Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Manifesto of The Cleansing

Anonymous submission left on Street Life's desk.

    For far too long the massive boot of MetroTek has been pressed upon our necks. And we've accepted it.
    We've grown accustomed to the corruption and despair and stopped questioning the brainwashing and
    the squalor. This ends now.
    Today, we rise above the dirt and become a force to be reckoned with. To refuse to keep our heads
    buried in the sand.
    Today, we will reclaim ourselves from this brutal overlord and refuse to have every move we make
    catalogued and used against us.
    Today, we will begin our journey into righteousness by ridding us of that which MetroTek uses to hold us
    subservient and will no longer be chattel to a vengeful entity or to be used as paws in some cosmic
    Today, we destroy the Replicants.
    Monsters, like us and yet not. Created by MetroTek ro assimilate into our society and move amongst us
    until that time MetroTek decides to rule with an ever stronger fist. Watching us, waiting for the kill order.
    Created by evil, these agents of our enemy must be contained before all life as we know it fails.
    It will not be easy, but we will prevail. Those who fall while under the flag of truth will be marturs to our
    cause and will be remembered with teh greatest of all awe and rapture. Those that fight against the
    tyranny will find a family of patriots who will greet the day MetroTek falls with great jubilation as we
    all rise above the muck and mire.
    Today, we start the glorious journey toward the Light where MetroTek can no longer brainwash us and
    take our memories or our soul. Today, it begins.
    It is now time for the Cleansing.
    And this is our manifesto.

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