Sunday, October 24, 2010


Slaughter Zone picked up Halloween celebrations early this week with club owner Beast Theas declaring the festivities start. Patrons were invited to come dressed in their Halloween costumes and enjoy the eclectic mix of tunes with DJ Beast. A special appearance was also made by 'Uncle Fester', rumoured to be the diguise of alleged city hacker Kora Zenovka. The impressive costume change from Uncle Fester to Hermoine and then possibly to Axl Rose was the beginning of an entertaining night for all in attendance.

Uncle Fester shows them how to boogie

Club goers came all dressed up and ready to party

Toecutter Slingshot puts his hand up for the next beer run

Uncle Fester's caught mid change to Hermoine

1 comment:

  1. ARGHHHH!! I don't remember I was ever at that party. Nervous cough :)
    Cute tights though :)