Friday, October 22, 2010

The Cost of Justice

Recent crime initiatives in Nomos have undoubtedly resulted in a significant Metropol presence; a delight to many business owners feeling sheered by the constant robbery. However some are beginning to doubt if these recent changes are have any impact on crime. Some club owners are even reporting that crime has gone up.

“Sure there’s more cops around, the problem isn’t arrests, but the punishment,” says one such owner who doesn’t wish to be identified. She, and others like her, feel that criminals are still just getting a slap on the wrist, but now with theatrical garnish.

While others are asking for their money back, saying that ultimately they are the punished and carry the burden of the justice system. “The Cops get the fine money, the Lawyers get a cut, and the Crooks still get to keep a fraction of their gains. Everyone’s getting their hands on money from our tills except us.”

A Metropol officer did offer a bit of advice before walking off, “It’s not our fault. They can just empty their own tills.” It’s flippant attitudes like this toward the problem, that make even some whisper conspiracy theories that Metropol no longer operates for Metrotek, but is instead in cahoots with the zaibatsu.

Though Metropol is not the only avenue for the business owners to recover their losses. Several restaurant and sushi bar owners are currently negotiating an hike in prices on food and drink across the board. These businesses most hit by the constant thievery as their money doesn’t come from scheduled events that they can cash out afterwards, but rather receive a trickle of income round the clock.

It seems that ultimately, the cost of justice gets passed down to you. Perhaps it’s time to find out what Metropol is doing with the fines they collect.

(Submitted by: Anonymous Citizen)

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