Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Terror On The Streets Of Nomos By Aleena Jaynesford

Life has been hard for the Metropol Police Department lately. The question is why? Well it would seem due to recent events, the gangs of Nomos have been rising against the Metropol officer. Is it a struggle of hate, a struggle of confusion? It is tough to say, but the danger has been very real. I spoke recently with a Metropol Officer, and this was the course of the interview:

"I'm Aleena Jaynesford here with Officer Foehammer, Officer, how do you feel about this recent crime spree going on in Nomos? What has Metropool done to offer the citizens safety against these gangs?"

Keaton Foehammer: "Actually Aleena...the violence has been directed specifically at MPD so far...citizens are only in danger if there is crossfire, and unfortunately there is not much that can be done to reduce the amount of gunfire....if they shoot, we have to shoot back."

Aleena Jaynesford: "Understood Officer, what measures are the Metropol Task Forces doing about these rampant attacks on officers?"

Keaton Foehammer:  "We hit the streets in force. Let the gangs know who's in charge. We're not going to back down. We have better training, better gear and more resources. Waging a war on MPD is an exercise in futility, and will only leave you in ruin"

Aleena Jaynesford: "And officer, one last question, how many casualties has both sides suffered from all this violence?" 

Keaton Foehammer: Casualties...well, with modern medicine, and the robust qualities of some of the races here on Nomos, there's been speculation of 1 fatality. But I'm not at liberty to discuss who.

Aleena Jaynesford: "And there you have it, crime will be dealt with in Nomos, and Metropol is ready to defend the streets, no matter what. Aleena Jaynesford, Metrotek Actions News"

It is comforting to hear of only one casualty, but there is much more on the horizon. This very same night I was a witness to the violence first hand. A man called out to the Police Station screaming of a murder committed at the hands of Metropol, and there was nearly a fight. The man was prepared to kill for whatever happened. It was unclear to this reporter who or what had happened, and the man disappeared before I could interview him. I did catch a last part though, as the man walked away.

"What the hell happened to you? You used to be one of us man" was all the large stocky biker said to the shirtless cop outside of Metropol station. 

It was a scary night and much transpires here in Nomos. Is it safe to be on the streets? I say no, not until these two sides come to an agreement. Be safe out there Nomos Citizens, for a war wages on the very streets you live on.

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