Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Club Industry Promo

[] For the Beings by the Beings[]

Club Industry is perpetually open and Its clientele is from all across the spectrum, with various species interacting frequently to the streaming frequencies. Club Industry has proven to be a vital place for the cities information exchange activites. Diplomats, secret operatives and clan leadership convene to share sensitive data and iron out details of strategic alliances, economic partnerships and  covert tactical missions. on the other end of the Eternal Pendulum Swing Club Industry is the place that some find time to unwind while others amp up, roar and let the beast loose. As for the general patronage some are deeply rooted in the ways of NoMoS, others are navigating another time and space due to  street dealers packin', pumpin' and pushin' any illegal chemicals and bio soft you can think of. This causes the paradoxical effect of a opium den as some lounge around on the plush leather couches while others blasted outta their minds Rage Rave stylie on the pychodelically illuminated dance floor till the morning sun arises.  Choose your door wisely.

[] Open positions []

- DJs - Hosts - Dancers - Musicians - Singers
- Security - Bartenders & Brewers - Event Coordinator
- Actors - Videographers - Promoters - Artist

Submit notecard with any interest that may not be listed and previous experience to the Project Management Team and they will then contact you to schedule a face to face meeting to discuss those options. There can be many scenarios, For Example : If your a skilled assassin or are involved in espionage you may have a need to be stealth in our dealings. In this case contact management at the time and place of your choosing.

[] Your Feedback is greatly appreciated []


Club Industry Project Management Team


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