Friday, October 1, 2010

CAGED IN: Vampires vs Shifters @ Skyway Arena, Sunday OCT 3, 12pm

Skyway Arena presents Caged In- Vampires vs Shifters

Say we interbreed 'Caged In' with an 'Unleashed' and throw a vampire in for good measure. 
Skyway brings to you an ancient battle that will only see one winner on Sunday October 3, 12pm SLT. Whether one believes the myth or not, we're bound to bring you a great show.

First Prize; 2000G
Melee weapons
Shifters fighting in lycan form is not compulsory 

Just for fun, lets test out some of these new weapons. Skyway will host an all in brawl after the vamp v shifter tourney for anyone wishing to participate.
First Prize; 1000G

Side note for MetroTek; Any fighter which partakes in the day's event obviously runs the risk of becoming target to MetroPol law enforcement. Participants on this day are therefore under the protection of Skyway management and any trigger happy MetroPol officer will find themselves promptly removed.... or in a cage alone with ten shifters.

2pm SLT Afterparty @ the Naked Lunch
The Naked Lunch will host a party celebrating whichever winner prevails. 

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