Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Metropol Chief Candidate - Belinda LeFavre

I'm Belinda Lefavre, pro street fighter and vigilante. Most of you could probably care less who becomes Head of Metropol...or you think it might be fun or beneficial to have a friend in the position. But imagine, for a moment, a week after the election. How excited will the elected candidate be about being Head of Metropol? The complaints, the attacks, the paperwork and management. What about a month later? Three months? How long would it take YOU to start thinking, "There are soo many other things I could be doing now! Bashing cars, stripping, running through the streets fighting." But you can't, because it just looks stupid to have the Top Cop running around like a common criminal. Most people have something better to do that sit around and babysit the city.

I don't.

Fact is, my role as vigilante gives me the perfect background for being Head of Metro. I sit around on rooftops or wander the streets, looking for trouble. At this point, most of the common crooks recognize me, and move on to easier targets. Most of the big-time crooks are trying to get me on their payroll. I'm patient enough to wait for trouble to spring up, because I have nothing better to do. I won't bully citizens because I don't care about looking tough. I won't turn crooked because I have a mission. And I won't get bored because I'm perfectly content to sit there, doing absolutely nothing, until shit hits the fan.

Vote for me, Belind LeFavre, for Head of Metropol. Because everyone else has better things to do.

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