Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Strontium Dog Diner Under New Management

Ask any food critic dining at The Strontium Dog Diner of their opinion of the place and they will tell you that their Gut Buster burger is law. In recent weeks, The Strontium along with its signature dish has moved into new ownership by a woman known to the diner's clientele as Alice.

One of the first orders of the day for Alice was taking the prices down.

"That was the first thing we had to do," she says. "We've dropped them to literally a quarter of what they were going for before. From what i can see it's the cheapest food in the city.... not to mention the best."

Whilst the new owner is elusive about revealing too much about herself she is forthcoming in revealing the type of events she would like to hold to attract more customers.

"I was planning on standing outside and waving people in from off the street," says Alice pointing out one plan. "I guess I could have an eating contest, clean out the pantry a little."

There is also high hopes for building strong clientele of the legal kind with Alice possibly offering Metropol discounts for some officers who drops in while she is within the premises of the eatery.

"I'm tempted to offer the metro officers half price... if they come see me up to three officers a day... but I'm not sure how they would respond if i wasn't able to do more then three meals for that price." she says "If they come see me personally.... kind of want to build up a good relationship with our neighbors you know."

The Strontium diner is also looking to recruit some more cooks in order for some of these eating contests and discounts to come to fruition.

"Well if I'm going to have that contest i would need them." she says in a little mumble "but i guess i could use the extra help anyway. It's just me here for the most part so lots of room to grow."

Anyone interested in cooking for the Strontium are advised to contact Alice ((Allison Placebo)) or if you're just hungry head into the diner and grab yourself one of their famous Gut Busters.

The Strontium Dog Diner is located next to Metropol.

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