Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Police Chase? Or a Call for Stronger Action.

The usual buzz that normally sounds through the Nomos streets was disturbed last week with MetroPol leading yet another police chase.
The criminal in question was repeat offender Renickor Dartmouth who approached Street Life with his side of the story.
"It all started when I saw an innocent civilian minding her own business and said 'Get on the fucking ground!'" he says "To my surprise she did what i said. Then I told her to give me 200g, she was about to do that too but MetroPol caught me."
What would lead from there would be a manhunt for Mr Dartmouth from one end of the city to the other. One could note a sense of excitement rather than remorse at his criminal history.
"Metropol started chasing me. I ran into a building and up a few flights of stairs" he says excitedly "I thought they were going to catch me until i saw a door that led onto the roof. I thought i had lost them until i noticed a police car chasing me. I jumped onto a smaller rooftop and climbed down to grab a bike and took it to the mars station where i hid there for five minutes. They followed and chased me back to Nomos where i was caught."
Mr Darthmouth was then arrested and charged, spending some time in the Metropol jail cells. The very next day on his release he was arrested again for committing the same crime. He was then taken to SS Newgate, a facility normally reserved for Nomos' harshest criminals. When asked whether his actions had taught him any lessons after such consequences he replied; "It's taught me one lesson... Be more careful," he says "plan your robberies out first. Adoram rexeito."  Which translates to Worship the Rejected.
Sergeant Derek Nkremos replied to Street Life on behalf of Metropol in response to Mr Dartmouth's behaviour.
"The best response I can give is this kid just doesn't know when to quit. He doesn't learn and obviously doesn't care about the consequences." he says, "I think he needs to learn that constantly stealing leads to bad consequences. Usually the results of such are less than favorable. I personally don't want to have to continue to bring him in for stealing from everyone."
It now brings about the question as to whether Metropol need to enforce harsher penalties or a different rehabilitation programe for such repeat offenders.
"Yes i would like more strict rehabilitation repeat offenders," says Sergeant Nkremos "But that costs money. Who knows if we'll get to implement that."
A loan from Renickor Dartmouth perhaps?

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