Saturday, February 12, 2011

Local Arcade Vandalized

The Nomos Arcade Game 2F/3F has seen some action as of Late. With its slot machines bringing in the gambling enthusiasts, it also draws a different crowd as a passerby noticed something strange just the other day.
Someone stated anonymously that they had witnessed damage to the arcade's gum-ball machine. They were quoted as saying "I went in and saw some weird coloring on the floor. I thought it was paint, but as I got closer, I saw it was blood!"
Later reports confirm this claim, that in fact it was someone's blood. The police's forensic team, however, couldn’t tell us who's DNA was at the crime scene. The only thing they could report back was that, it looked as if someone had rammed an object into the machine, maybe a fist. Or perhaps something bigger, as of now, they do not know.
Also, a slot machine showed signs of an attack. The outer casing had damage to it, and looked as if something like a baseball bat had been smashed against it.
Police say that there was a security camera in place, but that was only covering the cash register, which also has an alarm for it, if it gets robbed.
Did someone have a bad night, didn't win any money and went into a rage, assaulting the machine that did them wrong? Or perhaps, that someone didn't get that one gum-ball they so desperately wanted?
Police won't comment any further, so we will have to get back to this story in a later date.

Coen Valkoinen

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