiss my [expletive]. I used to trust you Kurt... I protected you, and this is how you repay me?

CF: When I'm done with you, nobody in the force will find you. You will be completely gone. Sad isn't it? Such a beautiful thing you've become and now it's over.

The video continues with heated argument ending with a shot fired before losing transmission. An obviously defiant Ms Larix stands up to the threats of Chief Flanx, however it poses the question to the mental stability of MetroPol  in general. Has the Chief actually lost the plot? Or does it now bring about questions about who actually polices the police? Stay posted, Street Life surely will have more dirt to come.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Psychedelic Underground Re-Opens

The little neon shop at the bottom of the street ramp is pulsing with a new beat.  Lunesta Matova, of Tyr's Hand Clan has taken over management of the Psychedelic Underground and is busy dusting off the displays and stocking the shelves for your pleasure.  This is THE place to find off-the-wall clothing, posters, comics, accessories, DVDS and that rare cd you couldn't find anywhere else.   Don't let the bright neon lights and rocking beats fool you; they are not just another head shop.  The Psychedelic Underground is a mainstay in Nomos, and they reach into all aspects of life here.  It has been said that they peddle much more than just pop culture....

They claim to have the best and freshest ROOT in the city, and it is back in stock!  To celebrate the  re-opening, Lune Matova has slashed the price of root by almost 50%!  That's right, the Psychedelic Underground now offers ROOT at the rock-bottom price of G$12.  Might be worth checking out.

The Manager says that it's the place where dreams can made (and bought), and invites everyone to stop in and say 'hello'.

The Psychedelic Underground  also has job opportunities for DEALERS.  Come in and sign up.  What better place to work?

Lunesta Matova

Monday, October 25, 2010

Genotek Exclusive - An Experiment Gone Pear Shaped

Investigations are underway into the mysterious slaying of four Genotek scientists last night. Autopsies released this morning uncovered all four had clean removal of their brains. A fifth scientists who survived the ordeal remains under heavy security at Bedlam facilities. Metropol detectives remain tight lipped on the situation refusing to make any comments on the events that led to the brutal murders.
"Listen lady, if you ever get a clearance through MetroTek in your lifetime then we'd only be obliged to hand you over a media statement.... but you don't, so sod off."
Charming as always....
Luck however seems to be on the side of Street Life when we recieved a phone call from the surviving scientist himself. the following transcript is a recording of the conversation;

StreetLife: Hello Street Life, you tell us we tell the world...
Scientist: Please i dont have much time. I am Dr [inaudible crackle] of Genotek. I must ensure Nomos is warned. the experiment, it went bad. Very very bad.
St: Oh boy are we glad to hear from you, we have a ton of questions
Sc: No. No time for questions. I will tell you straight. The miners. We've kept miners from sight. Years of experimentation have just gone down the drain with this final experiment.
St: Miners? Experiments? What have you done?
Sc: We were studying a strain of virus and its effects. It got too strong. We created an immunisation... but something went wrong. They got strong but they were getting hungry. They get hungrier and hungrier the more they feed. We managed to contain them for a while, but they broke free and killed everybody.
St: Not quite. You managed to survive.
Sc: Yes, i ran and fought off what i could. Metropol responded to the alarm and managed to fend them off into a vault. It wont hold them. The vaults only work on timers. We normally only use them to keep the replicants cool. After a certain amount of time the doors automatically open for an hour to let some air out. There is no way to reprogram it by the time the doors are set to reopen they will be hungry and devour anything that attempts to reshut that door.
St: Let me get this straight. You experimented on some missing miners and now, from what one can only assume through the state of your four dead scientists, they've become flesh hungry creatures with a taste for everybody. They're locked in a useless vault that wont hold them and anyone walking the streets of Nomos is potentially doomed if they come across one. Wow you guys have alot to answer to for this screw up
Sc: Yes yes and i have four scientists that are very sorry. Please warn Nomos. The residents need to be armed and prepared. They need to be stockpiled on medical supplies and food.
St: When are the vault doors set to reopen?
Sc: I am calculating this Sunday morning at an estimated time of 10am.
St: How many of these things are we looking at?
Sc: the number is too great to.... [a voice is heard in the background "What do you think you're doing doc?"] ....i need to go.

The phone goes dead.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Here is a glimpse of the terror walking the streets. Stay tuned for more...

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix." - Allen Ginsberg - Howl

(Story Submitted by: Anonymous Citizen)


Slaughter Zone picked up Halloween celebrations early this week with club owner Beast Theas declaring the festivities start. Patrons were invited to come dressed in their Halloween costumes and enjoy the eclectic mix of tunes with DJ Beast. A special appearance was also made by 'Uncle Fester', rumoured to be the diguise of alleged city hacker Kora Zenovka. The impressive costume change from Uncle Fester to Hermoine and then possibly to Axl Rose was the beginning of an entertaining night for all in attendance.

Uncle Fester shows them how to boogie

Club goers came all dressed up and ready to party

Toecutter Slingshot puts his hand up for the next beer run

Uncle Fester's caught mid change to Hermoine

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Club Alien kicked off the weekend for Nomos with a Lap Dance Competition. Club owner Void Seetan (pictured left) not only hosted the event but also was one of the DJ's playing a blend of UK garage and house tunes. A music change would later overcome the club with a DJ Doom (Equimanthorn Doomdale) set playing mostly Industrial Techno.  

The patrons were looked after with beverages from bartender Lune Matova (Pictured) as they were entertained by the sensual moves of dancers Baea Dragovar and the night's winner Raiva Feila.

Dancers Baea Dragover (left) and $1000G Alien Lap dance Winner Raiva Feila (right)

Bartender Lune Matova

Club Patrons Bets Enzo and Freddy Yalin break it down to the Alien tunes

Another Police Chase? Or a Call for Stronger Action.

The usual buzz that normally sounds through the Nomos streets was disturbed last week with MetroPol leading yet another police chase.
The criminal in question was repeat offender Renickor Dartmouth who approached Street Life with his side of the story.
"It all started when I saw an innocent civilian minding her own business and said 'Get on the fucking ground!'" he says "To my surprise she did what i said. Then I told her to give me 200g, she was about to do that too but MetroPol caught me."
What would lead from there would be a manhunt for Mr Dartmouth from one end of the city to the other. One could note a sense of excitement rather than remorse at his criminal history.
"Metropol started chasing me. I ran into a building and up a few flights of stairs" he says excitedly "I thought they were going to catch me until i saw a door that led onto the roof. I thought i had lost them until i noticed a police car chasing me. I jumped onto a smaller rooftop and climbed down to grab a bike and took it to the mars station where i hid there for five minutes. They followed and chased me back to Nomos where i was caught."
Mr Darthmouth was then arrested and charged, spending some time in the Metropol jail cells. The very next day on his release he was arrested again for committing the same crime. He was then taken to SS Newgate, a facility normally reserved for Nomos' harshest criminals. When asked whether his actions had taught him any lessons after such consequences he replied; "It's taught me one lesson... Be more careful," he says "plan your robberies out first. Adoram rexeito."  Which translates to Worship the Rejected.
Sergeant Derek Nkremos replied to Street Life on behalf of Metropol in response to Mr Dartmouth's behaviour.
"The best response I can give is this kid just doesn't know when to quit. He doesn't learn and obviously doesn't care about the consequences." he says, "I think he needs to learn that constantly stealing leads to bad consequences. Usually the results of such are less than favorable. I personally don't want to have to continue to bring him in for stealing from everyone."
It now brings about the question as to whether Metropol need to enforce harsher penalties or a different rehabilitation programe for such repeat offenders.
"Yes i would like more strict rehabilitation repeat offenders," says Sergeant Nkremos "But that costs money. Who knows if we'll get to implement that."
A loan from Renickor Dartmouth perhaps?

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Cost of Justice

Recent crime initiatives in Nomos have undoubtedly resulted in a significant Metropol presence; a delight to many business owners feeling sheered by the constant robbery. However some are beginning to doubt if these recent changes are have any impact on crime. Some club owners are even reporting that crime has gone up.

“Sure there’s more cops around, the problem isn’t arrests, but the punishment,” says one such owner who doesn’t wish to be identified. She, and others like her, feel that criminals are still just getting a slap on the wrist, but now with theatrical garnish.

While others are asking for their money back, saying that ultimately they are the punished and carry the burden of the justice system. “The Cops get the fine money, the Lawyers get a cut, and the Crooks still get to keep a fraction of their gains. Everyone’s getting their hands on money from our tills except us.”

A Metropol officer did offer a bit of advice before walking off, “It’s not our fault. They can just empty their own tills.” It’s flippant attitudes like this toward the problem, that make even some whisper conspiracy theories that Metropol no longer operates for Metrotek, but is instead in cahoots with the zaibatsu.

Though Metropol is not the only avenue for the business owners to recover their losses. Several restaurant and sushi bar owners are currently negotiating an hike in prices on food and drink across the board. These businesses most hit by the constant thievery as their money doesn’t come from scheduled events that they can cash out afterwards, but rather receive a trickle of income round the clock.

It seems that ultimately, the cost of justice gets passed down to you. Perhaps it’s time to find out what Metropol is doing with the fines they collect.

(Submitted by: Anonymous Citizen)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breaking News: What's Next For Universal Flow ?

It is a sad day in Nomos, Universal Flow as relinquished his ownership of Club Industry. The powerful business tycoon was the longest running and most successful club owner Nomos has ever seen. He was quote, off the record, by a confidential source as saying "It will definitely be a major transition, I will have to adapt and evolve into a new life now and I am not quite sure what this adjustment phase will consist of or how the end result will look". From the sounds of it Mr. Flow will be doing some self-reflecting and soul searching. The source also said Universal's behavior seemed to be erratic and confused, which many know is unlike his generally calm and cool demeanor. One thing is for certain, he will now have plenty of time to shake the cobb webs of apparent shock, re-boot his mental faculties and re-engineer his life.

Konway Konetix

Terror On The Streets Of Nomos By Aleena Jaynesford

Life has been hard for the Metropol Police Department lately. The question is why? Well it would seem due to recent events, the gangs of Nomos have been rising against the Metropol officer. Is it a struggle of hate, a struggle of confusion? It is tough to say, but the danger has been very real. I spoke recently with a Metropol Officer, and this was the course of the interview:

"I'm Aleena Jaynesford here with Officer Foehammer, Officer, how do you feel about this recent crime spree going on in Nomos? What has Metropool done to offer the citizens safety against these gangs?"

Keaton Foehammer: "Actually Aleena...the violence has been directed specifically at MPD so far...citizens are only in danger if there is crossfire, and unfortunately there is not much that can be done to reduce the amount of gunfire....if they shoot, we have to shoot back."

Aleena Jaynesford: "Understood Officer, what measures are the Metropol Task Forces doing about these rampant attacks on officers?"

Keaton Foehammer:  "We hit the streets in force. Let the gangs know who's in charge. We're not going to back down. We have better training, better gear and more resources. Waging a war on MPD is an exercise in futility, and will only leave you in ruin"

Aleena Jaynesford: "And officer, one last question, how many casualties has both sides suffered from all this violence?" 

Keaton Foehammer: Casualties...well, with modern medicine, and the robust qualities of some of the races here on Nomos, there's been speculation of 1 fatality. But I'm not at liberty to discuss who.

Aleena Jaynesford: "And there you have it, crime will be dealt with in Nomos, and Metropol is ready to defend the streets, no matter what. Aleena Jaynesford, Metrotek Actions News"

It is comforting to hear of only one casualty, but there is much more on the horizon. This very same night I was a witness to the violence first hand. A man called out to the Police Station screaming of a murder committed at the hands of Metropol, and there was nearly a fight. The man was prepared to kill for whatever happened. It was unclear to this reporter who or what had happened, and the man disappeared before I could interview him. I did catch a last part though, as the man walked away.

"What the hell happened to you? You used to be one of us man" was all the large stocky biker said to the shirtless cop outside of Metropol station. 

It was a scary night and much transpires here in Nomos. Is it safe to be on the streets? I say no, not until these two sides come to an agreement. Be safe out there Nomos Citizens, for a war wages on the very streets you live on.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Skyway Arena's Halloween Bashfest Saturday October 30th, 2pm SLT

Skyway Arena presents Halloween Bashfest.
Come dressed in your favourite halloween costume and help us decorate the Skyway walls with blood, guts and glory.
2pm Tournament, winner will receive $2000G
Followed by Skyway's All in Brawl, last ghoulish one standing will receive $1000G
Bonus $500G will be rewarded to the best dressed contestant

Friday, October 1, 2010

CAGED IN: Vampires vs Shifters @ Skyway Arena, Sunday OCT 3, 12pm

Skyway Arena presents Caged In- Vampires vs Shifters

Say we interbreed 'Caged In' with an 'Unleashed' and throw a vampire in for good measure. 
Skyway brings to you an ancient battle that will only see one winner on Sunday October 3, 12pm SLT. Whether one believes the myth or not, we're bound to bring you a great show.

First Prize; 2000G
Melee weapons
Shifters fighting in lycan form is not compulsory 

Just for fun, lets test out some of these new weapons. Skyway will host an all in brawl after the vamp v shifter tourney for anyone wishing to participate.
First Prize; 1000G

Side note for MetroTek; Any fighter which partakes in the day's event obviously runs the risk of becoming target to MetroPol law enforcement. Participants on this day are therefore under the protection of Skyway management and any trigger happy MetroPol officer will find themselves promptly removed.... or in a cage alone with ten shifters.

2pm SLT Afterparty @ the Naked Lunch
The Naked Lunch will host a party celebrating whichever winner prevails.