Monday, October 25, 2010

Genotek Exclusive - An Experiment Gone Pear Shaped

Investigations are underway into the mysterious slaying of four Genotek scientists last night. Autopsies released this morning uncovered all four had clean removal of their brains. A fifth scientists who survived the ordeal remains under heavy security at Bedlam facilities. Metropol detectives remain tight lipped on the situation refusing to make any comments on the events that led to the brutal murders.
"Listen lady, if you ever get a clearance through MetroTek in your lifetime then we'd only be obliged to hand you over a media statement.... but you don't, so sod off."
Charming as always....
Luck however seems to be on the side of Street Life when we recieved a phone call from the surviving scientist himself. the following transcript is a recording of the conversation;

StreetLife: Hello Street Life, you tell us we tell the world...
Scientist: Please i dont have much time. I am Dr [inaudible crackle] of Genotek. I must ensure Nomos is warned. the experiment, it went bad. Very very bad.
St: Oh boy are we glad to hear from you, we have a ton of questions
Sc: No. No time for questions. I will tell you straight. The miners. We've kept miners from sight. Years of experimentation have just gone down the drain with this final experiment.
St: Miners? Experiments? What have you done?
Sc: We were studying a strain of virus and its effects. It got too strong. We created an immunisation... but something went wrong. They got strong but they were getting hungry. They get hungrier and hungrier the more they feed. We managed to contain them for a while, but they broke free and killed everybody.
St: Not quite. You managed to survive.
Sc: Yes, i ran and fought off what i could. Metropol responded to the alarm and managed to fend them off into a vault. It wont hold them. The vaults only work on timers. We normally only use them to keep the replicants cool. After a certain amount of time the doors automatically open for an hour to let some air out. There is no way to reprogram it by the time the doors are set to reopen they will be hungry and devour anything that attempts to reshut that door.
St: Let me get this straight. You experimented on some missing miners and now, from what one can only assume through the state of your four dead scientists, they've become flesh hungry creatures with a taste for everybody. They're locked in a useless vault that wont hold them and anyone walking the streets of Nomos is potentially doomed if they come across one. Wow you guys have alot to answer to for this screw up
Sc: Yes yes and i have four scientists that are very sorry. Please warn Nomos. The residents need to be armed and prepared. They need to be stockpiled on medical supplies and food.
St: When are the vault doors set to reopen?
Sc: I am calculating this Sunday morning at an estimated time of 10am.
St: How many of these things are we looking at?
Sc: the number is too great to.... [a voice is heard in the background "What do you think you're doing doc?"] ....i need to go.

The phone goes dead.


  1. You people are so arrogant at times. You rape the land of my fathers and think there will be no consequences. The Great Spirit has seen fit to visit punishment upon this city, and it is of your own making. How fitting in a way.

    During my time here I have been shown that not all are evil, so here are some things you can do.
    * - Lay salt across all entrances and exits to your burro.
    * - Invoke whatever gods comfort you and ask for magical help warding each entrance to your burro.
    * - Find a room in your home with no exterior doors or windows and fortify it.
    * - Turn off all lights and signs of habitation in your burro.
    * - Pray to whatever gods you think my deliver your souls.
    * - Stock lots of high caliber guns and ammunition in case all else fails.

  2. good tip coyote, ill keep that in mind next time i want to hide, btw got any spare prims you can afford? -gs-