Monday, September 13, 2010

PR Announcement - SlashMart Corporation

From the desk of Slash Morgath

Greetings my friends,

First I want to thank all my loyal customers who have become friends and made SlashMart Corporation and it’s News Stand such a success. It has been our pleasure to serve the community, and we look forward to continuing that service.

It has come to my attention that prices for basic needs in Nomos have risen to extravagant levels. A combination of shortage and greed are responsible for this. While the shortage is legitimate, there is no excuse for excess profiteering. I declare here and now that SlashMart will act as a brake on prices. While I must respond to these increases because my own costs rise, I will be keeping my commitment to be the lowest priced vendor in Nomos.

If you are hungry, and can’t come up with 40G for noodles, come to the news stand. You will find food under my roof for a whole lot less (while supplies last). Can’t afford 40G for root?? I can beat that by half, with better quality (while supplies last).

Hospital cuffs are still 30G and available at need.

My friends, we will get through this together. I recommend you all look around and make a note of which vendors are in the forefront of these increases. Perhaps they should no longer get your business when the shortage ends.


Go see Slash! Go see Slash!! GO SEE SLASH!!!

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