Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breaking News: What's Next For Universal Flow ?

It is a sad day in Nomos, Universal Flow as relinquished his ownership of Club Industry. The powerful business tycoon was the longest running and most successful club owner Nomos has ever seen. He was quote, off the record, by a confidential source as saying "It will definitely be a major transition, I will have to adapt and evolve into a new life now and I am not quite sure what this adjustment phase will consist of or how the end result will look". From the sounds of it Mr. Flow will be doing some self-reflecting and soul searching. The source also said Universal's behavior seemed to be erratic and confused, which many know is unlike his generally calm and cool demeanor. One thing is for certain, he will now have plenty of time to shake the cobb webs of apparent shock, re-boot his mental faculties and re-engineer his life.

Konway Konetix

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