Saturday, October 23, 2010


Club Alien kicked off the weekend for Nomos with a Lap Dance Competition. Club owner Void Seetan (pictured left) not only hosted the event but also was one of the DJ's playing a blend of UK garage and house tunes. A music change would later overcome the club with a DJ Doom (Equimanthorn Doomdale) set playing mostly Industrial Techno.  

The patrons were looked after with beverages from bartender Lune Matova (Pictured) as they were entertained by the sensual moves of dancers Baea Dragovar and the night's winner Raiva Feila.

Dancers Baea Dragover (left) and $1000G Alien Lap dance Winner Raiva Feila (right)

Bartender Lune Matova

Club Patrons Bets Enzo and Freddy Yalin break it down to the Alien tunes

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