Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Royal Hotel Now Hiring

The Royal Hotel
is now taking applications for


Looking for high class ladies & other varieties of women who enjoy the pursuits of pleasure with regard to pleasing paying customers for the charms you use to entice these customers to pay for the pleasures of which you are so abundantly gifted.


((Sign in will be done at the Royal lounge and bar area)) - serving drinks and customer politeness with a touch of class and acute sense of flirtatiousness

Coat Girl:

((Currently an npc role but i would like to hire an actual person, since there is no real job like this on the meter I’m happy for you have a job elsewhere)) - Greeting customers and taking their coats and any RANGE weapons that they might carry. They will be returned back to the back the person when they leave.


((Currently another npc role, but i am looking to fill this position, same as the status of the coat girl i'll be more then okay with you signing up elsewhere for other skills))- Position requires safety and security of other peoples belongings and managing booking time for the room the rooms upstairs.

Games Man/Woman:

((Another npc role, but I am hoping to fill it with someone who might be generally interested. I don’t mind if you sign elsewhere for a skill or job)) - To keep the customers entertained and keep the games fair on a lucky spree ((this is only targeting rp, anything played on the table is based on players luck and outcome of the game in general))


(Players are to sign up in primal for this position) -for private shows for customers, lap dances and general dances.

Please contact:
CummmOooohmmm Myoo - Manager of Royal Hotel

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