Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Psychedelic Underground Re-Opens

The little neon shop at the bottom of the street ramp is pulsing with a new beat.  Lunesta Matova, of Tyr's Hand Clan has taken over management of the Psychedelic Underground and is busy dusting off the displays and stocking the shelves for your pleasure.  This is THE place to find off-the-wall clothing, posters, comics, accessories, DVDS and that rare cd you couldn't find anywhere else.   Don't let the bright neon lights and rocking beats fool you; they are not just another head shop.  The Psychedelic Underground is a mainstay in Nomos, and they reach into all aspects of life here.  It has been said that they peddle much more than just pop culture....

They claim to have the best and freshest ROOT in the city, and it is back in stock!  To celebrate the  re-opening, Lune Matova has slashed the price of root by almost 50%!  That's right, the Psychedelic Underground now offers ROOT at the rock-bottom price of G$12.  Might be worth checking out.

The Manager says that it's the place where dreams can made (and bought), and invites everyone to stop in and say 'hello'.

The Psychedelic Underground  also has job opportunities for DEALERS.  Come in and sign up.  What better place to work?

Lunesta Matova

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