Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Chief Caught Out

Nomos has its fair share of villians, but what would one do when the bad are bad and the good guys are even badder? Recent evidence has fallen into the hands of Street Life through an anonymous source indicating foul play from the head of MetroPol itself. The recording taken only days ago was taken on the source's phone revealing a very dark side to Chief Kurt Flanx [Keyran Ronwood]. 
The video shows the Chief in what appears to be a heated exchange of words with Officer Valeryie Larix [Phantom Weir] in the alleged theft of a trophy. The main concern of the conversation however is Chief Flanx's threat to kill the officer and open exclosure of past deaths that he is responsible for. 
Officer Katey Hutch [Katey Belwraith] was also present in the room being prompted to take part in the threats. The following transcript is a snippet of the exchange at hand;

Katey Hutch: Wh-what? Kill who?

Valeryie Larix: You really think you can.. kill me?

Chief Flanx: I've done it before... it's so easy actually. At least now there will be fewer to bare witness on how things are really done in MetroPol. So are you ready to die?

VL: Ready to die? You can kiss my [expletive]. I used to trust you Kurt... I protected you, and this is how you repay me?

CF: When I'm done with you, nobody in the force will find you. You will be completely gone. Sad isn't it? Such a beautiful thing you've become and now it's over.

The video continues with heated argument ending with a shot fired before losing transmission. An obviously defiant Ms Larix stands up to the threats of Chief Flanx, however it poses the question to the mental stability of MetroPol  in general. Has the Chief actually lost the plot? Or does it now bring about questions about who actually polices the police? Stay posted, Street Life surely will have more dirt to come.

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  1. We were playing Super Smash Bros?
    - Kurt Flanx