Friday, January 21, 2011

Escape from Newgate!

Two dangerous criminals escape from SS Newgate amid tension and uncertainty within Metropol. Are those cracks finally beginning to show?

Despite spiraling crime levels in the city, recent times have been anything but smooth sailing for the officers and administrators at Metropol. Amidst a spate of devastating losses to the Metropol force, rumours of a missing woman and an intriguing bounty on the District Attorney’s head, they are now faced with the embarrassment of a prison breakout by one of Nomos’ most notorious criminals and a former officer.

The following statement concerning the prison break was released to the Street Life Office early this morning from the office of Drake Deacon, District Attorney.

"Metropol and the D.A.'s office would like to inform the public that the violent criminal known as "Toe" has escaped from Newgate Prison. Ex Officer Rafe Deerhunter has also escaped. These individuals are considered extremely dangerous. The public is to keep on high alert, and contact Metropol immediately if they encounter these individuals. We urge the citizens of Nomos to stay clear of these escapee's and NOT to attempt to apprehend them. With the recent conviction of Ex Officer Deerhunter, the public can rest assured that we will continue to prosecute anyone who breaks the law with extreme prejudice. We do not care if you are an officer, or a citizen. If you violate the law, you'll be sent to Newgate.”

Whilst Mr. Deacon’s reputation for hard-nosed justice is unquestionable, one might be so bold as to suggest to those at Metropol that when imprisoning criminals it might also be constructive to lock the door. Our notorious SS Newgate will hardly remain a deterrent to crime if even the most violent criminals are capable of simply walking free. Which, thus, begs the question as to how on earth such a serious breach of security was allowed to occur? Surely, given the violent and notorious nature of the two prisoners in question, simple logic would suggest extra precautions be taken? Quite clearly not.

To add to Metropol’s problematic week, one of their former officers was involved in the breakout, having been charged and sentenced to time in prison himself. Mr. Deacon may well emphasize Metropol’s willingness to prosecute their own but this only serves to give credence to concerns that Metropol is indeed home to several criminals, often thought to be above the law. The revelation that Mr. Deerhunter is a shifter also draws into question the efficiency of Metrotek screening methods for entering Metropol and Metrotek service in general. Could this possibly be the first sign of the corporation stumbling? Certainly, with the growing threat of organized movements there are real dangers that any sign of weakness could be quickly exploited.

It cannot be stressed enough, however, how important it is that the citizens of this city remain vigilant and very much aware of these two individuals. Should you encounter them, you are advised to contact Metropol immediately and avoid confrontation at all costs. One can only hope that those at Metropol are more effective in their capture tactics than those of confinement.

Niamh Brunswick

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