Friday, May 13, 2011

MetroTek Announces Election for New Metropol Chief

Metrotek announced earlier this week that elections are to be held in a bid to find a new Head of Metropol. This is a first for the residents of Nomos to vote in their choice of chief law enforcer.

The decision to seek out a new Chief comes at an opportune time as crime levels begin to peak.
"You see it every day," says one local business owner. "Thieves smashing in cars and breaking into shops! I know my vote will be going to whoever can put some order back into the city."

Whilst residents are pleased with the prospect of choosing who will be sworn into the role, the actual question of who is in the running is still being decided.

Metrotek claims that candidates are preparing their campaigns and will be announced later this week. Stay tuned with Street Life as we bring you the latest in the lead up to the election

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