Thursday, May 19, 2011

Metropol Chief Candidate - Julianne Lemondrop

Q: What do you think you'll be able to bring to the force as Chief if you were successful?

A: I am so glad you asked because I have lots of good plans to bring the city life back to Nomos. I have newer ideas about how to do it. See I have been watching Nomos and its past chief, and I say they did an okay job. But I think this city needs a good refresh out the system. I plan to dump a lot of time in to this city. and promote a better police force seeing as i can tell there not many here.
I will promote a better police force and work side by side with the Metrotek Corp

Q: What sort of things do you plan to implement?

A: I plan to bring back the the detective jobs, bring back the Cyborg and Swat teams. Also i will be promoting a safety program on the streets called C.O.P, which means that there will be a neighborhood watch program as well as stronger police force.
 Now all these things will take time to put in place.. but if there is one thing, I do not give up on any task, and i always keep my word.

Q: How do you plan on recruiting officers?

A:  I plan to go out there and recruit new young people. Bring them here to Nomos. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. I will bend over backwards to do what I can to make my objectives possible with hard work and sweat

Q:  Is there anything else you'd like to add?

A:  Hard working class want to just do their jobs and not get pestered by robber and thieves. This city needs a strong leader that should rely on it ground founders... Yes I am talking about Metrotek Corporate.

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